Comparing Derwent & Prismacolour Pencils

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Comparing Derwent & Prismacolour Pencils
Comparing Derwent & Prismacolour Pencils
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Colored Pencil comparison: Faber castell. Derwent and Prismacolor Colored Pencils
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Artist Colored Pencil Demonstration Prisma Premier Scholar Derwent Blick Faber Castell Woodless
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Colored Pencil Review: Are Spectrum Noir Pencils worth the money?
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Deorse: I actually own sets from both brands, I have yet officially "upgrade" my color pallet; I'm not using either of them yet, since I'm still using Crayola. I'm slowly trying to acquire 120 different colors of the Prismacolor brand before I retire the Crayolas, its just that they're so damn expensive to buy. However this video did answer a few of my questions to what I was going to expect in terms of quality and characteristics of the 2 pencil brands and the 4 pencil types.

I've got 52 more colors to buy.

Deorse: Seeing that you can get Prismacolor colored pencils for dirt cheap in Canada, I can only imagine what they are charging for the Derwent colored pencil sets up there. Here, I've seen a 24-pack of Colorsoft and a 24-pack of studio retail for $90 USD a piece at Micheal's, not including tax and I've seen Walmart advertise 12-packs of Derwent Studio for $167.94 USD. They are NOT cheap.

Deorse: Jesus, only 80 cents in Canadian Dollars per Prismacolor color pencil? In Canada? Damn, I'm just gonna have to make a trip up North then, I've seen these individual pencils retail for for high as $3 US dollars plus tax, the cheapest that I can find them is a $1.85 USD and that's with a military discount at certain art stores with a limited selection. $2.50 is the regular going price, I can normally pick them up for a $1.89 USD at Micheal's, but $1.89 is nothing like paying 80 cents even if it is in Canadian dollars.

Crafting: Extremely informative. Thank you!

Christinia Peake: I've used and have some of all these pencils. You are absolutely right the Verithins don't give a lot of color. They are good for out lining and details. Sometime I use the varnishing technique. I didn't know it was a name for this lol. I usually do it with skin tones. I use a blender pencil to. Sometimes both sometimes one or the other. This video has been very informative and I really enjoyed it

Reshma B: Oil

cdncopper: Thank you for replying so promptly.  I have the same trouble with open stock as I do with the first boxed set I purchased.  They are all the same I think.  Some people say put them in the microwave to reseal the centre core but others say don't.  I have never tried this.  Have you?     I love your videos by the way.  You take the time to explain what you are doing which is most helpful unlike the speed drawing videos so prevalent on Youtube.  Some of their work is beautiful but you can't learn a thing from them.  They make me quite dizzy watching them.  Thanks again. 

cdncopper: I am trying Prismacolor and as you said earlier, I am very disappointed with the wood they use for casing.  It splits and cracks when trying to sharpen the pencil no matter what type of sharpener I use.  For the price of them it is absolutely abominable that they should use such cheap wood to make them.  Since they are now made in Mexico their quality has gone way down.  No sense complaining they don't reply anyway.  It's annoying when, after only two or three drawings you only have a third of the pencil left.

Gina Oliva: You got me running to Michaels to see what they stock in pencils.  I did look at the "Intense" sticks.  I am sort of a newby at Art but always dreaming up stuff.  My current project is a collage with a poem my sister wrote when she was all of 15 - "Dreams and Golden Sun".  I started playing with this while attending an art journaling workshop where they used Acrylic paint to cover an 11x 14 sheet of paper and then we collaged on top of that.  I think I would enjoy blending with the Intense sticks more than acrylics.  Two questions:  If I were to use the "intense sticks" can I use Smooth or Vellum Bristol, or should I use watercolor paper?  Second, Will I be able to use letter stamps (eg, ink) or black markers on top of the (dried) "Intense" color???

Gina Oliva: I read some reviews that the quality of Derwent Studio has changed.  I have a lot of "old" colored pencils, most are Prismacolor -- I have found, assuming from age, that the Prismacolor keep breaking.  I can only sharpen them a wee bit to prevent the breakage.  I love colored pencils and love the old Derwent Studio (only have ONE).  Gisele...I am glad you will do another video.  I will wait a bit on ordering.. Thank you!!

BaronBrownB: Hello! Thank you for helpful video! I want to buy some colored pencils for sketchbook drawings. Which type of pencils would you recommend?? I wish i could buy Prismacolor but there in Moscow its impossible to get any=(( I was thinking about faber-castell polychromos there is a lot of them=)

Joe Andrew: Hi, I bought a set of 36 Derwent artist pencils and whenever i use them they end up creating a waxy substance on the top that stops me from being able to add any more colour.  Could this be the type of paper I'm using or is it something i'm doing.  Thanks in advance.

Heidi Engel: Really informative and helpful, you've answered a lot of questions for me =).  Thank you <3

MrNever theire: any one know where i can buy some these pencils for a cheap price

Visty Priest: Good instruction :) Thank you, Gisele. Greetings from Czech Republic

Gisele Grenier: Sarah, with the new batch of Prismacolours I picked up, they have a really nice feel to them, so the old batch is more than likely a "defective" one.  Sent the bad ones to the manufacturer, never heard back.  The Coloursoft are lucious, to me they do not feel hard, which is why I used the studio pencils (similar to verithin in hardness) to make hard detail lines if necessary.  I've never had any Coloursofts crumble on me, but would assume they would break inside the wood casing if they were dropped. The only pencils I've been able to drop and not break inside the casing are Staedtlers.  I've done some blending with Prismacolour clear blending markers, almost like an airbrush effect. 

Sarah Cavaliere: I really enjoyed your video! I am a regular Prismacolor user, and I'm debating whether or not to buy Derwent coloursoft. I'm a person who loves blending a lot and Prismacolors are really good at that, but I was wondering what coloursoft feels like when you use them. With Prismacolor, it feels smooth and glides well. I know the coloursoft is oil based so do they feel smooth or hard? Do they crumble or feel like pastels? 

Duvdev: Great review mmmmmmm'k

Gisele Grenier: Update 5/20/2014 - I'll be doing another updated video shortly.  I picked up some fresh pencils and they are much nicer then the ones in the video review, so I'm thinking I had a bad batch of Prismacolour pencils.

xl292005: Thank you very helpful. 
Comparing Derwent & Prismacolour Pencils 5 out of 5

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Comparing Derwent & Prismacolour Pencils