Sailor Moon All Attacks MUGEN Game Review

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Sailor Moon All Attacks MUGEN Game Review
Sailor Moon All Attacks MUGEN Game Review
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Eric Lee LeBeau: SM Crystal take notes...

Fallen Tsubaza: Venus Charm Illusion... Morigan is that you?

Lukman Hakim: where can i get this game please???

ANTO GREY FENIX: oye no ayposivilidad de que me lo puedas enviar? esta muy bueno el juego porfa 

daniela taka sgavetti: Para q consola,es?

Maddog Airpirate: No Shine Aqua Illusion for Mercury?

Michael Jefferson: What is the name of the song played at the beginning please help

GetInspiredWithArt: Where to download this game?!?!! :(

shadowboss675: luv the look of your rooster there wonder if it would work for mugen 1.01

Khemmanat Potnanwanich: Thanks for reviewing

Steven Heartstone: awesome!!!

elene dzowenidze: what is the name of this game?

Bảo Vy Nguyễn: where can i download this? i very like this game!!

DemonLordOdin454: can you make a movelist? sucks not being able to do their most badass moves. i have all these chars on my mugen.

Joshua Espallardo: could you add sailor mercury and moon's attack by elaquadora please. And can I download your edits of jupiter, venus and mars please

alexis dowers: do you have a video for the outers?

546NELSON1: Guau que juego tan chevere

John Slack: Dio: give my road roller back!

Alfredo Yado: en lo particular me a gustado este videojuego de mugen pero nos lo podrías pasar o bien subir un tutorial de como hacerlo y de donde descargar los charts gracias.

yoshilover mariokart: wtf moon sparkling sensation is epic 0_0

David Roggenkamp: This game looks fsntastic

beatriz gomes: e muito legal

David Roggenkamp: This game looks fsntastic

selami32: throwing heavy vehicle part was most funny

nocchipasta: this makes me want a sailor moon ps3 game D: its no fair dragonballz gets all the good stuff ; - ; i wouldnt mind paying alot for a really well done story line, bueatiful scenery, awesome music, and of course the online vs mode ; o ; sailor venus and sailor moon<333 lol at her crying attack :3

Михаил Зевалкин: пля не могу )) сердечками стреляет)) лучше резиновые дилдо нарисовали)) заместо сердечек )))))

wacky maggay: where is the download link of sailor moon

Huy Đặng: why don't you upload your screenpack on internet, i really want to play your screenpack

misty11: FU** YOU!!!! sory, i was talking to my computer. it stoped working at 6:52 well, it did work, sort of.... they showed that picture at 6:52 but the animation stoped there but i could hear the sound of it continue until the video stoped at the end of the video. *reweind the video to that point* YOU SICK FU**!!!! Sory, i was talking again to my computer. it hapend again at 7:03 HOW IN THE WORLD CAN I ENJOY A VIDEO THAT IS THIS COOL IF THE COMPUTER DO THIS TO ME?

Isaac Alexander: @PrincessShiba85 M.U.G.E.N. its a game where you can download any anime character video game player from any show or game or some movies and paly with them just make sure you get a good edition right now i have the second best sailor moon mugen but if you want the best your gonna have to talk to the guy that made these sailor mugens @duncankoba i've been trying to get his attention on these mugen so bad i hope he makes a file of them so we can upload em

Dang Phuong: uplate đi anh zai cho em chơi với nhìn cái này tuyệt ghê đăng link lên đi phải share với mọi ng đi chứ

AwesomeHyperSonic547: I ment 5:50 - 7:16, Sorry about that.

Lilaan: Any chance you could subtitle the roumaji into english? thanks ^^

riven phung: download o dau zay . cho minh duong link dj

Wallcrawler: Lol Bob Wilson in the bg eyeballing pretty soldiers in the sailor suits.

carolyn te: please tell me where to download the characters that you use there please

Loong Da Yap: hi, may I get the download link please? I love this sooo much!

cliffkins: what's the name of the first song that plays? really nice.

jamesmanndrizzt: i would play this game.

Camille Zi: lol wtf is this

ducanhkoba: @SnsdRockandKara The fact that u can change how you press the attacks in .cmd file I change my super attack from 4 to 3 buttons in order to fight my super=hard characters on mugen

SnsdRockandKara: how do you use those special attacks so quickly? its like youre pressing one button! :D pls tell me how to do that.

DarkTiger83: 5:33 translates into "Am I angry?" or "I'm angry?" (according to Google translate). I think the safe answer to that is "yes, yes Rei-chan is definetly angry"

XxNumber1GirFanxX: 0:41 venus is good at moonwalking! XD

webkinzspongebob: Why do the scouts go from super uniformto regular uniform during attacks?

GorgeousGio8: Where can you get this game at??


noelqueen: from where you download the game?

ducanhkoba: @tubeguy918 I don't know :D

Brandon Thomure: You never showed Mercury Aqua Rhapsody.
Sailor Moon All Attacks MUGEN Game Review 4.8 out of 5

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Sailor Moon All Attacks MUGEN Game Review