Loose Tilt Steering Repair - 1991 GMC Suburban

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Darren87aero: Great Video, Its the most in depth one on youtube...anyway my 91 dually has this same problem, but before I start pulling it apart, I wanted to make sure I have all the parts, the plastic piece that activates the horn at 6:50 is most likely busted on mine, since the horn doesent work.... do you happen to know where I might find one besides the junkyard? or the proper name for it, I cannot find it anywhere.

SalemMillion: At 14:14 when you talked about the rod, that plastic that got to do with the high beam well i didn't know it existed when i replaced my signal/cruise control switch it fell down when i pulled the housing cover to replace it, Now its getting on my nerve i can't put back in i tried greasing it to stick on the housing cover thing but that wont work that freaking little piece of crap how the freak do i put it back in

Mike Packard: I appreciate the video.....just did this job!  One thing I did was take the steering rod out and then I had access to all 4 (I had 4 not 3) torkx bolts with the correct socket.  Took just 5 mins. and one bolt under the hood on the steering rod (and knuckle that is in the way) slid out of the way of the bolts.

John Godwin: You did a good job.

asdfgoogle: 11:15

How do I get that off? I took out the two pins and removed the spring..... It's not coming off!!!

Robert Mahan: Awesome video! im gonna wait till i get my new ignition switch before i fix my tilt. Again great video!!

shawn brown: My Suburban has the same problem!!!! Now just to find someone that can do this job without charging me a BUTTLOAD

Ramon Lopez: fix truck

Antonio A.: hmm i did this in a 1991 Chevy 2500 and now brake lights dont come on when i press the brake pedal and the passenger rear blinker doesnt work, front passenger work at a fast paste but rear doesnt come on, the driverside blinkers work fine, im lost

Pamela Savage: hey man thanks a lot u made it simple and with common sense

Nicole McMahan: The rod you were talking about being careful when u disassemble the steering column..how do you reassemble it..I'm ready to put my steering back together..I had to that tilt problem Like u and I'm stuck at the rod idk what to do with it or how to put it back together I never pulled it out its still in there but I'm at a loss

Steven White: Hi Robert your video was very helpful. Considering I just bought my 91 k1500 for work commute. My problem lies in the turn signals. My hazards work and flash properly both outside and in the dash. But using the lever both L/R doesn't indicate anything. None of the lights turn on. But my brake lights do work.
I've replaced both the flasher and turn signal relay. And replaced all fuses under the dash.
So I planned on using your video too get me to the turn signal switch and making sure the connections are good.
Ive also read that making sure its grounded properly. From where am I looking to confirm its grounded?
Any help will be greatly appreciated. 

mike kane: Thanks for the video, Im pretty mechanically inclined but never did more than pull a steering wheel. Im confident with the aide of your video I can do this repair

inkhaven: trying to do this, the piece you are wiggling free at the 11:14 on mine is loose and rotates around without even taking out the pivot pins (which i'm waiting on the remover tool as stores here don't carry it) is that normal?  my tilt column has been loose for a bit and last night it got really messed up and now I also can't start the truck nor do lights work.  and the steering wheel kinda hangs limp.  could the steering column be messing up all the other stuff too.  or am i looking at another problem on top of the tilt wheel.  thanks

Steve Ligeikis: Thanks .. this video really helped

Robert Huggins: Here is a good document that shows the cutaways.


Charles LaRue: to all those who are still having issues getting the top to come loose. I just did this on ine, reinsert the tilt control arm and pull it forewards, it will come loose this way, because its actually connected by 2 large gears on top that are connected to the tilt

Wendoline Urquiza: HI. Robert thanks for the video, helped me a lot but  but I still have the problem with the ignition. can you help me.... 

Jonathan N: Definitely was a great help. After breaking two pivot pin remover tools in the pins, I was unable to remove them, but was still able to remove two of the three bolts and put lock tight on them.  Assembly video could of helped out. That damn dimmer switch and that free float plastic piece that pushes on the rod for the head lights...... Nightmare from bell and took forever to figure that out. But thank you again.

Peter Urban: Thanks
Loose Tilt Steering Repair - 1991 GMC Suburban 5 out of 5

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Loose Tilt Steering Repair - 1991 GMC Suburban