Comparing Derwent & Prismacolour Pencils

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Comparing Derwent & Prismacolour Pencils
Comparing Derwent & Prismacolour Pencils
Derwent Artists pencils review. comparison with prismacolor and timelapse demo.
Derwent Artists pencils review. comparison with prismacolor and timelapse demo.
Derwent Coloursoft colored pencil review and speed drawing w/ Lachri
Derwent Coloursoft colored pencil review and speed drawing w/ Lachri
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Prismacolor Vs Faber Castell Polychromos colored pencils w/ Lachri
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Lynn Todd: In my opinion after watching your video, the Derwent Studio is that it is much the same as the verithin by Prisma, its a very hard core pencil .They are great for detail work since they are so fine (verythin no pun intended ;)

I too have older eyes, so must use reading glasses when I draw or color..

Give them a try in lieu of your Derwent Studio next time :)

G.D. Romanov: Great review!

Alba Whiteman: I checked a brochure on the derwent studio pencils and they are mainly NOT lightfast, so they are only for prepress works or journals that don't see the light of day.The verithin being a bit paler in appearance would serve well in underdrawings with the softer more intense colours layered on top . The prismacolor premiers ; I've heard nothing but complaints about because they keep breaking and about half of them are NOT lightfast which is a bummer since they call themselves artists' quality. The derwent coloursofts fare a bit better ; 56/72 colours are lightfast with the pinks and purples being suspect, largely. I wish these manufacturers would live up to their reputations.This is why I would prefer to pay more for quality products that have some sort of honesty eg Caran d'Ache, Faber Castell, Cretacolor , which I notice seem to have some sort of german quality control ...Switzerland, Germany and Austria respectively......

Puffy Jo: canadian store deserres has open stock on all these plus faber castell and they are all sharpened. thanks for the comparison between these pencils. the faber castell is amazing best of the bunch , of well i have the 132 of the premieres and i have no intention in buying any more BUT when the premieres mess up I will replace with open stock with the faber castells for sure too bad they are so darn expensive 2.49 a pencil yikes

Zoe E Lopez: This is very helpful! Thanks!!

Nickelini: Verithins are designed for detail, lettering and outlining. I wouldn't use them for anything else.

zainalu: Hi Gisele!Nice review!Should I be worried about internal breakage in these pencils? Would you recommend them for someone who is just starting out with colore pencils?

NotOrdinaryInGames: Prismacolors ARE slippery. I used them myself, and it's hard to do details.

tammynwes: Diecast Jam-I can totally believe that Coloursoft would be scratchy! On the last bit, when she's doing the blue squares for try out, the Coloursoft sound SO scratchy, more scratchy than the verithins. Ooohhh, I couldn't even think of buying derwent now (the reason for watching this "mini" video), as that awful scratchy sound would drive me bonkers!

Kristina Petersen: Experiment with the Polychromos pencils by Faber Castell. I've only started working with them now, but they are really good and define details very well, with what little progress I've made. Highly recommended. :)

Craftedlover: just do it

daynab2: If you buy Faber Castell polychromos on Amazon, you can buy them in open stock and they are a lot less money. I ask not affiliated with Amazon in any way, I've just started buying supplies from them because I can get almost anything. polychromos have all the good qualities of these pencils all in one brand.

connie j Kruse: I can get all those in open stock here in California ..

Christine Butler: Hi Gisele, I'm from the UK where the Derwent are made, I'm using Derwent watercolour pencils at the moment and find them really easy to use, I have also used Faber Castelle in watercolour and their pastels which I'm trying out. As I'm new to all this, I wonder which type of paper to use for the watercolour pencils and pastels and what weight to use please?

Dallas Nyberg: I got a reply from Derwent in regards to my ColorSoft splitting problem... they said it was most likely my fault... according to them....I apparently haven't been sharpening them correctly... well I beg to differ on that score.... I use a recommended Derwent battery powered 5 hole sharpener... I have two actually.. both near brand new. I love this "blame the end user" attitude... I also contacted Prismacolor about the splitting issue with their pencils and they responded with much the same comment.

Dallas Nyberg: I have a wide range of color pencils in my studio.... I tend to favor the Prismacolors for my general art pieces, but along with my newly acquired Colorsoft pencils, I have noticed a major problem...the wood casings are splitting....One of the Colorsoft pencils now has split full length.... it won't last long, I feel...
I am disappointed with the newer Prismacolor range.. other than the splitting, they now break very easily and their "leads" are off center.
I do have a number of older Prismacolors as well and they are splitting. Obviously, Prismacolor's manufacturing techniques have become cheap and nasty in recent times.
The "workhorse" of all my pencils is my Faber Castel Polychromos - oil based and very robust... the downside is their price. The same applies to the Caran d'Ache Luminance 6901 - awesome pencils, but way too expensive....

Deorse: I actually own sets from both brands, I have yet officially "upgrade" my color pallet; I'm not using either of them yet, since I'm still using Crayola. I'm slowly trying to acquire 120 different colors of the Prismacolor brand before I retire the Crayolas, its just that they're so damn expensive to buy. However this video did answer a few of my questions to what I was going to expect in terms of quality and characteristics of the 2 pencil brands and the 4 pencil types.

I've got 52 more colors to buy.

Deorse: Seeing that you can get Prismacolor colored pencils for dirt cheap in Canada, I can only imagine what they are charging for the Derwent colored pencil sets up there. Here, I've seen a 24-pack of Colorsoft and a 24-pack of studio retail for $90 USD a piece at Micheal's, not including tax and I've seen Walmart advertise 12-packs of Derwent Studio for $167.94 USD. They are NOT cheap.

Deorse: Jesus, only 80 cents in Canadian Dollars per Prismacolor color pencil? In Canada? Damn, I'm just gonna have to make a trip up North then, I've seen these individual pencils retail for for high as $3 US dollars plus tax, the cheapest that I can find them is a $1.85 USD and that's with a military discount at certain art stores with a limited selection. $2.50 is the regular going price, I can normally pick them up for a $1.89 USD at Micheal's, but $1.89 is nothing like paying 80 cents even if it is in Canadian dollars.

Crafting: Extremely informative. Thank you!
Comparing Derwent & Prismacolour Pencils 5 out of 5

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Comparing Derwent & Prismacolour Pencils