Bone Firesteels, Sami Bone Sewing Kit, Kuksa, Spoon

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grupogatodomato: Very good, my friend. Congratulations on video.
Great manual talent.
Love working with wood, it is very enjoyable.
Big hug from southern Brazil.

Lucas Macedo: Song name????  3.00 M

John K. Eich Bushcraft.: Awesome crafting brother well done Im working on my Saami sewing kit and birch & copper pressure flaker so Im not quite on ur level but Ill be there and having such a great time learning on my way there. Thank you for sharing 

Fabio Facchini: Nice song and tools! Greats!

Stephen Kanonsionni: who is the music artists? you should give credit to these fine musicians.

devilhide_leather: Beautiful bit of kit right there!

Primal Edge: I'm addicted to your videos, they're great - informative - educational and just very well done! thanks for sharing!

COSA NOSTRA: Thanks :)

Adirondack Wilderness Co: Yellow Birch.

COSA NOSTRA: What wood is the beautiful little kuksa made from? Please help me out here?

wescobts: Man you have some of the best videos out there, I'm a big fan. Well done, my very best to you and yours :)

snaponjohn100: That is so cool!! Did u make all of those yourself? Very talented. Greetings, John

zpqm: very nice! and i like the music a lot, what the name of the song?

chiprommel: Most beautiful tools, great work! I wish to learn how to make Kuksa very badly! Can you tell me the name of this amazing song and who makes it? I want to buy CD if possible! Dankeschoen!

jeepcop24: That is great I need to get out and try a kuksa you have done a great job! Thanks

bushmag: Realy cool stuff you got there=) That kuksa turned out to be a realy beutiful one!!

Peter Tampsett: yet another wonderful vid 5/5...............

InTheSticks1881: A very nice piece of wood on that spoon.

hinckleypoland: Very nice and unique. The skull firesteels are creepy but really cool. Be safe out there and keep up the good work.

Wolf Patrick: I have made many many bone impliments in my day, including jewelry that we sold on the pow wow circuit. Very nice work here. Thanks for the video. I really loved the music, and had to make it mine (you understand). Thanks again. Great work. ~Wolf
Bone firesteels, Sami bone sewing kit, kuksa, spoon 5 out of 5

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Bone firesteels, Sami bone sewing kit, kuksa, spoon