11x11 Rubik's Cube WITH TILES!!!

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11x11 Rubik's cube WITH TILES!!!
11x11 Rubik's cube WITH TILES!!!
Yuxin 11X11 Review + For Sale *SOLD*
Yuxin 11X11 Review + For Sale *SOLD*
Unboxing 11x11 Rubix cube
Unboxing 11x11 Rubix cube
Rubiks Cube Stickers (tiles) + Tips
Rubiks Cube Stickers (tiles) + Tips
11x11 Rubik's Cube Solve 30:28 (full)
11x11 Rubik's Cube Solve 30:28 (full)

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Blockdude124: I... I NEEEED IIIIIIITTT
the tiles, that is.´╗┐

Noah Kloster: I want to do this but it would take forever´╗┐

edhpaul1999: How long did it take?´╗┐

NerdBubblegum: whats the measurement for each centre square?

NerdBubblegum: I know you say it took forever but do you recommend this? or would you say "stick with stickers"

NerdBubblegum: 11x11 in white and tiles lookes so much like the 12x12. same colour and shape and everything. bar one layer

Bagel Power: This is truly incredible

Bagel Power: I somehow don't like how you called it a "rubiks" cube...

ImaginaryHuman072889: you need cubesmith tile sheets per side. draw the lines on the back of the tiles. it seriously takes forever to cut them out

Japsieify: I want to do this too, but how much tile-material do you need per side? And how do you draw the tiles on the material and cut them out?

Karsim shrawasti: it looks like a mosaic looks awesome....

Karsim shrawasti: yes i figured it out only after i posted it...... apologies

ImaginaryHuman072889: you can't spell rubik's cube either

Karsim shrawasti: i cant do even a 2x2 rubics cube.....

ImaginaryHuman072889: this video was made before cubesmith made stickers for the 11x11, besides i like tiles much better.

Andrew Kritzler: ya know cubesmith now has stickers for an 11x11

Dominic Balconi: How much?

Cubes Nice: Awesome

alex ioncescu: If you would like to buy an 11x11x11, go to 11x11x11.weebly.com, We are currently out of stock but we will restock in under two weeks.

ImaginaryHuman072889: smooth. i dont really like textured tiles
11x11 Rubik's cube WITH TILES!!! 5 out of 5

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11x11 Rubik's cube WITH TILES!!!