Asus EEE PC 900 Netbook - Dining Room Table Reviews

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Asus EEE PC 900 Review Using it on 2017. By El Chino
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ASUS Eee PC 900 Netbook Quick Look and Linux Test
Asus EEE PC 900 Netbook - Dining Room Table Reviews
Asus EEE PC 900 Netbook - Dining Room Table Reviews
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Snow Bunneh: My parents bless their hearts got me one of these as my first computer.
I did not even know much about computers at the time. After the fresh out of the box feeling went away, so too did the allusion of quality.

Looking back I should have just gone for a desktop or just waited. I was also blamed when the flimsy mouse clicker broke. The only thing holding it in was a paper thin plastic tab and just looking at that clicker makes me cringe a little inside.

Overall, the late two thousands were a strange and interesting time for me at least. After remembering all of the horrors this gave me I am glad I eventually moved on in the world. I may become sentimental over some things but, certainly not this computer.

TheCrayCrayGirl: i had one but it died after my 16yr old brother thought it was a programing computer

raydeen2k: I've got the 900 that was sold through Best Buy that had one 16GB SSD. Still running like a champ. To anyone still running XP on a 900...ditch it and install Linux. I recently installed Ubuntu 14.04 and the performance difference was night and day. XP was dog slow on it (5-15 minutes before I could do anything with it). With 14.04, it's a max of 2 minutes to boot and load to a usable desktop. I did also install the Lubuntu Desktop and currently use that as my main DE and only go back to stock Ubuntu/Unity for certain programs. I've got quite a few pretty good Steam and GOG games on it. I did install /home on an external 8GB SDHC card and the only problem is trying to record any video as the SD card is a bit slow for capturing the video. As I don't really do any of that anyway, it's not an issue. It's been my favorite little machine for 6 years now.

chaniel vfx: can u make a tut how yo upgrade windows 2000 or xp or 7 on the same pc over there. please

knightrider1545: I have the 900 16GB and its very unfair price at 550 for something this bad.

The Canadian Public: It's been a while. But I believe I used a Windows 2000 OEM disc in an external optical drive, then instructed the installer to install a minimum number of applications in the install directory. Too many applications, and you run out of storage space very fast.

an65001: LOL they sell these Celeron versions in stores in india!

Shotoran: lol at 7:48 at the last minute the cutted the clip why didnt you show us lol XD i wanted to see the destruction of it after all the things you said horrible

The Canadian Public: Yes, there is a microphone, but it sounds like crap. Get a 900 that's equipped with a proper mechanical hard drive, and not this model with the SSD drive unless you can purchase a better performing after-market SSD drive. Even with a better SSD drive, this model is still severely underpowered due to its Celeron processor. The models equipped with the mechanical hard drives use the better performing Atom processor.

evan8837: does is have a microphone on it or do i have to buy my own? If I buy this product should i buy the xp version or linux. I'm familiar with xp and linux looks like a phone.

Martín Roque: =) Thanks, but in my country it's impossible to find anything from Asus, the 900 i saw is from a man who just came from the U.S., so, i guess i better forget about Asus...

The Canadian Public: Get a netbook with a mechanical hard drive. AVoid netbooks with SSD drives, they're just too slow and too limiting. Check out my 900HA and 1000HE reviews. You should be able to find the 900HA for about $300 or less. There has been a lot of price drops lately.

Martín Roque: man i'm so confused, my birthday's coming and i've been convincing my dad to buy me a netbook, after searchin everywhere, i found an Asus eee pc 900 for $ 200 and an Aspire One for $ 280, what should I buy?? i've been installing Ubuntu for a couple years and installing it and XP from a USB pendrive for months at my work. So, remobing Xandros or Linpus is not a problem. Pleeeease, help me decide!!!

JoeDreamer: Maplestory plays on my eeepc 701 the first line off eepc's so you will have no problem just install it to a sd card so you dont waste hdd space

The Canadian Public: In that case, the 900HA should be fine. The only missing components when compared with the 1000HE are Wi-Fi Draft-N and Bluetooth, two components that I've yet to use on any of my other notebooks that have these features.

The Canadian Public: You're plugging it into a projector? In that case, forget the Eee PC line and get yourself a desktop computer equipped with a dual core processor. The Atom processor simply isn't powerful enough for your needs, especially if you plan to watch high definition movies. If size is that critical an issue for you, then check out the XPC line at Shuttle. 8 inches wide, 8 inches high, 11 inches deep, and powerful enough for 1080p material.

The Canadian Public: It's a toss-up between the 900HA and the 1000HE. The 1000HE has extra features and a longer battery life, but it's bigger and weighs more. The 900HA is light, less expensive and extremely portable, but the small keyboard can be a bit of a problem for people with big fingers. Whichever one you choose, the other one will most likely be second best. I'm thinking of getting the 1000HE in blue if I can't find a long life battery for the 900HA.

The Canadian Public: You can use an external CD drive in the same manner as an internal CD drive, including when booting the machine. It's just the mobility part that takes a hit. COD:WAW however will most likely never run properly. It's way too recent, and most likely exploits rendering techniques way too advanced for ANY netbook out there.

Roland Weber: No, and even if it was fast enough to run the game their would be no way to install it because their is no CD drive.

Alan Didier.: the best review of eee pc 900 that i've ever seen , thanks you!!!!
Asus EEE PC 900 Netbook - Dining Room Table Reviews 5 out of 5

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