11x11 Rubik's Cube WITH TILES!!!

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11x11 Rubik's cube WITH TILES!!!
11x11 Rubik's cube WITH TILES!!!
Last Two Centers Tutorial (11x11 Rubik's cube)
Last Two Centers Tutorial (11x11 Rubik's cube)
11x11 solve in 44:23.30
11x11 solve in 44:23.30
11x11 Challenge: to everyone who own one!!
11x11 Challenge: to everyone who own one!!
Yuxin 11x11 Review
Yuxin 11x11 Review
How to replace the STICKERS of a rubiks cube w/ TILES!!..
How to replace the STICKERS of a rubiks cube w/ TILES!!..
11x11 Solve 1h 13m
11x11 Solve 1h 13m
Cubesmith Sticker Removal : How To Remove Rubiks speed Cube Stickers.  CubeSmith  review
Cubesmith Sticker Removal : How To Remove Rubiks speed Cube Stickers. CubeSmith review
Full Product Review: Cubesmith.com
Full Product Review: Cubesmith.com

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BlockrealmMC124: I... I NEEEED IIIIIIITTT the tiles, that is.

Noah Kloster: I want to do this but it would take forever

edhpaul1999: How long did it take?

Dominic Balconi: How much?

cubingbrazil: how did you tile it? Like did you print a sheet with the measures of it? Or did you cut it independently?

EMI94100: @ImaginaryHuman072889 Yes I know I just want to mention there are also stickers now...I think I am also gonna put tiles on mine...I am gonna get alot of tiles for my birthday I hope :D

Andrew Dumer: @ImaginaryHuman072889 yeah, thats true thanks

ImaginaryHuman072889: @ottithecube yes.

rubiksgh3: @guitarcubeohyes you should just wait for cubesmith, they already have stickers

dandyboykb: wow nice, what brand is that? THANKS

ImaginaryHuman072889: @elvizgab69 cubesmith (dot) com

PuzzlePrince: Man, that looks really nice.

rubiksgh3: @ImaginaryHuman072889 meh

ImaginaryHuman072889: @Manologft oh wow you're right. haha they must have made that pretty recently.

NerdBubblegum: I know you say it took forever but do you recommend this? or would you say "stick with stickers"

simplyqueen1: so nice....i wish cubesmith would get tiles cut for the 11x11. wanna sell yours? or cut me some tiles? :D

MrFt38: That is insane in the membrane, but I like it.

Justin Widdop: To me, this 11x11x11 cube looks like it could be an early look of the futuristic V-Cube 11

Karsim shrawasti: yes i figured it out only after i posted it...... apologies

Otti Kejs: i think the edges are a nightmare to do aren´t they?

cubefan3: @dandyboykb yuxin

ImaginaryHuman072889: @simplyqueen1 haha no way. took FOREVER to cut those tiles. i wouldn't do it again unless someone offered me an absurd amount of money.

beeruce fake: where do you get 11x11s?

creatorCRUSADER: wow i love that cube! it looks like candy! i love it! mine's too shiny :( \

ImaginaryHuman072889: @EMI94100 yep. but i did this before the stickers came out and besides i like tiles better

ImaginaryHuman072889: you can't spell rubik's cube either

ImaginaryHuman072889: @guitarcubeohyes no i didn't use the stickers as a template because i thought the stickers were a bit too small so the custom tiles i put on were a bit bigger. I basically did everything from scratch. i didn't really "guess" what the pieces would be like, i made precise measurements and cut out the tiles from that. although with pieces that small its hard to cut them with high precision, so the outer edge pieces took a bit more time to cut.

ben1996123: your hands are massive or you got a keychain 11x11.

ImaginaryHuman072889: smooth. i dont really like textured tiles

Cubes Nice: Awesome

Karsim shrawasti: it looks like a mosaic looks awesome....

Andrew Kritzler: ya know cubesmith now has stickers for an 11x11

ImaginaryHuman072889: @rubiksgh3 but then... there is no challenge :P

ImaginaryHuman072889: you need cubesmith tile sheets per side. draw the lines on the back of the tiles. it seriously takes forever to cut them out

Bagel Power: I somehow don't like how you called it a "rubiks" cube...

Tipsheda: Nice job, must have taken hours...

ImaginaryHuman072889: @werdnandrew4 considering v-cube company has not made a new product in over 2 years, and are making "fillter" products like the v-cube 7 illusion and dazzler, i'd probably say they won't be making any new products for a while. besides i'm guessing they'll release the 6b before the 8.9,10, or 11. i could be wrong though.

theoretical physicist: @elvizgab69 get it at 51morefun . com

ImaginaryHuman072889: @elvizgab69 just buy the tile sheets, two sheets per side. how to cut them is your choice. just use a stencil of the current stickers to get started.

ImaginaryHuman072889: @xTipshedax Took approximately 5 hours per side

toms49100: probly took more hours to sticker it to solve it :)

simplyqueen1: @ImaginaryHuman072889 Define absurd amount of money? i got a black 11x11.... pm me :)

Andrew Dumer: do you know when the v cube 8x8 9x9 10x10 or 11x11 is coming out ??

ImaginaryHuman072889: @cubingbrazil each tile was cut independently. it took for-e-ver (sandlot style)

magiclovers10: are those smooth or textured tiles?

Japsieify: I want to do this too, but how much tile-material do you need per side? And how do you draw the tiles on the material and cut them out?

ImaginaryHuman072889: @toms49100 isn't that the case for the 3x3 also?

Karsim shrawasti: i cant do even a 2x2 rubics cube.....

EMI94100: Did you notice the new cubesmith 11x11 stickers?

Bagel Power: This is truly incredible
11x11 Rubik's cube WITH TILES!!! 4.7 out of 5

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11x11 Rubik's cube WITH TILES!!!