2001 Lincoln LS 3.9 V8 Engine Rattle

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2001 Lincoln LS 3.9 V8 Engine Rattle
2001 Lincoln LS 3.9 V8 Engine Rattle
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Lincoln Ls - Jaguar - 3.9L V8 Timing Chain Tensioner
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Lincoln LS V8 Timing Chain Knock Fix
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Lincoln ls engine knock/rattle
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Lincoln ls and Jaguar easy fix knocking sound

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Alfonso Constantino: Cuales son las síntomas cuando la bomba de un Lincon falla?

jose j: a question friend before anything q q thanks for your videos helps us have a question many have a 2000 Lincoln LS V8 will replace the radiator because it broke I had to disconnect the hydraulic hoses hydraulic fan and replacing the radiator use their hoses Milk oil back to the hydraulic pump and fan is not working in the same place does not turn changes the hydraulic pump and fan sensor lights not tell me this hydraulic fan can be put directly already tried many ways but can not arrest him the car heats up fast turns but please help if I can answer thanks

Isai Figueroa: I Had the same problem but the tensioners were good, my problem was the bearings, the engine had a bad pressure of oil

Tim Salyer: do a timing chain tensioners to fix the problem. if it breaks you will replace the motor. Its an fairly easy fix but does take special tools to do it right

Bill Eaves: Did you happen to make a video of repairing it?  I have the same in an 01 LS.  Thanks!

Perry Venson: How can I fix this problem on 2000 ls v8

badasstruckmechanic: My 3.9 broke guides and chain wedged in housing. I can replace those but I'm not sure if there is cam, lifter, or piston damage when this happened. Any knowledge to this would be appreciated

mandyram0084: I love my car but i need Help.. my 02 v8 ls Lincoln won't start the relays are clicking; along with some of the fuses in front..

CatGods: problem with the lincoln ls 200-2002 models is the car either never breaks down, or breaks down every day. Thats the problem when dealing with new model cars.

Royce Ardery: just turning over slow? if so its prob a bad starter or loos connection you could have taken your car to autozone they would have checked your battery and alternator for free

ncmach1: Yep replaced the clock spring a month ago, fixed those problems, and replaced the alternator and that didn't help my starting problem at all. So that was a waste of $200.

Royce Ardery: I replaced the clock spring in mine 2 times and an alternator just now went out 288000 miles not to bad :)

TheLb67: Mine did not sound half as bad but it hadd a rough idle and a constant misfire on one cylinder checked the timing and my exhaust cam was one tooth turned out on the passenger side head where the misfire was and both tensioners were missing the plastic like yours. Basicly mine was in the early stages. Thanks for the vid after checking everything diagnosticly and oit all checking out i decided to pull it apart and there was the problem.

brittanyspounds: I am having the same problem. I have a 01 LS and the car only has 80k miles on it. I bought the car about a year ago and never got the title so the car basically sat up for almost a year. Well anyway now I got the title for the car and started driving it. When you give it gas it won't go over 20 MPH and misses horribly. Also after 3 days of me driving it, it developed a loud ticking noise or knocking. People tell me to have the oil changed which I've done but not sure if it was the right pressu

Лиля: change the coils. That is the problem I had with when I first got my LS. You can tell which coil is misfiring by going to a auto store and having them use their scanner. At first one coil went out and then the second and then the third, Finally my brother got very tired of getting under the covers to change them and changed the other 5 all at one time. By all 8 on Ebay and you will save a ton of money

Damien Heminger: does it only drive like 45 mph?we got the same car same problem and how much to fix?

Tim Schneider: Sounds like a timing chain slap

DAMIAN RODRIGUEZ: yes i do...i got an 05 v6 and its makin a loud knocking noise...they say it might be the camshaft but im not sure...would u know what is it or the price on a repair like that??

weelgunny: Common denominator seems to be 00-02 model years. How many miles on it? Anybody with the same problem with 03 and newer?

ncmach1: @MOSES1199 The chain is $60, and both upper tensioners is $140 on Ebay from CHRISTOPHER'S FOREIGN CAR PARTS.
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2001 Lincoln LS 3.9 V8 Engine Rattle