A Great Way To Fill Cartomizers

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Ron Warrick: What is that plastic container and where do you get it from?  I couldn't understand what Dr. Vapor called it.

Nick P: 250.000 e-cig users in Greece support you

smitty9306: Thanks doc it worked great. Jon

tainge6: add some distilled water

wonderland78: I don't understand how you don't get a sticky battery from doing this?

Sean Carey: willing to bet if "many users" got trashed batteries from this method, theyd be posting on here like mad dogs...

itreeye: Thanks so much to you and "dogbody". I was getting tired of the syringe method, and love this! p.s. And to complaining user geeksquadsucks - Sounds like you just don't know what you're doing, or how to do it efficiently.

pmoyer50: Wasting a ton of juice by blowing the air-tube free is really stretching it. Doctor Vapor should have cautioned his viewers to wipe the thread end of the cartridge dry. I've been using this method occasionally and haven't had any problems with shorted out batteries. It's not the geek squad that sucks - you suck.

EinDinHander: I've used this method a few times. The air hole clears as soon as you pull through it. Wipe the connection part with a very damp paper towel, then a dry part of the towel. Presto! Solves everything you bring up. Which are valid points thanks.

darkstar3472: how many puffs does this approximately last?

jeffrey wolverton: I bought a bottle of juice it was 100% VG (not normal for me). When I got home I started to fill my cart the juise was so thick it would not draw through an 18 gage needle. Is there some way to thin it out. Thanks love your videos!

Donna Lewis: stop lieing!

Arthur Vandelay: SCAM! Free 14 day counting the days it takes to get there... Trial period not a free starter kit. It is deliberately worded to misinform. It is a starter kit free trial that you will subsequently pay over a hundred dollars for (most starter kits are well under 100 dollars and include much more) If that is not bad enough you will also be signed up for a monthly Carto Fee and they are the most expensive cartos everrr.

Adam Warlock: A PBusardo has a very good instructional video using this method for the 510 cartomizer (Which also applies to the 808) Difference between the 510 and the 808 is both condoms on the 808 has condoms are the same size. I count out 25 drops in the condom then top of with the drip around 2 to 4 drips. You also may not need to top off but that should be obvious when observing from the top. I can't say how much I like this method.

k ly: such a easy way as well, i showed my mates dad this how to refill his carts, when we finally got him to get into the ecigs he was so blown away because he though it was gonna get technical loool

vjm3: I use cartomizers that only need 8 drops of refill after 200 puffs. Only a few hours? Wtf is going on with you bro?

jamilmereck: hi there...love this trick..will it work with the kr808d1 auto switch or only the manual switch. I ask because i've seen many warning videos about juice being on the atomizer/battery end of the cartomizer with auto's because of the hole that can allow liquid into the battery compartment or something to that effect...any thoughts on that?

Steven Delano: Man. I love that. To damn simple to be believed. I would clean of the contact first.

grooveclubhouse: ah man.. my cartomizers use just a tip cover.. this wont work. It is a very ingenious method though! BTW

mike manfredi: DO NOT put it on your battery right after doing this.. the threads will be full of e-juice and might ruin your battery.. i found it easiest to just drip fill your cartos over a clean pill bottle until it drips into the bottle... then let them rest upside down for 10 min you can then use the juice in the bottle to fill the rest of your cartos (if there is enough in there to) otherwise just keep drip filling over the pill bottle and that way you know for sure they are filled to max capacity..
A Great Way To Fill Cartomizers 5 out of 5

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A Great Way To Fill Cartomizers