Forced Horseradish Mustard Patina On An Opinel No. 8

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Forcing a patina on a carbon steel knife
Forcing a patina on a carbon steel knife
Using Mustard and Vinegar to patina a knife
Using Mustard and Vinegar to patina a knife
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Vincent Dsnt: Just cut an Apple with it and your done.......

Bryan Neo: NICE BEBOP!!!

Emish Tv: Lemon juice with a Q-tip works cleaner, and lubricate with edible vegetable oil if you plan on eating anything cut with this knife. See, fast and easy without 15 minutes of annoying music!

BlackSoap361: Looks like a lot of effort to make it look like it actually gets used.

Patina and sun tans should be earned, not faked.

Marc Olivier: Why ????

nome nemo: come on! those polish did not invented for sure antything at all himself! now anywhere on youtube there are al these fgenious of anytthing and his opposite. mustard works mostly estching carbon steel because is VERY ACID in (plus a litlle of other substances) and works well as being a paste. you can also do it with winegar and low voltage electricity. of corse your firts attempt did not get well, because the chemical reaction in this case needs more oxigen too, like obsidation rust, and for example salt water in that makes a great mean to makes the reaction happens.
and sorry, call all that job and effort for some those horrible bunch of spots - even for an abstract artist as me - the resulting of a wanted "patina", is really too much. nice play to teach to teenager students some chemistry.

but not offence was meant, is was just provocking for joke. keep on reading...

but, said that, great wondeful pleasant interesting music!(evenh helping the sheer content of the vid ^_^). one in a hundreds of vids with crap as soundtrack! just for that you deseverve a like. I'm a rocker but that was top level, of good ole times, of jazz. my bet it's maybe too easy, but I think i recognized the first Miles Davis, and maby also even when he played with Coltrane. btw what record was it? I'll buy it for sure - I'm mad about music - it if I have not already have it or if it's out of catalougue.

FourFifteen Concepts: Worst mustard review ever.

Xavier Smythe: If you do that to my Opinel, guess where I would put it? Yep.

Aesithair Runekafi: I was able to prevent rust on my opinel by working 3 in 1 oil into the blade by using a dremmel and a cupped wire brush bit. It pretty much destroyed my wire brush, but the blade has never rusted on me.

Danvil: Sounds like Art Tatum playing, "Limehouse Blues", in the beginning. Nice result. I think you could neutralize the mustard with a dunk in a mixture of water and baking soda and then apply the oil, after you dry it. Good job! I really like the steel used in the Opinel carbon blades. It cuts great and is easy to keep screaming sharp. No shortage of A-Holes posting crap about a guy putting a patina on a knife that he paid for.

Pam Lafrance: That jazzy music . I could picture that kid from the peanuts cartoon sitting at his piano jamming away .

stormbringerr mourn: whats the point ? patina is for antiques.

Troy Ryan: The ,'secret' is vinegar,,and nice music,,and vinegar.

Troy Ryan: Excellent music choice.

Gábor Magyary: Stick it into a potato for a night or boil some vinegar... this was time wasting.
And anyway... the best looking patina on a knife is still the real patina what building up on years of using. Well.. that would be a way longer video for sure. :P

Santino green: Ok to patina a mechanical mod e-cig, jewelry and a large variety of stuff, but etching is for blades man, etching is cool, forced rust... Kinda dumb if your ever gonna want to use that knife fore anything except decor and the blade was not blunted so i just see it as dumb

dumptuck: Why is everyone so mad? These knives cost 10$, not a big loss guys...

nolobede: Worst music ever.
 I crap better than that.

BUSHMANMIKE SHEDHUNTER: That blade looked very tight. Wood must have swelled. Nice try though. 
Forced Horseradish Mustard Patina on an Opinel No. 8 5 out of 5

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Forced Horseradish Mustard Patina on an Opinel No. 8