RIFT DPS Rogue Spec, Storm Legion

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AlphaWolf: Dude I have never seen a detailed guide to a good class like this I love it a+

Bob Sponge: Wat would the rotation for someone at lv 34?

Bob Sponge: How would u put this in a macro if u can?

robertma4171: 5;56

CT2507: thats not fast kills. my ranged rogue kills faster and recieves little to no damge cause of the tanking pet. i have no downtime between kills.

flymolo: I would recommend trying this build, particularly in the levels 20 to 50 range, before judging it. The thought behind it is to have you doing massive damage throughout the leveling process and it absolutely accomplishes this. Grabbing utility skills from BD would detract from the dps output and you kill things so quickly with this build that you simply don't need to be less squishy.

flymolo: While I do like Enduring Brew a lot, which is why I made mention of it, it is optional. You may have a point on Foul Play. You could throw it into the rotation after assassinate and take less damage during the fight - or even no damage if you hit with 4 critical hits in a row. Honestly, though, survivability is not a problem with this build so I never gave Foul Play much consideration.

Gnomefro: And for that matter, if your goal is to create a good levelling build with lots of assassin in it, it's a mystery to me why you'd skip foul play and enduring brew. Both are guaranteed to make you level faster due to giving you essentially zero downtime and at 2 points nobody are going to notice any minor dps difference.

Gnomefro: I'm not sure if the motivation behind this build is the best. It seems like you're desperately trying to avoid a respec during levelling to the point where you're getting lots of abilities with little synergy. Frankly, if someone wants to start dumping points into blade dancer and use those as the main attack for vast amounts of levels it seems to make much more sense to grab utility skills from blade dancer to make you less squishy than getting duplicate "buff this tree" skills in assassin.

flymolo: It does excellent single target damage so someone who is particularly skilled at pvp will likely enjoy it. I am not particularly skilled at pvp and find myself dying more often than not when trying to play a melee rogue with no Riftstalker elements in the build.

Dash Thunder: this good for pvp?

Dash Thunder: Very informative I gonna try this spec thanks for info!

flymolo: Find your class trainer and buy a soul reset.

3vil Chri57ian: can you undo a soul tree ?? and how

armagedoc66: pure Sin build is sooo fun really.. on PvP and PvE. I play it with nightbalde. so many early improvement is the soul. I will look for you RS build now :) thanks for the guides man! I hope they buff the ST of sab or at least give them some more utility. They are hell of a fun in PvP. Waiting for people to run away from my friends, THEN BOOM!

flymolo: For the record, Rogue is my favorite calling because I haven't tried a soul I didn't like. On my rogue currently I have this build, a pure Assassin build, a Bard build for support (which is very helpful in groups) a Riftstalker build for tanking which I haven't tried, and a Riftstalker Marksman build for PVP. I used Marksman/Ranger for some early level aoe goodness and I have a low level alt that I'll try leveling with Sab Tactician. Way too much fun for one calling!

flymolo: I have played with Sab at lower levels and really liked it but have not tried it at high levels and have not played a pure Sab build. One of the great things about Sab is that the range attacks have no minimum range like Ranger and Marksman trees. You can remove the minimum in Marksman eventually, but Sab is really nice to combine with Marksman, especially at lower levels, so you aren't finding yourself at close range with no good attacks to use.

armagedoc66: Thanks for the answer man, i was confused :) your video changed my mind about melee rogue and i wanna try them all. Can you make a saboteur build? Are they good?

flymolo: The only thing that makes Precision Strike worth it at all is that it gets you to a 5 point Deadly Strike quicker. One swing of Precision + Deadly Strike is better than two swings of Quick Strike + Deadly Strike.

flymolo: Quick Strike actually does more damage than Precision Strike so while Assassinate is still adding only 2 combo points you'll do more dps by starting with Assassinate, Puncture, Keen Strike, Quick Strike (instead of Precision), Deadly Strike and then using Precision Strike for the rest of the rotation. When Assassinate brings a guaranteed 3 combo points later in the build there is no reason to use Quick Strike anymore since Assassinate, Puncture, Keen Strike gets you to a 5 point Deadly Strike.
RIFT DPS Rogue Spec, Storm Legion 5 out of 5

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RIFT DPS Rogue Spec, Storm Legion