Bone Firesteels, Sami Bone Sewing Kit, Kuksa, Spoon

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Bone firesteels. Sami bone sewing kit. kuksa. spoon
Bone firesteels. Sami bone sewing kit. kuksa. spoon
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Making an 18th century sewing kit. The Housewife. or Hussif
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Sami largeknife
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Making a Kuksa

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Stephen Kanonsionni: who is the music artists? you should give credit to these fine musicians.

Peter Tampsett: yet another wonderful vid 5/5...............

WWTYJ: Very nice mate. I love that music!

chiprommel: Most beautiful tools, great work! I wish to learn how to make Kuksa very badly! Can you tell me the name of this amazing song and who makes it? I want to buy CD if possible! Dankeschoen!

nedeljkomostar: @flamedrag18 au contrary they looks so natural.

wescobts: Man you have some of the best videos out there, I'm a big fan. Well done, my very best to you and yours :)

Pawoodsman: Were did you come up with the skull idea for fire steel handles is great though the sami bone kit was cool too first time seeing one keep up the great work

demonokron: very nice work and great crafting

COSA NOSTRA: Thanks :)

Primal Edge: I'm addicted to your videos, they're great - informative - educational and just very well done! thanks for sharing!

69Grunden: Great idea's for the fire steel's. Beautiful design on your kuksa. And a nice spoon you made. It all looks great, thanks for sharing.....

SirLobsterman: ok, the rat/squirrel skull firesteels are creepy

Adirondack Woodsman: @KonstantinKuehn Beltaine

Adirondack Woodsman: @earthwayexperience I don't make show pieces, just users.

SOAR202: Very nice stuff, love the Kuksa is it Birch? my fav is the Sami sewing kit I've been meaning to make one for years now never get round to it, if you decide to make these to sell give me a shout. All the best. Simon.

Earthway Experience Permaculture Center: just curious are the skull firesteels strong enough to use or show pieces? cool stuff!

Justin Baker: Dude. those spoons are beautiful! I have been making a few spoons lately but they all look kind of crappy. How did you make a depression, did you burn it out or use a spoon knife?

RDPproject: Great work Leif. But arnt thoses skulls to weak to use? just kidding you mate. I do actually read most of the comments so I know the answer to that always love the music you have on the to just turn it up tap along with it. 5* Leif. Rob.

bushmag: Realy cool stuff you got there=) That kuksa turned out to be a realy beutiful one!!

zpqm: very nice! and i like the music a lot, what the name of the song?

jonmath1: Outstanding! Wolf

Adirondack Woodsman: @flamedrag18 Muskrat

Adirondack Woodsman: @EvergreenBushcraft Well I am Norse not Sami ; )

Michael Brink: Where did you learn about that sewing kit? Its really cool. I think the Sami people might consider adopting you into their culture! :P

KonstantinKuehn: @flamedrag18 but they are sooo cool!

mooselax47: The song is by Beltaine and it's called Beltaine

InTheSticks1881: A very nice piece of wood on that spoon.

KonstantinKuehn: love the song!!! how about telling us the name of the song?

QuercusLaevis: good stuff

Adirondack Woodsman: @gswiaczny Skulls just need to be held on the craniums and they are more than strong enough.

Wolf Patrick: I have made many many bone impliments in my day, including jewelry that we sold on the pow wow circuit. Very nice work here. Thanks for the video. I really loved the music, and had to make it mine (you understand). Thanks again. Great work. ~Wolf

Allen Goodman: Nice use of the varmit bones,love the spoon and drinkin' vessel ! ^ l l { l\l

MrBudwv: Beuatiful work Skog! Thanks for posting.

cal banner: beautiful stuff man really enjoy that musk rat fireteel

TheAmishking: Beautiful work. It is nice to see someone taking pride in their work.

Adirondack Woodsman: @The67676767676767676 No, just hunt.

hinckleypoland: Very nice and unique. The skull firesteels are creepy but really cool. Be safe out there and keep up the good work.

COSA NOSTRA: What wood is the beautiful little kuksa made from? Please help me out here?

Adirondack Woodsman: Yellow Birch.

wolfbrother2501: absolutely beautiful work loved the skulls

snaponjohn100: That is so cool!! Did u make all of those yourself? Very talented. Greetings, John

Argo_mtb: Beautiful bit of kit right there!

The67676767676767676: do u trap

Robin French: the low whistle music is beautiful, good work

cristina91493: @bassfuryvi i think you got the wrong channel

Wessex Blades&Bushcraft: superb again Fredde!

Wessex Blades&Bushcraft: @bassfuryvi doh

Tim Jackson: U got anything 4 sale right now? Do u buy your bone or collect in the wild? Awesome/beautiful stuff!!!

Adirondack Woodsman: @bassfuryvi Sorry this isn't Fredde's channel. Not even on the same continent hahahahaha

jeepcop24: That is great I need to get out and try a kuksa you have done a great job! Thanks
Bone firesteels, Sami bone sewing kit, kuksa, spoon 4.8 out of 5

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Bone firesteels, Sami bone sewing kit, kuksa, spoon