Saiga 12 Shotgun, 30 Round Drum!!! (Alliance Armament 12 Gauge)

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xbox .. ring o deaf ... 90 round drum mag
xbox .. ring o deaf ... 90 round drum mag

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ChrisPewKreme: “See if I can get it in there”

Matt’s been telling us dirty jokes since 2012

STEELWORK THE VOICE OF THE LAMB SAUCE: Hello it's 2018! And wow Mat changed so much. His old videos make me think of FPS Russia I don't know why maybe his intro 😂

ChaosIncUSA: Key-Mod and M-Lok Rails for Cheetah 12, DDI12, Saiga12, KS-12 @

Milliam Woody: Hating watermelons, and shooting at them like that, definitely implies some things. Of course it's a couple of hicks, with their big ass guns, too, who else would it be? Obviously a racist scene, very bigoted. Should be removed from YouTube for hate, violence, etc.

Кизяру 228: Saiga 12 is a popular gun in ma country (Russia). Also, it may have some ammo feeding problems. To avoid them u need to pull the shell in the mag a little bit and then get the mag in place

DOLG_Stepnar: love the saiga and she will love you. Greetings from Russia

Scathing Lemon: This is something I don’t think should be sold..I mean. Why on Earth would you need a semi-automatic shotgun with a 30 round drum?

Rey Rey: Aw Matt's still a baby

HolmeQweest: Just how heavy is that drum mag?

night train: I think you're a little kitty you're shooting low brass where the freak is your high brass where's the oo Buck or slugs or oo Buck magnums

ultrarare pepe: these still legal in good ol murica?

Ting Ip: UTAS XTR -12 review? :)

Nathan Allen Pinard: I'm a little surprised that board survived that.

Jerry Pittman: tell mark to get lower

Armoni Q Fields: Oh My God!...I buying 2 of these!

William_BroBrine: Reminds me of Rainbow six siege. The operators that cary this is Finka Kapkan and Tachanka.

Cool video

Ленский: Здрасте, у вас ствол гнутый.

Eric Myers: Back before he got rich and fancy. The good ole days

MBM: Knock knock it’s swat kicks down door with the drum mag loaded

Gage Westerhouse: This is terrible publicity for Saiga.
Saiga 12 shotgun, 30 round drum!!! (Alliance Armament 12 gauge) 5 out of 5

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Saiga 12 shotgun, 30 round drum!!! (Alliance Armament 12 gauge)