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Cuba Dave a Sexy Sosua Girls and Passions Bar Expert
Cuba Dave a Sexy Sosua Girls and Passions Bar Expert
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sosua beach daywalkers
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SOSUA Unexpected Haven
'Bienvenido' Playa Sosua Todo Bien! Sosua. Dominican Republic
'Bienvenido' Playa Sosua Todo Bien! Sosua. Dominican Republic
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Buying Things to Outfit my Hotel Room as Traveler

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anonymous N/A: is this in the capital or not? i saw a map on google and it indicated that it is in the north of the island is it true?

Anty Chazar: PASSION'S IN SOSUA WILL OPEN !!!!!                   Tomorrow January 6th. at 5 pm. SHARP !!!

Iliana Guadalupe Villegas: To each its own... I just wished some johns would notice who are minors and who are not. If they are all adults, oh well. Most of these girls are forced into prostitution. Do not believe the fake smile.

dave rave: Passions rates are little higher than down the street, at the discos and clubs,; you can meet a chica at Rumbas , D Latinos, some other places for about 1,000 - 1,200 pesos; Passions wants 3500-4500 pesos.

cruzantonio92: I'm going to Sosua to spend my 21'st birthday there next month... buying plane tickets tomorrow

Alfredo Nieves: sweet asses

smooth1nz: You can take a Filipina back to your room in Angeles City for about $30 USD. She'll stay for breakfast as well!

smooth1nz: How does Sosua compare with the likes of Pattaya and Angeles City?

skrface124: Keke u dumbfreak. If 1 in 5 girls in the U.S has an std what do u think prostitutes in 3rd world countries got goin on?! Come on man use commin freakin sense. Wrap that crap up playa. These girls dont have health care. Lol. I was there for a week and the girls at the university in puerta plata were BADDD!!!!

Knowledge Allah: Ok. I stay at Perla De Sousa. It's behind the Banco Popular

Knowledge Allah: Thanks! Will do!

mic01: One last thing..dont bother going to Passions during the day..wait till 5 pm thats when all the girls show up..maybe 5-6 during the day but then at 5 pm you will get about 40

mic01: If you do saty at New Garden it is close to everything...beach is not even 5 minutes away..and the stripe is like I said just down the street..Make sure you ask for a room in the new wing at New Garden.. I stayed in rooms 34 ( second floor ) and 27 ground floor with jacuzzi.. get a guy offering rides on the street tell him Passions and 30 peso will give you a ride down takes 2 minutes by bike.

Knowledge Allah: Thanks. I'll be there in November

mic01: New Garden is about a 10 min to Passions ( walking ) but for the strip its not even a minute walk..just down the street..

Knowledge Allah: Where's the New Garden? Is it on the strip?

potatohead566: 100 bucks seems a little steep in a country that workers average 5 bucks per day.

bill smith: where else can yo u take a girl back to your room for the entire night from 10 to 10 for under $100

bill smith: i take Cuba Daves advice and always hit this place when i'm there; nicest girls around

arzu al: I cant believe most of you, these women you call hoes i rekon much better than u all are. they are forced to have such a job living in a crappy country and all you u do is go freak, how selfish, if you wana judge poeple start with yourself.

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