How To Dry Moringa And Make Green Powder - A New Raw Super Food

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How to Dry Moringa and Make Green Powder - A New Raw Super Food
How to Dry Moringa and Make Green Powder - A New Raw Super Food
Here is an easy way to dry and store moringa tree leaves.   Vitamin,  Health, POWERHOUSE!
Here is an easy way to dry and store moringa tree leaves. Vitamin, Health, POWERHOUSE!
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How to Make a Moringa Veggie Delight Smoothie
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Moringa, an Ancient Tree of Life Used in Ancient Kamit / Egypt! Makes a Comeback!
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Grenera - Organic Moringa Juice.wmv
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Moringa Extract Exposed: Possible Side Effects
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Moringa Tea Made Correctly
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Hemant Trivedi: You are a stupid man. Never cut down a tree. No one should kill a hen laying golden eggs. First learn proper harvesting technique.

M BN: I guess we don't have to ask, "will it blend?".

blacken whiten: haha,,,big mouth.

Monch Estrella: some studies done on using the moringa bark, for alternative energy.. nothing has concrete has surfaced though 

Aldrich Lipata: Been growing moringa for more than 20 yrs now. All the techniques you see here are relevant. So just absorb it folks! You're here to learn. You can always ask but irrelevant speculations will never give you any of the vitamins this wonder tree provides. Chill!

iviewutoob: I found some Moringa leaves at my local 99 Ranch Market. It's labeled Malangai as this is what the phillipines call them. I'm going to use these in a salad.

Carlos Otero: why kill the tree you fcking murderer B|

Dead Sea Moringa: Moringa's health properties make it one of the most nutritionally valuable plants in the world!

Berenice Raffa: 0:52 ...the "POTASSIUM" of spinards??? I think it's "THE IRON" of spinards

Vhading farmer: Hemant he is not stupid of cutting it down,.... it has to be cut down because moringga grows very high ...difficult to harvest the leaves if you have harvested the side branches below at human's height. unless its 20 year old moringga tree...its only a year or 2 old it has to be cutdown and replant the cutted half of the tree. it behaves like a low shrub.. it needs constant chopping that way below knee part of the tree will regrow in just few months grows high again and more more leaves..its one of the soft wood tree.. we even uproot it coz the roots are more excellent for teas if no one knows about it.Ive been growing these moringga for 20 years now they grow fast... fed it to the goats to have more milk... they forgot to mention that one of the most effective milk producing to animals and humans this amazing tree/shrub and they love to be cut to encourge more branches... the seeds we crushed and mixed with murky spring water to purify the water during rainy season when the water runoff stains our waters and we crushed it like a paste for the face and skin toner.... the flower we used for cooking ...also the skin underside is used to heal wounds... it is a miracle tree/treeshrub.... and its good for fencing ur farm if no wood is availabe.Thats what we do in Mindanao, Philippines.

InMyOpinion94: how about if i dry them using frying pan at low hit?

Jerry Maulden: okra hows your raw ingreedyients so much more than what every ones?

Mark Long: leave the freakin trees along! I don't care how high the tree has to grow. You are a stupid man!!!!

Seiha Khom: Hmant, cutting moringa trees is the good idea. You know if you cut it. you can make more branch and be more easy to harvest. But your idea is still good if you want to keep as your gold egg producing hens. 

Mrssewhardtoplease: looks like the stuff i purchase in packets.

remigz: Hi John, great video and info about the Moringa. I just started growing this plant in Merida (Mexico) and invested in the UV light system to sanitize it without heat. Thanks a lot for your help.

Berenice Raffa: You are like Chapman; the guy that murdered JOHN LENNON: He use to be a fan of John...but he killed him anyway. Ans as for you; you first talked to us about the benefits of this 'MIRACLE TREE' and then....PLUUUUUUUUUM!!!!!!!!!....I know it WILL SOON grow from that cut you made; but it's going to lose shape and quality, 'cause leaves, fruits and flowers will be too lately appearing, and as soon as they bloom you would like to harvest them , but they wouldn't had been enough time on the tree to take the propper ammount of nutrients... :-(

Calvin Bridges: why kill the tree?

Jerry Maulden: Hey John Kohler, could you send me some seeds from your Maringa tree?

FAFA TUWAD: its not a waste caue u can grow the stem you cut just put it to another soi and it grows itsef;)

lothre: You can strip the leaves much easier if you dehydrate them while still on the branches. Also, while you are dehydrating them on the branches, the branches themselves are still supplying small amounts of nutrients to the leaves that they would otherwise not be getting if you pull them off before dehydrating.

I Much: thanks so much for sharing!! i just wish those dehydrators or high power blenders weren't as expensive!

carolianas L: I do agree with you, MsLaburn, that John's way of taking the dehydrated leaves with his bare hands and putting it in a paperbag form who knows how clean it was is a no-no. I like his dehydrator being able to keep the leaves green in color. The simple way of airdrying it in the shade, at room temperature and in a screened room(protect it from bugs and flies) is what makes the leaves dark. This is the natural way of drying it and no artificial intervention.

GixxxerKim: Do you think having powdered greens (spirulina, wheat grass, etc. reds yellows blues) is better than having little to no veggies at all?

Spicky: He just wanted to highlight UV lighting but this is not expensive for a small packaging company damm i even have it at home.

nery colon: Nice moringa plant. I am planning to get a tree, I found out where they sell it here and its very close to my house..

Tim Timang: Hi John. What was that plant hormone that you mention (1:22)? Thanks!

Glena Dee: Someone needs to learn how to harvest those leaves rather than cutting off half of the tree. It is such a waste!

louie1987able: where did they get the moringa???? i believe it's from the third world countries... third world countries make them healthy.. but they make the third world country sick.. and they think they are the's funny

RVS BEST: Sorryz? But did I heard it right ,it takes a year before use it. 9:15 , why is that...

Sandra Rose: I live in JA with about 20 40 foot Moringa Trees staring at front of my villa everyday. How I am able to live here...debt free after 3 years with ZIJA marketing RAW ZIJA Moringa Powder, ZIja Veggie Caps, and ZIJA Moringa Premium Blend Tea to those like me...who dont want to go thru this painful process and just simply pick leaves from our trees to add to floral boquet...and let the experts at ZIJA...THE Pioneering Moringa Company do the rest...while we Drink LIfe

Stephen Shrubsall: I like the way you think except there is one problem with the UV light theory and yes it will do all he things your saying but you also destroy the plants dna coz thats what a uv light is designed to do

ZNaturalFoods: Great informational video on Moringa and how to make it! Moringa is one of the healthiest plants on this planet with so many health benefits. So either growing it yourself or buying a high quality Moringa powder is the way to go. As long as you consume at least 1 teaspoon of High quality Moringa (Oleifera) a day you should notice improvements in your health. We carry an excellent Organically grown Moringa Powder amongst many other Organic products. Visit our site m

CABALENTV ABE ABE: You have to taste the fruit of Moringa.Meat - like taste.My favorite

T Abbs: You talk too much man. You are boring the heck out of everybody.

will smith: Thanks soo much, really helpful.

Justin Miramontes: Huge takeaway at the end there. Fresh Moringa Leaf powder should be a VIBRANT green. I see so many powders on the market that are almost a light brown/beige. The Moringa powder I buy from a local moringa farm (I live in the Philippines) is so bright green it looks like it's glowing! :)

asfdoth: He used a harvest method called "coppicing"...look it up. This method is VERY sustainable for moringa sp. and has been used around the world for centuries.

xThrashMonkeyx: Are you in a hurry?

okraw: The goal is to grow FRESH SUPERFOODS and eat them FRESH! Check my other youtube channel - growingyourgreens to learn how to do that. Dried foods have their place, but we should all strive to eat FRESH grown, FRESH picked super foods!

MsFredwina: So you store them in dried leaf form and then make into powder as needed?

Jezebel1115: Wow, I just heard of Moringa being a "Super Slim Down" food on The View last week, and this video was made over 2 years old. John you really know your stuff. Thanks for the very informative video! Peace out, Michelle

linda leonard: you can feed it to your fish

cbzombiequeen58: thank you this is what i was looking for

Stephen Shrubsall: I intend to grow this plant and dry it useing my Far infrared Sauna any thoughts on this method good or bad please comment why you think it would be good or not cheers thanks

rumi humphrey: when you chop them at the trunk the send lots of shoots and you can harvest the shoots in rotation with a limitless supply and the tree remains alive. In the seychelles and other areas they generally chop it to a stump and harvest shoots of the stump otherwise the tree grows too tall. there is nothing NEW about it, people have been eating it since people and moringa have been around. it is a super food and i eat it all the time with 4 trees and the method above i have free unlimited super food.

Erma Fernandez: freak you ! You do a lot of talking! Demonstrate it with minimal talking that is how to demo!!

Justin Miramontes: He meant you should use it before within 1 year. I would recommend using it sooner unless you have really air tight packaging. Also store the moringa in the shade/dark.

DANIELandDANIA: the tree grow back very fast ! i know because i grow moringas

Conrad Linde: you have to cut the tree to get the leaves?
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