Tutorial Blowback Rubber Band Gun

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Phe Tan: can you make a reall easy gan please

ibrahim hamour: It is amazing

simhopp: too much work!
make this 3d printable.

Maksymilian Gozdur: Can you make a video about making VIS wz.35. That Polish gun that you have shown on your channel. It was very intresting gun.

Derwin Taai: parabellum can you make 1 more again i dont understand plz i want to make it no space video ok i want look you make it

Victor Winter: Hi parabellum 1262 Can I make this gun from hard paper, my town doesn't have any wood store :(

xliam127x: Who is here from 9gag?

fabricio silva: koe mano vc pode vende uma dessa ai pra mim ser pude dende vem de Wpp 021 974013713

Raja Sharma: Please make a blowback walther ppk rubber band gun!!

Ivo Bojanic: olk

Gemma ́s Music: hice 4!

Gareth McBeth: I made this gun last week, but find that it sometimes fires all the bands at once and is sometimes a bit stiff, any ideas what I did wrong? Other than that this is a class project

Grym Reapa: dude please send me it i have a busy schedule and im getting this for my nephew

watertakken: I exactly know what to do with the extra pieces of wood lying around. Only need the plans for making this.

Julio Arenas: me gustaria que publicaran lod planos para poder aserlas tambien gracias

Squeezy l Squeezomania: Why no video instructions.

Blue the shiny Umbreon: yeah could some1 leave me a link for this on ebay (the gun)

Blue the shiny Umbreon: is this legal?

Nova Gameplay: the name of this weapon is???

simeon arnwine: do your rubber band guns are asome and i made 3 of these
Tutorial — blowback rubber band gun 5 out of 5

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Tutorial — blowback rubber band gun