Something Weird Retro Cuties # 33

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73.androkom@.Kom: very sexy retro girls, my favorite 'yum yum.😓

Brian Hillenbrand: the first girl reminds me of my aunt when I was little. She always wore things like that.

Gorby: 3:48- "yeah baby, take it off. You know what I like. You're so hot... Wait a minute... Mom!!?"

Lucy Fuentes: Norwalk

Gorby: These women were hot. So unlike this botox and implant generation.

Robert Tiscione: 1960's on this one.

Robert Tiscione: I wonder where they found these films?

2003Brad: "HORRIBLE" so-called background music. SOUNDS like being at some cheap diner.

christ opher cole: any one up for spades

Tim Dey: Wow-:-)

denis jarvis: the girl in the last section black panties&bra looks so much like my girl from the 60/s or maybe its my wishful memories,I still dream of her 

Mrbonds: Love the babe in red panties and red heels - very hot!!!!!

David Lyle Strong: WONDERFUL in the EXTREME !!  Wow, and THANKS!!

Bob DiMarzio: this pretty much takes the guess work out of it for those who aren't sure what goes into where .

gailbostock: well each to his own , my fetish is 50s nylon-net petticoats and fullskirts

lneranger4: i think a nice lacy slip is much better

dum tube: nice nice

Mrbonds: The brunette is smoking hot!!

SomethingWeirdDotCom: There's a link to the series that has all of the Retro Cuties loops, in the description of the video. It links to the Something Weird Video website, something weird dot com

Something Weird Retro Cuties # 33 5 out of 5

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Something Weird Retro Cuties # 33