2001 Lincoln LS 3.9 V8 Engine Rattle

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Perry Venson: How can I fix this problem on 2000 ls v8

Bill Eaves: Did you happen to make a video of repairing it? I have the same in an 01 LS. Thanks!

Vine VideoProducer: Man I have that same problem when I start up

Vine VideoProducer: But some people said it a coil

Dark Kent: @XCaptaintravis Sorry For the delay. Due to tech difficulties I had to let the car go. But I'm hearing the 03 is a great year for that model. Well reall like the best. 03&4 so I'm bout to grab one of those and dress her up real nice

Nicholas Galoni: Could be a coil 300 at least at the dealer

Travis Williams: OKAY So I fixed the timing on it. It jumped a tooth on the exhaust timing.. Still make a racket! So Im wondering .NCMACH1 U said your Chain was 1/8th off.. I never replaced my chain but im wondering.. where did u get the chain from and how much was it..? If you could reply back to this or send me a PM please

ncmach1: @00Kentertainment You replaced the secondary tensioners. The chains that go down to the crank is primary, and those tensioners are long and difficult to replace. The whole front of the engine has to come off.

Travis Williams: @00Kentertainment MINE TOO!! I replaced the Driver side Secondary timing chain tensioner, old one was freakED. So put it all tofether.. Made same noise! And the idle is terrible and Cylinder number 6 or 7 is misfiring... You can hear it in the exhaust.. WHAT DO I DO!?

Dark Kent: last ? i know i gettin on ur nerves but thank u sooooooo much... do u think that the tensioner being broke( secondary) that it kept the noice from happening... and wen i replaced them being that it tightened everything back up, cud be makin the sound noticeable. wondering if i can do the sec chains without the looking tool...

Dark Kent: @XCaptaintravis and for Ur rough idle, if u put it all back together but didn't use the timing tool then I'm sure Ur timing is off and u could wind up bending a rod

Dark Kent: thanks for the fast reply... i did to 2 upper tensioners driver n pass... it didnt have that rattle before i did it but the pass was completely broke. drivers was cracked. i didnt use a tool wen i took the spocket off but i market them n put em back perfect... but the chain may have streached like u said so ima get 2 chains n see if that works... Do u Think the long chains cud be streached as well? never read anything on the long ones. just the short ones

badasstruckmechanic: My 3.9 broke guides and chain wedged in housing. I can replace those but I'm not sure if there is cam, lifter, or piston damage when this happened. Any knowledge to this would be appreciated

David Grisgraber: was this a rattle that got worse when u accelerated? thats the problem im having. a sparatic noise kind of sounds like a soda can vibrating in the engine from the cabin and it gets worse when i accelerate.

Power2People59: could be your alignment, or a bad tire, nothing serious.

ncmach1: @valadezjose47 Yes it is a bitch to work on. Especially removing all the junk just so you can get the valve covers off! I will be glad when the wife can buy a Taurus or something else.

brittanyspounds: I am having the same problem. I have a 01 LS and the car only has 80k miles on it. I bought the car about a year ago and never got the title so the car basically sat up for almost a year. Well anyway now I got the title for the car and started driving it. When you give it gas it won't go over 20 MPH and misses horribly. Also after 3 days of me driving it, it developed a loud ticking noise or knocking. People tell me to have the oil changed which I've done but not sure if it was the right pressu

ncmach1: @lilfrknmnstr Yes. Get a short piece of hose and rest it on the front of the valve cover and see if thats where the most of the rattle is coming from while the motor idles. The longer you put off looking at the chain the more it will eat into the engine block. Mine had just started to eat the aluminum right where the valve cover sits on the block.

ncmach1: @Xcapitantravis There is a possibility your primary chain tensioners, or chain are bad.

ncmach1: @Xcapitantravis I bought the tensioners and chain on Ebay from CHRISTOPHER'S FOREIGN CAR PARTS. Search this item number, 350108168701 He gets $60 for a chain with master link.

ncmach1: @MOSES1199 The chain is $60, and both upper tensioners is $140 on Ebay from CHRISTOPHER'S FOREIGN CAR PARTS.

Royce Ardery: just turning over slow? if so its prob a bad starter or loos connection you could have taken your car to autozone they would have checked your battery and alternator for free

nbrcrollers: check your coils.

MOSES1199: @MrCaveblkent let me noe if it stopped afterwards because is doing the same thing and ur right it is annoying and im not sure wat to do to it

ncmach1: I didn't use any timing tool. Each cam has a flat on it, and should be facing up all together. All I had to do was turn the one cam one tooth. Now here is the strange thing. After doing this work for about a week after it was done it still had a miss in it when it would pull a hill. A couple of weeks went by and it smoothed itself out for some reason. Maybe the stupid computer realized it was back in time.

MrCaveblkent: @ncmach1 my 2000 Lincoln ls v8 is doing the same thing I had it checked out it said I had three cylinder misfires so Im getting a Tune up this weekend and hopefully this sounds stops.......ITS ANNOYING

ncmach1: @00Kentertainment Yes, my chain had stretched enough to start hitting the engine case right where the valve cover sits. Mine was lopeing real bad so it had to be the fact the cam had jumped 1 tooth. Oh and the compression checked fine. So that is not a indication a cam has jumped 1 tooth. There is a good discussion about these problems over on the automotiveforums(.)com and lincolnvscadillac(.)com and also jaguarforums(.)com Thats where I put the pics of how bad mine looked.

Dark Kent: One quest. Which ones are the prime and which ones are sec? I did the top to rite under the gasket cover. But every one misnames them.

Da Bozz: @ncmach1 i finally got it fixed it was a misfire and now the car is drtiving great ill be honest it was a bitch to fix every thing wrong the car had

ncmach1: @valadezjose47 Yep, the wifes did the same thing for over a year. Then the rattle got real bad and thats when I decided to look at the tensioners. Glad I did, before the chain eat into the block any more. I have pics on the link in my description.

TheYoooth: problem with the lincoln ls 200-2002 models is the car either never breaks down, or breaks down every day. Thats the problem when dealing with new model cars.

mandyram0084: I love my car but i need Help.. my 02 v8 ls Lincoln won't start the relays are clicking; along with some of the fuses in front..

DAMIAN RODRIGUEZ: yes i do...i got an 05 v6 and its makin a loud knocking noise...they say it might be the camshaft but im not sure...would u know what is it or the price on a repair like that??

TheLb67: Mine did not sound half as bad but it hadd a rough idle and a constant misfire on one cylinder checked the timing and my exhaust cam was one tooth turned out on the passenger side head where the misfire was and both tensioners were missing the plastic like yours. Basicly mine was in the early stages. Thanks for the vid after checking everything diagnosticly and oit all checking out i decided to pull it apart and there was the problem.

Da Bozz: HELP!!! has any1 had this problem i have a 2001 lincoln ls it drives fine through town but wen i go to around 45-55mph it shakes at highway speeds it calms as it is driving steady(not accelerating) does anyone have any ideas wat it could be i dont want to sell the car

ncmach1: Yep replaced the clock spring a month ago, fixed those problems, and replaced the alternator and that didn't help my starting problem at all. So that was a waste of $200.

Travis Williams: @ncmach1 Alright thanks. I found the cam timing chain on his website. I also bought my tensioner from him a while back ago. Now is it possible that my chain could appear and feel to be tight when the engne is off but when everything is back together and the engine is on, the chain is hitting something? I mean my car sounds exactly like yours.. I replaced the tensioner and no luck.. like i said I fixed the timing also.. So i think the next step is to buy a whole new chain incase it stretched

Лиля: change the coils. That is the problem I had with when I first got my LS. You can tell which coil is misfiring by going to a auto store and having them use their scanner. At first one coil went out and then the second and then the third, Finally my brother got very tired of getting under the covers to change them and changed the other 5 all at one time. By all 8 on Ebay and you will save a ton of money

weelgunny: Common denominator seems to be 00-02 model years. How many miles on it? Anybody with the same problem with 03 and newer?

Damien Heminger: does it only drive like 45 mph?we got the same car same problem and how much to fix?

ncmach1: @00Kentertainment I ended up replacing both secondary tensioners and the left secondary chain. Reason I replaced the chain is it had stretched about 1/8" and the cam had jumped 1 tooth. Much quieter now. I hate to think your problem could be the primary tensioners. That would involve removing the front cover of the motor. Not a job I would want to do.

NextLevelEnt87: I know exactly what that is!! My car had the same thing, i took the engine apart with a mechanic and we found the TIMING CHAIN GUIDES were loose and causing the rattling, it wasnt cuz it needed oil, or a coil, it was exactly that...cost to fix it, $245.00

Dark Kent: also mine sounds just like urs... shutters on idle like its struggling to stay on...

Tim Schneider: Sounds like a timing chain slap

MOSES1199: How Much Did it cost you to this and was it hard to get to the problem i have a 00 ls and it just started doing that i changed the plugs and coil boots but i have the knocking noise.. what can or should i do

Royce Ardery: I replaced the clock spring in mine 2 times and an alternator just now went out 288000 miles not to bad :)

Dark Kent: question. the same thing is happening with my 2001 ls v8 i just did the upper tensioners and now i have that rattle... i didnt have it before the fact. just had a lil rattle from the pass side that was broke so i did both sides. now i got the loud rattle... did u fix this???
2001 Lincoln LS 3.9 V8 Engine Rattle 3.8 out of 5

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2001 Lincoln LS 3.9 V8 Engine Rattle