PS3 Overheating Fix!!

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PS3 Overheating Fix!!
PS3 Overheating Fix!!
Ps3 Overheating
Ps3 Overheating "Problem" [FIX]
My SuperSlim PS3 Overheating.
My SuperSlim PS3 Overheating.
My PS3 Slim YLOD - no overheating issues.
My PS3 Slim YLOD - no overheating issues.
Lets repair a broken Playstation 3 (PS3) - overheat issue
Lets repair a broken Playstation 3 (PS3) - overheat issue

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Fairly Amry: Your ps3 like me

Piccolo: i had to do it a few times because i never knew about this

bradley jordan: Bullsh!t !!!!!

IWas NoLifeU: Question This helped me Play gta for 9 Hours For Ps3 FAT Or the orginal one

Ben Le: This is something that we shouldn't do because this is a way that Sony test the fan and often, when we thought it's fine, the fan is broken so when the console is really overheating, there's nothing to cool it down. Don't do this.

Joe: Please don't spread lies. This is not to clean the fan or anything else. It's just a fan test.Christ.

Mengkuan Lin: Mine is not working

BalticMotorSport: It's just fan test. Doesn't clean anything. After you take it apart, you will see, that it's a bullcrap and dust is still there.

Ákos Rutai: my ps3 didnt do that?? weird

Sabby Gomez: I tried this and it didn't work at all as soon as I tried to play black ops 2 my ps3 turned right back off and beeped 3 times before doing so, anyone else know whats wrong with my system and how I can fix it?

akzee kassa: This really helped me out alot thnx m8

Leigh Barlow: Holy crap THANK YOU!!!

Julius Hall: Dident work it just overheated

Deezy Fo Sho Money: It still cut off on me. How many times do i hav 2 keep doin that fan thing 2 run again or work better?

Deezy Fo Sho Money: O crap it works!! Finally somethin i can try n do dat was easy instead of takin it apart. Thanks

Toonchi Toonchi: Thank but it turned back off

Michael Mpb: Is it fingerprint?

Tiger THC: Thank u it helped a little it stoped it a it take thanks again

zahida Mahmood123: It dont work
vfor me

Agni K: True helped me 👍🏻
PS3 Overheating Fix!! 5 out of 5

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PS3 Overheating Fix!!