Nitecore TM26 Full Review

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Nitecore TM26 Full Review
Nitecore TM26 Full Review
Nitecore TM26 (Review & Field Test) - 3.500 Lumen QUADRAY Tiny Monster Flashlight
Nitecore TM26 (Review & Field Test) - 3.500 Lumen QUADRAY Tiny Monster Flashlight
Nitecore TM26 QUADRAY. Advanced
Nitecore TM26 QUADRAY. Advanced "tatopus test"
NItecore Tiny Monster TM26 Quadray 3500 Lumen Flashlight Extended Review
NItecore Tiny Monster TM26 Quadray 3500 Lumen Flashlight Extended Review
NITECORE TM26 QUADRAY (4 x XM-L U2   1-4x18650 / 2-8xR/CR123) Review
NITECORE TM26 QUADRAY (4 x XM-L U2 1-4x18650 / 2-8xR/CR123) Review

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xmunoz99: Why does mine go up to 3800 lumens? 

Joel Palaskar: Hi friend.. had  a thought.. after watching ur review.. If the Turbo Mode is only going to last for 4 minutes before switching automatically to 1700 lumens... whats the use of it paying such a high price...should not one go for the nighteye or any other flashlight that is just around 2000 lumens and lasts atleast 30 to 45 minutes.. and if u know about any such flashlight pls.. suggest.. Thanks for educating on TM26..

Obviousz: Waiting for the TM36 review! (: 

TimeIsMoney: Hey Patriot, as I just bought the updated Nitecore TM26 3800 lumens baby. How would both the throw and flood compare to the larger Olight SR96? Could we please have a comparison when you get your hands on the new Nitecore?

TimeIsMoney: Patriot, you are a true inspiration for people going through mid-life crisis....loool
Thanks to you I'm now a flashlight fanatic and have a new disease.and can proudly say I own a Fenix RC40 for long range which is absolutely mind boggling and just bought the latest Nitecore TM26 3800 Lumens baby for a mixture of Throw and Flood. They are both amazing!! I think it's now time for a real Flood light and I have the Olight SR96 in my sights. This should meet all my needs and as you can see from my little stash the size of the lights doesn't matter to me. What do you think??

Bill Boyd: I got this light at B&H for $259.99 with no tax and free shipping.  This light is the best by fare. You had the best review of all the videos I watched on YouTube.  Thanks

Glenn Martin: Just ordered the latest 3800 lumen version. Just wanted to thank you for your absolutely fantastic reviews! I'm a big fan my friend!

TimeIsMoney: The Turbo Mode or 3500 Lumens Level 5 as I like to call it, not being part of the normal sequence mode and that it kicks down to Level 4 at 1700 Lumens after only 4min are the only things I'd like to see addressed by Nitecore. Being so compact in comparison to its power output results in the head not having enough surface area to dissapate the heat. But hey it is great for what it is! Just not for long Search and Rescue. On another topic thanks to you I just bought an RC40! Absolutely amazing!!

Can't wait for a review of the NEW updated and revised 3800 LumensTM26 recently announced on Nitecores website! The only thing I would have preferred is for the level 5 or Turbo Mode to have been part of the normal sequence. Otherwise love it!

behemothinferno: Very nice review and I agree with all the points you've mentioned. Could you please test the displayed voltage when the light is off (if possible) or on the 3 lumen mode and compare it to the actual reading of a decent digital multimeter? I'd like to know how accurate the readings are. Thanks!

Patriot36: Either, both are great lights. TK75 is probably a higher value.

João Paulo Carvalho: This or fenix tk75?

Patriot36: I think it would be overkill. You could get away with a single 900L 18650 light like a PD35, Zebralight SC600 or an SRT6.

AK747AMT: Patriot I need a light for doing walk-around flight line inspections on Boeing 747 aircraft. I want something super bright and versatile. By far, most of what I'll inspect is between 5 and 40 ft away, with the rare occasion of looking at something 60 to 100 ft away. I don't need to light up something 1/4 mile away, so I like the idea of a light that's not a "thrower", and more of a wide beam pattern which this TM26 seems to have. Based on how you know this light, do you think it'd fit the bill.

giankieluna: Hello Patriot, Nitecore says that this flashlight its waterproof and i dont think ist really waterproof, yesterday i was on a rain and i was using it under the rain and now one of the 4 leds wont turn on and the OLED screen its complete green. If i put a silica gel inside will help? Thank you

TheMrjogas: I like my tk70s just one on turbo buzzing sound have don't know why

TheMrjogas: I get already tm26 :) using jetbeam 3100x4

Delta: nitecore tm26 is less big, extremely bright, a lot of light in a little flashlight, very good in my hands. Seriously don't doubt and go for TM26.

Patriot36: Yeah, pretty noticeable. It's about 3x the throw and 75% more output.
Nitecore TM26 Full Review 5 out of 5

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Nitecore TM26 Full Review