Homebrew HF Vertical Antenna

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Keith: It would be nice if you had done a step-by-step on how to build this antenna and how it performs

Kieth Dixon: The Crappie pole makes a decent mast for a thin "Slim Jim" J-Pole ladder line antenna.

Mike Notarnicola: How did this antenna work for you? I didn't see a follow-up video, or did I miss it?

IThoughtOf ThisFirst: "Crappie antenna" not so crappie! Haha...I used a fly rod for 10/11m...I suppose it was pretty Fly, hehe (fleeting 90's vernacular for attractive). Was able to tie the top to some monofilament as to make it curve over the front of my car a little like a scorpion's tail.

kb5wqw: Cool idea. I wonder how well it would work with aluminum tape.

GGie Max: So, where's the video of the finished, installed antenna? Great design, would like to see it mounted. :)

Tony Ridlen: Excellent video about a home brew HF Vertical Antenna.

Barry Kery: Very creative. I enjoyed the video. 
Barry, KU3X

David Meale: Ahhh ...too many ahhhhs...ahhhh.

Jerod Toma: Basically it's just a Solarcon A-99 antenna then only instead of a copper wire in a tube it's copper tape

lmzach1: This was a great idea. The copper tape is ran inside of each tube. Cut the tape a few inches longer than needed, peel the backing an feed with the sticky side up. Holding the ends of the tape flip the pole section so as the sticky side is now down. I fed a wire with a cotton ball thru one end to seat the copper tape to the inside of the tube. The excess on the ends are folded over to mate the next section. The very last section is to small for copper tape,,but a thin copper wire will fit nicely an will give you a pull point. Don't cut this wire yet leave it bout a foot longer than needed, this will give you a tune point for any SWR. My mod's were loading coils for the lower bands 40 an 80 meters their located 1/3 from the top. To prevent nicking an water damage to the copper tape  I used the same idea wire an a cotton ball an ran a coat of wax inside taking care to not wax the contact points.. At 20 meters (14.150 -14.300 Mhz 16 feet 4 inches should make your rig happy on a 16.5 pole.  The old movie screens used wide stance legs (Tripod ) an can be found in any photo shop collecting dust in a corner. These are great for holding your pole.  My wee little Yaesu 817 an tuner likes!.

Slavko Me: he does this with all his projects. He says he will post another video when the project is completed, but he never does. waste of time

MauriatOttolink: Hi, I recognised pronto what you were getting at. His reply to you wasn't all that informative. He doesn't say if the copper tape runs up the inside of each section. I'm sure it must do or there's no conductor. If it does run how does he stick it to the inside wall? Doesn't take into account that the copper tape is exposed to the air and corrodes pretty damned quickly. The tight joints would be first to go! Not sure that this is a good way without more info. Prefer a piece of wire up the middle.

Richard Neese: What bands does it cover ? what did you use for a end connector ?

Richard Neese: I wish you would link in the rest and show us the finished project

JC Haywire: Copper tape.

afshin735: Without showing performance its still just a fishing pole with some copper tape!

Reggy Love: after finding Slug tape, (the copper tape) on ebay i thought about the very same idea, i made it pretty much the same way, and parts of an old barbecue and a shelf serve as a base, i added a large'ish coil and 4 radials and it works VERY well for what it is ! lots of qso's all around EU and made it across the pond many times with the ft 817 (Also a few qsos with < 1W) SSB :)

moonstrikerII: hi marshall when are you finishing the antenna.

moonstrikerII: hi marshall 2 questions for you. 1.how did you put the copper tape inside did you stick it down ? 2.when are you going to post the next video as i am trying to make this antenna. thanks from MM6CHM 73s from scotland.
Homebrew HF Vertical Antenna 5 out of 5

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Homebrew HF Vertical Antenna