DIY Rx8 Seafoam Cleaning

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DIY Rx8 Seafoam Cleaning
DIY Rx8 Seafoam Cleaning
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RX8 Seafoam
RX8 Seafoam

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Jon Guzman: Wow, this video has blown up since the last time I checked it. O.o I apologize again for the crappy quality and terrible song, it was a rush job to help a friend who talked me into putting it on the internet, but the first half of the video was full of the neighbor's kids screaming and the second half of the video was full of them yelling FIRE and the neighbors rushing out to see what was wrong. >< I couldn't leave it in, hence the crappy song. I never expected this to take off the way it did, and I will try my best to keep answering questions!

Jeffrey White Hawk: seafoam is unnecessary in a rotary engine just take it on the high way and redline it a few times and call it a day carbon builds in these easier then pistons do but its even easier to just redline it till its clean and since rotary is built for redlining its not like your hurting the engine much just giving the motor what it needs some good ole tough love :)

Kynolin: I could have sworn the smoke was going to the music at one point.

DoomsdayMelody91: Does seafoam actually do anything? I'm always weary of these "mechanic in a bottle" things

Sergen Temuçin: What a sexy car...

florin ciobanu: why won`t u just red line the crap out of it?

pawelebay: Sorry, but F'''K thats irritaiting, the music...

TheNamlessEXM: Why would you do this?

javier portillo: this is how you poorly explain a how to video...loud obnoxious music and not explain jack...I wonder how many people will mess up their engines because of this video.

matt dyer: that is a great way to freak a rotary don't ever use seafoam in a rotary

visualdragon: Can't even begin to describe how bad this is for a rotary engine.

Akis Apostolidis: 1:06 cant see any sensor, what should I disconnect ?

tevin trapp: Thought I was gone hear the car not music sucks 

Chris Rotz: wait just wondering, why didnt you put the seafoam in by the vacuum line off the brake booster?

Shay: Awesome car and love the song. :D

Ľuboš Žubrietovský: Song: Nero - This Way (Dubstep)

Jan Fejs: R.I.P. EKO

MultiPissTank: And the idiot of the year award goes to..............The guy who puts seafoam in a rotary engine!!

keith s: that rotary engine just confused the freak out of my engine bay senses

Verum Quaerere Seek Truth: even though I love dubstep... I love the sound a rotary makes MORE :-)

Recon Chester: Song name?

RLfilmz: could just be a dirty throttle plate. if it will start with the throttle at WOT then its the throttle body/plate. take it off and clean it.

351cleavland: The music is crushing my soul!

Jon Guzman: Hot start issues can be any number of things, the starter (it it's an 04 or early 05 it may have the old style starter), your ignition system (the stock system is kind of so-so, if you're looking at mods down the road, get the BHR kit), and lastly it can be low compression. Those are your biggest hot start culprits.

ihavethesickness: I cant believe everyone thinks this works. Complete waste of time

Felipe Kauer: yeah brow may your engine block is out business, expansion cause heat, lose compression and is not able to start since he stop till he cools down again.. good lucky mate, you will need it

Jon Guzman: Anything I can do to help! Good luck! :)

Jon Guzman: Considering how long ago I did this, great. :P I was having a really rough idle and after I performed this I never had the problem again.

Crazycaraudio: any tips on removing air box. im having a hard time with mine.

greencityman420: Rotary engines have no valves. I smell a rip-off

RLfilmz: works in my car when the TB is dirty. just dont hold it WOT the whole time. rev it a little while starting and it turns over. 2005 grand prix. worked in my friends gti vr6 too.

Jon Guzman: It's This Way by Nero

Jon Guzman: Thanks a ton. :)

ChristGonzo: don't do this!

Jon Guzman: Redlining once a day keeps the motor mostly clean, just like most cars, but it doesn't hurt to give it a good scrubbing once in a great while. XD And I don't have much experience with twin turbo 8's, all of my turbo friends are single and mine is still N/A. Check the Rx8club website, there's a huge turbo resource on there.

OMGberz6363: Thanks for the help. What rims are on your rx8 I'm looking for some on mine and those look great on the car.

Jon Guzman: They are ICW Raing Kamikazes

Thomas Devito: How often should u seafoam a car? anycar

Jon Guzman: I hate this app so much lol. I didn't meant it like that, what I meant is on the Rx-8 the car cuts fuel if you floor it while starting, I didn't meant

sameezo: thanks alot for you reply, i had the engine checked on they system and no issues were found, changed the coils & plugs. checked for electrical issues wire by wire. and still same issue, forgot to add that i hear a crank sound from underneath before it stops. honestly im scared to do the compression test !!

09809709879876678698A: 18MPG in that little fart? I get that in a 400hp SS

NittoMOD: fake...

CPRUCorp: Ok, i am new to cars, (i just got a permit), love racing, know my way around a engine, but not a rotary. And i really want an rx-8. Why do most rx-8s being sold have has 1 or 2 replaced motors? What goes wrong on them? It seems like these things always need to be worked on, and the engine gets like cleaned by revving it hard and shooting out pure crap out of the exhaust? Thanks. I want to have a fast cool sounding rx-8, would you know the parts needed to have a twin turbo?

Static Shock: NERO ftw!

Perpetual Neurosis: HAHAHAHA Your poor neighbors :) Rock on buddy!

1stManOnEarth: what does this seafoaming do? I left my car sitting for few years didnt change oil but i only drove it 5k miles now it takes long to start when hot, will this seafoam help it?

Jon Guzman: Not sure if troll? If you're being serious, just because it's advertised as that doesn't mean that's all it does. It is a carbon cleaner, pure and simple. Pour it over a dirty carburetor, pour it in your spark plug holes, use it to clean anything with a carbon buildup on it. Directly from SeaFoam "Sea Foam is safe for ALL commonly used engines – Automotive, Truck, Industrial, Agricultural, Motorcycle, Marine, Small Engines (lawnmowers, yard tools, etc.), and even Rotary (Wankel Type) engines

Matthew Sumrada: What's actually in the white smoke? The seafoam? Residue?

Jon Guzman: Sure is! XD I believe this was filmed in New Port Richey. Move away from there some time ago, closer to Orlando now.

schokkedj: so im guessing that this seafoam stuff is like redx but with smoke coming from the exhaust as an end result?
DIY Rx8 Seafoam Cleaning 4 out of 5

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DIY Rx8 Seafoam Cleaning