Unlock IPhone 5 IOS 7 / 6.1.4 / 6.1.3/2 Baseband 3.04.25 / 5.02.00 By IMEI Code

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Jason Kellog: The only website that has worked for me was www.ios6unlock.com. I sent them a request and recieved a email that night with my unlock. I definitley reccommend them! Hope this helped everyone. LIKE IF IT HELPED :)

Alice Smith: My iphone still says you network is blocked. why is it so?

UnlockBoot: What is your IMEI Code?

Michael C: if i buy an iphone of ebay and its a 4s would you be able to unlock it? and would this work for the virgin mobile carriers?

Mandy Asp: For Canada BELL network they can only unlock handsets with Serial Numbers ending in 'DTD2', 'DTC0', 'DPMW', 'DZZ', 'PON' and 'A4S'. :( No other way of unlocking???

UnlockBoot: O2 UK iPhone 5 can be unlocked permanently. Visit as at bit.ly\UnlockBoot

UnlockBoot: Yes, visit us and check your carrier free.

Meenay jimmy: hey UB i have UK locked Iphone 4s which is locked and even dnt know which carrier it was ...can you help me some ...

Jack Spicer: I was trying to pay for an unlock on my iPhone 4 currently locked to AT&T USA but both my credit and debit cards were declined. The debit was a Bank of America Visa and the credit card was a Chase credit card. Both were declined by your website, any ideas as to why this may have happened? I just uses my credit card a few hours before too so I know it's not the card's fault.

UnlockBoot: iPhone 5 IMEI: 013348003952262 Serial Number: C37JKJ7QDTWD Activated:Yes Telephone Technical Support Expired Repairs & Service Coverage November 1, 2013 Estimated Purchase Date November 2, 2012 Firmware Version: iOS 6.1 Country: Germany Carrier: Germany T-Mobile Simlock: Locked

UnlockBoot: Sorry alex, we can't unlock O2 Uk iPhone 5 at the moment.

alex rpm: Man i have one iphone 5 bloked on O2 Uk Tesco. You can unlock it?

Drago D: Thanks i Hope it Works now that somewone reply

UnlockBoot: Please wait, you will be contacted soon.

Drago D: How many Times?? I have send more then 7 Emails and no reply!!! Please Take a Look in your Bank Transfer List that i have Pay 2weeks ago and unlock my phone

UnlockBoot: Sorry, I can't find your details. Please contact: sales @ officialiphoneunlock . com

Drago D: MB-Cabrio@web.de

UnlockBoot: What's your email used when ordering?

Drago D: I was nearly every Day on your Webside and Check the Order Status and every Day the same:Sorry, no order found with that email/IMEI combination. What is Wrong I have Pay 11.12.2012 and nothing is gooing on no Reply on Skype no remply on E-Mails only here you Answer me!! And that my Phone ia Akivated i Now and Sim Lock -Locked i now too I have Pay for Unlock the Phone and nothing is done now 2Weeks ago

UnlockBoot: Please go to Order Status and enter your details.
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Unlock iPhone 5 iOS 7 / 6.1.4 / 6.1.3/2 Baseband 3.04.25 / 5.02.00 by IMEI Code