Comparing Derwent & Prismacolour Pencils

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Comparing Derwent & Prismacolour Pencils
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Gisele Grenier: Sarah, with the new batch of Prismacolours I picked up, they have a really nice feel to them, so the old batch is more than likely a "defective" one. Sent the bad ones to the manufacturer, never heard back. The Coloursoft are lucious, to me they do not feel hard, which is why I used the studio pencils (similar to verithin in hardness) to make hard detail lines if necessary. I've never had any Coloursofts crumble on me, but would assume they would break inside the wood casing if they were dropped. The only pencils I've been able to drop and not break inside the casing are Staedtlers. I've done some blending with Prismacolour clear blending markers, almost like an airbrush effect. 

Gisele Grenier: Update 5/20/2014 - I'll be doing another updated video shortly. I picked up some fresh pencils and they are much nicer then the ones in the video review, so I'm thinking I had a bad batch of Prismacolour pencils.

MrNever theire: any one know where i can buy some these pencils for a cheap price

Vlasta Drábková: Good instruction :) Thank you, Gisele. Greetings from Czech Republic

Betty Tolbert: I enjoyed your demo on Derwent Colorsoft..if you get the pickle Blick catalog they have open stock on Derwent, Prisma and Faber-Castell pencils. Blick art materials--PO Box1769--Galesburg IL 61402-1769 or

chinimasse: Hi! Could you help and tell me what you mean by hard and soft? I don't like dry pens because they don't mix/blend very well with other colors and with me they tend to rip paper in spots where I erased a bit too much. I like the ones that feel greasy when you color. Is that when you mean by soft? Thanks!

Joey Dudek: How much were them. I'm really interested!

jules dakota: Thank you for this great demo. I just found out about Derwent & went through their catalogue. I have used Design brand Watercolor(Line) pencils,(which are opaque not pastel as most people think when you say "Watercolor") for years. They are my favorite thing to work with. They quit making them years ago. I tried Stabilo brand's Aquatico line on a suggestion from an art store but they are nothing like the design pencils. I dip the tips in water for one effect and wet the tip of my finger and blend colors for another. I have been searching for a long time to find something similar so your demo of these different pencils was fantastic. I too need to buy in open stock as I use up certain colors frequently. Thanks again & happy creating!

kriss BOUMBAD: thank you so much

perry art: Hi, thanx for this review. i just learned about the Very Thin colored pencils From ReviewingRicky. love theses. Can't wait to get some....

xl292005: Thank you very helpful. 

LEAH BOOKSANDART: Would u recommend getting derwent colour soft pencils ? 

Ryo wazza: Thank you very much for this video!

Duvdev: Great review mmmmmmm'k

Viola Cardwork: Thank you very much!

Aly DVG: Thank so much

elisabeth nerolk: i think i would love to work with the verithin!

Sarah Cavaliere: I really enjoyed your video! I am a regular Prismacolor user, and I'm debating whether or not to buy Derwent coloursoft. I'm a person who loves blending a lot and Prismacolors are really good at that, but I was wondering what coloursoft feels like when you use them. With Prismacolor, it feels smooth and glides well. I know the coloursoft is oil based so do they feel smooth or hard? Do they crumble or feel like pastels? 

Paola Estrada: Suggestion, if anyone is thinking of using a colorless blender use Caran d'ash full blender It has uv protection built in and since it's woodless you can use it like a pencile or like you would use the prismacolor artstix blender, it's the smoothest blender out there. A little goes along way This is only if your using wax based color pencils, if your are not sure if your pencils are wax or oil check out CPSA they have a nice list of which is which. 

Heritage Nova: Enjoyed the video. The differences between these pencils is: Colorsoft is a professional grade (more light fast) vs. studio which is a student grade (less light fast). Unsure what the binder is. Prismacolor prem. is a professional grade whose binder is beeswax and gives the pencil a softer stroke. They verithin (read very thin) binder is a clay binder making the color harder, Stays pointed longer and allows very fine details the perm. cannot. Verithin is a supplemental set to the perm.

MikeC19100: This is a very nice overview of these 4 types of pencils. I actually own all the types you demonstrated, but never looked at them with this kind of detail. Your examples also showed me a couple things I wasn't aware of and hopefully they will enable me to make better progress in the future. Thank you!

BHBsings: I have some Derwent Studio pencils and tried to use them on very fine smooth paper ( like Bible stock) and couldn't get them to lay down any colour with the pale shades. Do you think Coloursoft would do better? Thanks

swiv2d: The are more for a black a surface, they are very chalk like. Derwent does a bunch of colour pencils, artist pencils And the pastel pencils I think are more like the prisma.

PaperManga: Thanks Gisele! This really helped me pick which colours I would want to buy.

Gisele Grenier: you may want to try again, the video is fine.

Gisele Grenier: thanks!

diecast jam: I just got a set of coloursoft, and I have been really disappointed by them, my favourite pencils are prismacolor premier, which are quite hard to open stock get here in the UK. I thought the coloursoft are really scratchy and not soft at all compared to prisma, I have tried several different papers, Stonehenge, or Bristol board vellum and smooth, but I just didn't like them compared to prisma.

Sharon Cullen: Iam waiting on my prismacolors to come from Amazon (best price) but use Derwent and I am not thrilled with the vibrancy. I used the watercolor pencils. They are okay but the prismacolors are so vibrant. I am buying regular premier soft core.

Singing Catfish: Excellent video! I only have Prisma Premiers, so it was nice to see how the Derwent pencils and the Verithins work. I was under the impression that the Derwent pencils were less vibrant, but I guess it was just the way they were used in the illustrations I've seen. Thanks for clearing that up.

Ryan Hendricks: i have used both brands and i would have to say that i like prismacolor much better. i think the wood casings are great and maybe they were cracked because the way the store handles them maybe? now that doesnt mean that derwent isnt good their colored pencils r good i just use prismacolor way more.

fr3dobernardo: very helpful video.. thank you!

smoovefishing: i can buy the premier pencils in single pencils at hobby lobby

spacebunnies23: Thank you so much! im new to coloring because i prefer my art in black and white, so this has been very helpful.

Sherrie Roberts: Thank you Gisele, I am pretty lucky! pickle Blick Utrecht partners offer open stock on tons of these pencils. However, I never feel overwhemled at ordering a 6-24 pencil set. which I think would suit you. Because you like to have the already mixed Oranges and Purples and other secondary and tertiary colors. I think no more though than 24 color sets if the open stock is not available.

annezca: Thank you. I have derwent, but these are pastel pencils. It's like a vibrant chalk (i actually don't know how to use these so Its sitting in my desk). I just bought prismacolor premiere, and i like how soft it is and how you can layer it. I havent heard about Derwent Coloursoft so this is intriguing for me.

Gisele Grenier: thanks! the type of paper has alot to do with it too, with how many layers it will take. Here is something funny... for my 3 year old grand-daughter, I picked up some Staples brand coloured pencils.. they are made by Staedtler. I tried them out when I got home and was quite impressed on the quality. To compare, they were close to the Verithins.

Gisele Grenier: I would contact Derwent then, because the coloursoft pencils are soft and should not be scratchy. If I need a harder pencil for tight details, the Studio line is what I go to. My problem with Prismacolour, especially what I've been seeing lately, is the cheap casing on them. The casing is cracked and the stamping for the lettering looks like it was done with a hand stamp. An indication of poor quality. I've contact them twice and have not received any reply.

Gisele Grenier: you are very welcome!

K Fu: If you like Prismacolor premier, chances are good you may prefer Derwent Artist colored pencils which are less money than Studio. Derwent makes 2 basic colored pencils Artist and Studio. Artist blends more smoothly, it's their orignial pencil 120 colors, studio is firmer and slightly less vibrant and they cost more. If you can't get prismacolor easily Derwent Artist are sold individually so it won't cost much to try one. Before giving up on them check out their website, it will help. :)

Celepalooza: This is very helpful. Thank you for your time in reviewing these products and offering such great tips!

SuzanneMonster: there's a problem with your video..once I started watching it but had to stop and now I cannot watch it. no sound no picture I can see nothing... :\\

nokia6630videos: I have both Derwent Studio 72 pack and Derwent Watercolor 72 pack. Unfortunately they both suck. I believe Derwent is for kids, don't waste your money on them.

Fullofpies: I had a terrible experience with made in mexico Prismacolour, most of the leads were shattered and one of them the wood casing split all the way up. I sent them back and got polychromos. Which are awesome.

roarodon: I don't know what you got mate, but for me the coloursofts were even softer than the prismacolours. In fact I found them too soft since I generally don't like soft pencils.

Gisele Grenier: You can't do a 5 minute video to fully compare the pencils LOL!!!

Sarsha Jones: Thanks so much for this video! I just started getting interested in colored pencils, and I couldn't decide whether to buy Prismacolor (which I've heard a lot of great things about, but are hard to find for me) or Derwent (which I found in open stock at a store across the road). After watching this, I think I'll make some Derwent swatches and see how I feel :)

Gisele Grenier: is that because it's a harder lead?

Gisele Grenier: I'm sure that thousands and thousands of professional coloured pencil artists using Derwent products would strongly disagree. Derwent is not for kids, they are a studio quality product. In saying that, personally, I don't like Prismacolour because of the wood casings being all cracked when purchased. Just shows cheap quality in the manufacturing..that doesn't mean the actual pigment is cheap. You may want to contact Derwent and voice your concerns regarding your opinion on quality.

Gisele Grenier: I don't work for Derwent, but maybe you should contact them that you are disappointed. Coloursoft and Prismacolour premiere are two totally different types of pencils. The coloursoft, is amazing on the actual coloursoft paper which is a newer product. I can really do some nice it's harder than a pastel pencil, but softer than a traditional coloured pencil. Not sure if that makes sense?

tine saenen: indeed very helpful <3, but a minivideo is a bit shorter than 22 minutes ;)
Comparing Derwent & Prismacolour Pencils 4.7 out of 5

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Comparing Derwent & Prismacolour Pencils