How To Build Your Own Pan & Tilt

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How to Build Your Own Pan & Tilt
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Bobby Brown: Great video! Ive been looking at prices for a pan and tilt head before I seen this. Surprisingly Servocity has already caught my eye. After pricing the head that would work for me, I started considering a build. Your video helps me understand my option to build or buy with much more understanding. Thanks for sharing.

joesiv: For those interested still. Servo city actually sells a pan/tilt of similar design now for under 700. It has routing channels for cables, and the controller and speed controller. I just bought one, it comes pre-assembled. I got the mpt1100-ss. First impressions are very positive. Though I wish the low/high speed ratios were wider without adjusting the pots

TheRoadcarreview: It was and still is a big build

cockergrabber: must be a big scratchbuild. (:

Jon Keller: You mentioned that you use this to film events, presumably in/near Muncie where you got the aluminum. I live in Lafayette, and am interested in building a similar pan/tilt rig, for timelapse landscape and astrophotography. Would you mind telling me of some events you'll be filming at, and could I stop by and take a look? Thanks!

EthereelProductions: How much did the pan and tilt ultimately cost?

TheSignSeeker: Really great, detailed explanation. Thanks for sharing.

Jayson Carey: if what you were trying to cut with the chop-saw was that aluminum tube, you wouldn't have needed that metal cutting blade, a normal wood blade works wonders.

MrTravelchannel: The gearmotors are pretty quiet, however I always take and use another method to record without being close to the motors. As for the gears, just jump on servocity and look for hub gears. They carry a variety to fit your needs. I've built my pan and tilt now to carry a load and thus the gears are aluminum.

7afsus: Man I like your video, you make it so simple. I'am now making a pan and tilt head mostly like yours, i know that at a slow speed the gearmotors are silent, but what about gears? specially if i'm installing a 15 kg camera on it? can you give me your opinion? Thank you. NB: Please excuse any mistakes in english :)

Mike Grant: I like you videos. very informative. I also build a bit of similar equipment you might like to see the pan and tilt head I built at my channel mikegrant865. I also use servo city stuff and find them good to work with. Regards Mike

scott bryce: can you make a shopping list, were you got the parts and list of parts. would greatly appreciate :D

DIY Video Equipment: @Slacknutz The motors are pretty quiet on their own. The pan is a 21 rpm model and the tilt which I still have not finished but have most all of the parts is 6 rpm. The 21 is what you need to move things fast. The speed controller makes it smooth. When the 21 is cranked up and moving at it's max you can hear the motor but it is very low. At slow speeds not at all. I get around it by relocating the mic through xlr cables. I have other videos at tlk40us. Most of the dance ones have cranes

kdj69: Many thanks for the reply...I understand now. One last question, I've come across some speed controllers from BaneBots - if you type the following into Google:- BaneBots Robot Parts: BB-3-9 ESC ...they are only $28 would they work just as well or in your opinion would it just be easier to buy the servocity speed contollers? Many thanks for your time and I'm looking forward to seeing some of your music video footage. Thanks again.

DIY Video Equipment: @kdj69 @kdj69 The 12v goes to the goes to the speed controller then back to the joystick. The single joystick is all that is needed to run both the pan and tilt. You will need to speed controllers. One for each. The single power supply will run both. Servocity will help you through the process. The only thing I recommend is buy the motors with a higher RPM. I've got this wild hair to build servos in the crane to lift and spin the unit while I sit in a chair and watch a monitor. Not yet!

kdj69: Like this explain it really well. So the 12v power goes into the speed controller and not into the joystick? If I have two speed controllers for the pan & tilt does that mean I need two 12v batteries (one to each speed controller) ...and if so would the joystick then be able to convert 2 x 12v down to 6v? Is the joystick designed to take two speed controllers? Or would I need two joysticks - one for each controller? Just want to be sure before I order from servocity !

DIY Video Equipment: @GTImotion I just found out that for each motor you must have a speed controller. These speed controller modulate the power going to the unit. I wish it was the other way it would have saved a $100.

DIY Video Equipment: @GTImotion good question. My assumption was that I needed a separate speed control because each motor was controlled individually. Now that you brought it up, I'm going to find out. If one can run both, you just saved me $100. I'll get back with you.

GTImotion: Do the pan and tilt head need a separate speed controller for each motor or can you use only one speed controller to control both motors?

DIY Video Equipment: @aldoaoa Best of luck. That's the same way I started. One thing lead to another. I still need to build the tilt and then once that is finished I'm off to rebuilding the dolly. I have all of the pieces to the tilt with the exception of the control box for $100 and a single gear. And then the next biggest component time.
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How to Build Your Own Pan & Tilt