Tutorial Blowback Rubber Band Gun

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Tutorial — blowback rubber band gun
Tutorial — blowback rubber band gun
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parabellum1262: After four years I have finally updated the blueprints. They should now be easy enough to follow without the need for this ghastly "video"!

秦时明月: 有没有图纸

Stephen Smith: hey parrabellum using a drill press is way easier

Yspaiqui Uzumaki: lixo aqui é BR

PandaKiwiDude Joe: mega sync sucks

Lloyd D Galvez: How do you nail the pin in the front of the muzzle

Gecko Williams: good job

Leonardo de Souza Padua: Okay I have a question, I just got mine done... THAAAAAANK YOU SO MUCH BY THE WAY.... this thing changed my life completely... I worked very hard on it... and I just have a skill saw a dremel and couple of sand papers... it looks decent... but it's shooting burst mode... I can't think of how to fix it... my rotor is releasing the bands super fast and the gun is not coming back automatically to it's resting position... so when I press the trigger, the slider just stays back and the rotor spins releasing as much rubber band as I can fit in this thing... any thoughts? First Brazilian guy to build and comment :D hahaha

JohnsonFilms: I made a thing with mdf without a gas mask freak me 😰

because i'm Batman: how much?

MEMEMEET: 3d model link broken

big jack: thank😂😉😉

CooperKeating: 0:41
Used MDF for 3 years.
Never worn a gas mask.


TheDrPhred: I love watching these videos but hasn't any of you ever heard of inches, what's with this mm crap

TheDino Emperor: WOOD?!

Daniel Campos: Friend please could you resubmit this video explaining it a little better? I can not understand how the mechanism works well please please please ....

Lucas Tan: do you live in Australia

Gabriel Leandro: 👍👍👍👍

Ethan Larson: Hey parabellum1262,I would love to make the gun but I half and half understand the video, I have framing experience but wood crafts is a bit new to me, mate I was wondering if you had any free time you could write some better steps than the ones on the page you linked. I know this is probs not what you would want to hear mid week but if you ever felt like it, I would really appreciate it.

tap0ut 36: please add more tutorials
Tutorial — blowback rubber band gun 5 out of 5

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Tutorial — blowback rubber band gun