Forced Horseradish Mustard Patina On An Opinel No. 8

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Lars Dahl: Should be titled "An Idiot's Guide To Ruining A Perfectly Good Knife". Mustard is for sandwiches, not knives. They make 'em shiny for a reason.

brutalbrital: never a good idea to patina on the knife edge , you should have taped it . seen a few good patina's on YT , this isn't one of them

TheMbn1972: Looks good

FSBushcraft: to use vinegar you have to put the blade in the vinegar and let it sit for a bit....

John Koeberlein: OK but why? 

Nomans land: The point of all this escapes me. IMO it does not make the blade more attractive, nor is it decorative.

John Chase: Onion juice will put a dark patina on the steel very quickly. I do not know if chemically it is the same as this, but my carbon kitchen knives have no rust after 30+ years. The first time it happened and I saw the steel turn black before my eyes I freaked out because of ignorance. The liquid with the oxidates in it taste terribly bitter and metallic, so the carbon knives are not used for acidic foods any more, but I do not bother polishing the blades to mirror perfection any more either. Less work, and less trouble with flash rusting after washing.

Caleb Whittington: Looks good. Never heard of using mustard, good idea.

k123332: Music is putting me to sleep.

Ondřej Malinský: maybe because just the liquid is pure water and if you just let the blade corrode in water the corrosion marks would not appear at random but they would be very large covering most of the blade. But dont get me wrong - I too think smearing mustard on a blade is stupid (+ it ruins the blade steel)

ⒸⓗⓐⓇⓛⓘⒺ: This is freaking amazing, and that music is perfect for this project! Thanks for the tip.

ducha123fly: @crack818 After five days, I can say that the corrosion resistance has increased dramatically. It's not holding finger prints or getting rust spots as easily... and I haven't even kept it greased; I ended up wiping the TW25B off just as an experiment. :)

MrRagingMammoth: Congratulations. You have made a nice shiny knife, look terrible.

survivalist: @Zatxto Much rather have a tried and true knife than a shiny new blade.

apachelord6661: Why the freak is an internet troll on here acting like he posted this video?

cammellone2: wtf man! why are you taking care so much about this knife? it's only an opinel ! people like it because of it's efficency and mainly because it costs less than a sandwitch with a beer

Romegyptian: Wow this is the perfect solution to my khukhuri blade which I wanted to parkerize but couldn't because of the wooden scales that would probably be ruined during that or any other process involving boiling the blade :)

Marlene Townsend: Does this work on other metals as well? i.e. brass, nickel silver, copper. etc.?

Pras Hutomo: Patina is ok,but wrong knife to use. IMO probably better with modern style folders like benchmade,kershaw,boker,etc

T.R. PufnStuf: why the gay music?

gateman42: That looks like total crap! I hope you've learned something from this over the last 2 years!

Hunts PlayThru: I wish mine was sparkly new like that. Mine is right here with me right now. I always keep it by my bed.

Cody Sturgill: If you could afford it, Damascus steel is extremely rare, making it extremely expensive, so if you can buy anything that is Damascus steel for less then about $200 for a small knife, its fake

BumChucket_The_Great: Patinas are corrosion, but don't weaken the blade. and prevents occurence of red rust

LOCOCUAUHTEMOC: Learn how to handle a knife

Wikipunani Nanani: okay okay, i can't take it any more Here's what you do: You initially use a bean-sized glob and distribute it as thin as you can. Then you ADD to it as needed. Taking away from it as you go means you just started in the wrong place. .

OneEyePI: I LOVE these knives. Superb value.

PILGRIM.: turn that freaking music off.

Cody Sturgill: I'm gonna guess that you have never actually done this and can't, or simply refuse to understand that it isn't like a game where you simply press a few buttons and within an hour your done, making the steel alone would be a day process, forging that into a blade would be another day or two process as well. Otherwise the steel just turns out crapty and is good for nothing but a wall hanger, and really no point to make something non-functional anymore.

Orlando Wynn: It's not about that, it's about increasing the steels lifespan and prolonging the metal's health

Beachcrib: Patina is very protective on my carbon knives .. Keeps it from getting that nasty red surface rust. So I let my knives patina for that minimal protection . with out it... it's tough in the humid areas

BumChucket_The_Great: I heard it on a blade forum, and i just said something. no need to get so angry. And i really dont have the time.

Peter Thomas: Okay, I have reported you to the music police. Fun video though.

Apple Stump Bushcraft: My #8 acquired a nice patina through about 5 years of use as a fish gutting knife. The mustard method gives a pretty cool look, I must say, but no memories of the big ones that didn't get away.

comaradella: I´m a cook and a knife freak from Argentina, and I tried yesterday, to do the same on mi Opinel, and also on an Arbolito kitchen knife, but instead of mustard I used a tiny Mc donald´s ketchup, sachet, I cut a very small hole on it, so I could actually draw with it , as I pushed it out, the tomato and vinager, or whatever it has, made wonderful colour contrast, intense, try it out, I checked other brand ketchup, and it didn´t work so well.

josh viking: love the tunes!!! good vid

docwilkey: nice video, thanks for the info.

thenextarcher: @Zatxto i agree O.o

bennyOnDrugs: yes i can.

Justmyopinionlol: all this work when you can easily get one made from stainless steel coated with a nano diamond layer

ⒸⓗⓐⓇⓛⓘⒺ: Can I have the name of this song or the musician?

Maat922: I could've easily skipped 90% of this well-done presentation, and still would've been 100% learned in its wisdom, but then I would've missed the awesome soundtrack. Had to watch the whole damned thing! And I liked it!

sgbigsby1989: Yes as long as its Carbon Steel, but I just chop Onions, limes or even Bramley cooking Apples does the same thing. Just make sure you resharpen it because the edge is dulled as the acids attack it

Justmyopinionlol: it's quite plesant to see you apply all that mustard on the blade. It's like watching that Indian master masseuse guy.

Orlando Wynn: Doubt it

dabakr: and B-i'd be more concerned with how tight the blade is crimped in the handle. jmo

TehOnyxGunsnAmmo: this is just a more primitive form of Bluing like what we use on our firearms, it causes a different bond than just the Iron Oxide, which is your red rust that will quickly eat that blade up, this acts to prevent the iron in the steel from bonding with the oxygen in the air, as the exposed iron is already bound and is a part of another compound... this process combined with oiling afterwards will make the steel's life much longer.

Orlando Wynn: somebody answer this guys comment im curious to know as well

Vidmary777: bullpoop?

Febeleh: What are you talking about? You can easily polish a patina right off. No need to buy a whole new knife.
Forced Horseradish Mustard Patina on an Opinel No. 8 3.1 out of 5

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