11x11 Rubik's Cube WITH TILES!!!

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11x11 Rubik's cube WITH TILES!!!
11x11 Rubik's cube WITH TILES!!!
11x11 Review
11x11 Review
Stickers vs Tiles for Rubik's Cubes
Stickers vs Tiles for Rubik's Cubes
Turning of cube 11x11
Turning of cube 11x11
11x11x11 Rubik's Cube Review
11x11x11 Rubik's Cube Review

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Glen Gaige: I wish I could do this on a 13 by 13

Blockdude124: I... I NEEEED IIIIIIITTT
the tiles, that is.

Noah Kloster: I want to do this but it would take forever

edhpaul1999: How long did it take?

NathanWilson: whats the measurement for each centre square?

NathanWilson: I know you say it took forever but do you recommend this? or would you say "stick with stickers"

NathanWilson: 11x11 in white and tiles lookes so much like the 12x12. same colour and shape and everything. bar one layer

Bagel Power: This is truly incredible

Bagel Power: I somehow don't like how you called it a "rubiks" cube...

ImaginaryHuman072889: you need cubesmith tile sheets per side. draw the lines on the back of the tiles. it seriously takes forever to cut them out

Jasper: I want to do this too, but how much tile-material do you need per side? And how do you draw the tiles on the material and cut them out?

Karsim shrawasti: it looks like a mosaic looks awesome....

Karsim shrawasti: yes i figured it out only after i posted it...... apologies

ImaginaryHuman072889: you can't spell rubik's cube either

Karsim shrawasti: i cant do even a 2x2 rubics cube.....

ImaginaryHuman072889: this video was made before cubesmith made stickers for the 11x11, besides i like tiles much better.

Andrew Kritzler: ya know cubesmith now has stickers for an 11x11

Cubes Nice: Awesome

alex ioncescu: If you would like to buy an 11x11x11, go to 11x11x11.weebly.com, We are currently out of stock but we will restock in under two weeks.

ImaginaryHuman072889: smooth. i dont really like textured tiles
11x11 Rubik's cube WITH TILES!!! 5 out of 5

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11x11 Rubik's cube WITH TILES!!!