How To Acura & Honda Radio COdE Retrieval And Unlock Tips Bose Replace

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Guillermo A. Sandoval Hernandez: Very helpful i found it inside the glove compartment, but now that i got de system back, it dose`t recgonize the 2 cd that are inside...

642freedom642: Thank you!! I noticed you were demonstrating on what appeared to be an 02 Honda Odyssey and I looked in the glove compartment of mine and sure enough, that sticker with the code on it was in there. :D

nicolas20x: very useful video. Thanks for the post!

ng hau xiang: mine is Honda Accord 93, click what button to active it?(i already have the code)

Kerry Page: Thank you

Spugie Woogie: Thanks so much the numbers were out of sequence. Your video was the only one I saw that addressed that issue.

Snoopy Woodchuck: Unbelievably helpful!!!! I had my vehicle over a year with out a radio or dvd player working. Watched this video and within 1 minute it was fully fixed, dvd player too! Saved me $100-$200. This is the ONLY video I have EVER commented on and I have been using "youtube" for years!! THANKYOU SO MUCH!!

ch012: Thanks a lot..My honda civic Radio was asking for code and after seeing your video I searched for the code inside my car and I got it within 15 sec of starting the search. Thanks a lot.

Eimiyuki: I'll try this as soon as i can. My radios been like that a while now from having it jumped. Thanks so much.

Tepiii22: I found the sticker with code in the glove compartment of my 2000 accord. Great video. Thank you!!!!

Factory Car Stereo Repair: Serial numbers can be found by removing the equipment. You could try calling the dealership with the VIN.

salahzan: hey there, I have a honda crv 2007 bought from oener who lives in columbia but i live in lebanon middle east ( car shipped ), my battery got drained out and i had to remove it, now my radio needs a code, the problem is that my radio has navigation also, the 1 & 6 key press doesnt work, i do not have the s/n or code or first owners number to get the code from honda website, do you have any suggestions to help me please :( i only have the vin number and knowing that its from columbia midlands.

Factory Car Stereo Repair: If an error code appears when entering code, the code is being entered incorrectly or you have the wrong code. If an error code appears when playing CD, this is a CD problem.

zantku: What do I do if it says ERROR E?

Factory Car Stereo Repair: The point of the code is to stop thieft. The code will only have to be used if power is removed from the stereo, either disconnecting the car battery or removing and reinstalling the stereo. As long as power is supplied to the stereo, it will continue to work. There are two powers to the radio, constant and switched through ignition. Constant power will keep memory and the code.

BeatlesFan32: Very informative video, you're obviously very knowledgeable. I've still got a question though. What's the point of the radio code? And do you have to put a code in every time you turn on the radio? or what scenario makes it so that you have to enter the code? I've got a 03 Honda Civic that had this problem, which prevented me from ever using the radio, and I'm not the original owner, so I knew nothing about it. The car's in storage at the moment so i'll give this a shot when i can access it.

UFO000100: 97 Integra, it was under the ash tray :):)

Factory Car Stereo Repair: Try the #1 and #6 while pushing the stereo on. Check this serial number against your code card. Or, if you have navigation, you may be using the wrong code.

bobcsoftball: I have a 2008 Acura MDX. I replaced the battery this weekend. I have my original 5 digit code. When I start enterring it, "error" comes up. After several times trying, it locks out. I tried removing battery cables and that does restart the opportunity to unlock, but the same thing keeps happening. I see on other emails that removing the antenna connection could help. Please help. You never know how important the radio is until you don't have it.

Devon Schmidt: In my 96 accord, I found my code on the bottom of the ashtray under the stereo. This method worked! And I was about to buy a new stereo! Thank you so much for this video.
How to Acura & Honda Radio COdE Retrieval and Unlock Tips Bose replace 5 out of 5

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How to Acura & Honda Radio COdE Retrieval and Unlock Tips Bose replace