Nitecore TM26 Full Review

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Nitecore TM26 Full Review
Nitecore TM26 Full Review
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isthisforreal04: Patriot... You have the most fantastic flashlight vids! Very precise and always very informing with lots of details! I finally bought the TM26 4000 lumen version based upon your reviews.... just got it last night.... so excited and ripped it outta the box, I have 4 orbtronic 18650's fully charged, through em in there and turned it on... Here's MY ISSUE, and would so greatly appreciate your feedback on what to do.... after pressing the main button a couple times, I heard a few clicks, and then the clicks stopped, the button works just fine but I'm confused because there's no clicking, so there's some sort of issue, but not sure to how bad the issue is.... in all your vids that I watch I hear the click click when you press the power button to change between lumen settings.... do you recommend exchanging it? Is there a way to fix this? Your response would be so greatly appreciated!

xaviieR6: Why does mine go up to 3800 lumens?

Joel Palaskar: Hi friend.. had  a thought.. after watching ur review.. If the Turbo Mode is only going to last for 4 minutes before switching automatically to 1700 lumens... whats the use of it paying such a high price...should not one go for the nighteye or any other flashlight that is just around 2000 lumens and lasts atleast 30 to 45 minutes.. and if u know about any such flashlight pls.. suggest.. Thanks for educating on TM26..

Obviousz: Waiting for the TM36 review! (: 

Bill Boyd: I got this light at B&H for $259.99 with no tax and free shipping.  This light is the best by fare. You had the best review of all the videos I watched on YouTube.  Thanks

Glenn Martin: Just ordered the latest 3800 lumen version. Just wanted to thank you for your absolutely fantastic reviews! I'm a big fan my friend!

behemothinferno: Very nice review and I agree with all the points you've mentioned. Could you please test the displayed voltage when the light is off (if possible) or on the 3 lumen mode and compare it to the actual reading of a decent digital multimeter? I'd like to know how accurate the readings are. Thanks!

Patriot36: Either, both are great lights. TK75 is probably a higher value.

João Paulo Carvalho: This or fenix tk75?

Patriot36: I think it would be overkill. You could get away with a single 900L 18650 light like a PD35, Zebralight SC600 or an SRT6.

giankieluna: Hello Patriot, Nitecore says that this flashlight its waterproof and i dont think ist really waterproof, yesterday i was on a rain and i was using it under the rain and now one of the 4 leds wont turn on and the OLED screen its complete green. If i put a silica gel inside will help? Thank you

TheMrjogas: I like my tk70s just one on turbo buzzing sound have don't know why

TheMrjogas: I get already tm26 :) using jetbeam 3100x4

Iron_Snake: nitecore tm26 is less big, extremely bright, a lot of light in a little flashlight, very good in my hands. Seriously don't doubt and go for TM26.

Patriot36: Yeah, pretty noticeable. It's about 3x the throw and 75% more output.

Dean Wilson: Nice Review Patriot, I gather you like this light and bought it as you mentioned selling the TM15 and the Night-I30 etc. Size factor is a huge advantage, I have a TM11 and was just wondering if it's an obvious jump with the extra lumens and overall throw..?

Patriot36: Yeah, it's definitely not a EDC light but a backpack light, sure! It just depends on how much light the user demands and how willing they are to accept increased size for increased performance.

Patriot36: I do, yes but everyone has different needs. The TM26 is their most technically up to date light though.

danz409: sun in a can!

TheMrjogas: Niteye or nitecore u recommend?
Nitecore TM26 Full Review 5 out of 5

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Nitecore TM26 Full Review