2.0t TSI Engines Phantom Engine Oil Leaks

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2.0t TSI Engines Phantom Engine Oil Leaks
2.0t TSI Engines Phantom Engine Oil Leaks
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Booostedgti: Humble mechanic i have a question!! 1. My ac smells so bad when i turn it on for some reason, like almost a burnt smell. Like hot coolant. And 2nd problem is i think im leaking oil behind the engine on my 2012 mk6 gti. Idk where its from, could you help me??

Armando Lopez: My car was leaking a lot of oil, we change the pcv valve, the gasket for the vacuum pump fuel pump (I’m not even sure about the name) and than it was less oil now is leaking from like the top of the turbo where the intake and the turbo are, what it can be

Benjamin Turrano: Hey Charles, I've started changing the oil on my 15 Passat 1.8 TSI and wanted to know if there is additional service or fluid add or change for the turbo system. Any info is appreciated.

Bruce Custom Motors: How are you, hoping you could help me out, I have a audi a5 2.0t tfsi , and my vacume pump keeps leaking, even after replacement. The oil keeps dumping on the transmission. Any thoughts.

Dpr 4real: i would like to think the part he is talking about is the " cam bridge bracket" o ring.

bandgeekforever100: I just change the oil on my 2013 GTI. Started driving, low oil pressure light goes on checks oil still there, Dad checks it almost no oil

Greg M.: Hi Charles, thanks for another great video 👍. My 2009 Tiguan (with 229000km) looks to be displaying the symptoms - very minor oil 'leak' trom front top of timing chain cover, and runs to adjoining rocker cover, then down the engine to slowly drip out. So I'll be getting my mechanic to take a look after showing him this video.
Is there a mileage that this typically happens at?.. or to put it another way, what's the typical life of one of those o-rings? Thanks, Scott.

Daniel Didac: +jgizin thanks for your post but i dont find this reference anywhere (google) can you realize if it was actualized? Other question, my english isn't very good and i dont understand 100% of the vid. +HumbleMechanic this o-ring where is located exactly, inner in the variator? I dont see this o-ring in any parts images... please, help. Best regards

Crystal Hernandez: Hi I have a 2006 passat 2.0t whick is burning 3 to 4 qaurts of oil in about 1 week or so funny thing is i cant find a leak any where please help

Daniel Priore: Hey Charles,

On the off chance you’ll still see this, got a couple quick questions. Just had my timing chain tensioner and covers swapped out a couple hundred miles ago, and had a LOW OIL PRESSURE warning come up. I was basically out of oil with no apparent leaks under the car and no odd engine behavior. The one “symptom” I may have noticed is a greasy (oily) blackish buildup on the rear hatch door and window. This was most noticeable after a 250 mile drive doing 80mph the most of the way. Have you heard of that? It COULD just be road grime, but I’ve never seen anything like that before on the same trip. Are they related? Is excess oil being coughed out my exhaust?

So in short, would no other running engine issues and oily buildup on the rear hatch door AFTER having the timing chain tensioner and covers done indicate that the issue is what you described in the video?


Katey Smitt: I have a 2010 Tiguan 2.0T. I put a little extra oil in the engine, about 3/4 a quart and noticed oil leaking. figured out it was leaking out some valves and hoses cause it was to full. I changed the oil and filled it to 3/4 way up the cross hatch and haven't had any more oil leaking. So check your oil level! If you keep driving like that you will blow gaskets including rear engine seal, this is what causes the big problems.These VW's are very sensitive! I've owned Ford ,Chevy, Dodge, Nissan and Toyota and had no problems with and extra 1/2 quart or full quart, but the VW's are a lot more accurate with these things.

Igor Aleshin: Could you please publish O-Ring part#?

armando martinez: I have a 2008 Audi A4 Quattro with 2.0T. I have notice an oil consumption issue and its coming from the turbo and innercoolers to the intake. Been to the dealer for this problem and they told me I had a bad turbo, replaced the turbo and nothing changed! I went to another shop and they told me that the baffle in the valve cover for the oil/air separator is causing the issue. Before I go spend anymore unnecessary money, do you support this theory?

Dwayne Huff: I have a 2009 VW EOS with 2.0 liter motor. I have a oil leak it likes it is coming from under the breather neck that head toward the roosterpit of the car.  Looks to me like a screen or filter of some kind. any help would be great. Thanks

Maody66: Here seen from outside, EA888 Gen3 Motor (Golf 7 GTi inkl. PP, CS etc., Golf 7 R, Seat Leon Cupra R, Audi S3):

William penrose: This video wasn't for any problems I had, I jus happen to come across it. I think ur phukkin awesome sauce bro, this YouTube community is extremely grateful for you and your videos.. Thank you..

Robert Livingston: I have a 2009 Tiguan has an oil leek I was told it is the valve cover gasket. Another told me you need to replace the replace the head gasket as well. is that true? thanks

jgizin: WHT 910 001 01 is the part number for the adjuster o-ring. Didn't see it posted. Love the vids... keep up the good work.

hunter wimberly: Hey, I have a 2013 GTI (CCTA) and recently started noticing a small oiling from the passenger side running down the back of the motor. My initial reaction was cam girdle, or front timing cover gasket. Any thoughts?

waske007: Hey bro, thanks for info....have 2009 CC with exactly the problem you described. I was going to change PCV (part on hand), but need bit more details on that cam adjuster/ variator you are talking about...where is it, how hard to get to it/replace it?...Thanks
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2.0t TSI Engines Phantom Engine Oil Leaks