How To Dry Moringa And Make Green Powder - A New Raw Super Food

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How to Dry Moringa and Make Green Powder - A New Raw Super Food
How to Dry Moringa and Make Green Powder - A New Raw Super Food
Here is an easy way to dry and store moringa tree leaves.   Vitamin.  Health. POWERHOUSE!
Here is an easy way to dry and store moringa tree leaves. Vitamin. Health. POWERHOUSE!
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Moringa Oleifera
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How to Make a Moringa Veggie Delight Smoothie
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Moringa Oleifera Indoor Grow
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Moringa. an Ancient Tree of Life Used in Ancient Kamit / Egypt! Makes a Comeback!
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Moringa Oleifera - Documentary about Moringa Superfood
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Green Powder Supplements - First Impression and Review
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Making Moringa Soap with all natural ingredients
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Moringa Tea Made Correctly

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Quantum Chang: The high protein content makes it not suitable for everyday consumption unless used in very small daily amount. End-stage kidney disease patients should not take this because it has a huge amount of potassium which is normally a good thing but not when you have kidney failure. Also the high protein in moringa is never kidney-friendly to any kidney patients. Don't be too greedy for it, and as John Kohler also said not to eat it every day but use it as a medicinal herb in small amounts.

Lorena Senden: You look awesome with the little moustache! so cool :D don't shave it!

Russell Johnson: We have 4 Moringa trees that we grew from cuttings. They grow extremely fast here in Southern California, 4 - 8 inches a week, once you put them in the ground. We eat the freshly picked leaves and the pods all the time. The leaves boiled in 1/2 water and 1/2 chicken stock makes a wonderful green vegetable. We add onions, too. If the leaves are very dark, that just means they had been on the tree a long time. The new growth leaves are light green. I think the lighter colored leaves taste better. Moringa leaves freeze well too if you squeeze as much air as possible out of the freezer bag. They have a long freezer life.

Allan Johnston: What a fool killing a tree when all you had to was get a ladder and cut what you needed and left it for another day.

Reuben Cross: ITS NOT A NEW SUPER FOOD TO US ,where i come from it grows wild and organic.....its a cure for every ailment ..... a natural laxative...antioxidant......good for eyesight heart .....uric acid ....weight loss.....anti aging ....pain in the joints...the oil is used for dandruff,hair growth,skin problems,.......and so much more ...[ I EAT 5---10 OF THE SEEDS DAILY ]...THE BEST ON THE PLANET . 

Madhusudan Sikri: Great! Just great! I am so happy to see that Moringa is gaining popularity. I like the way that you are doing it at a personal level for home use. This is also a great opportunity for setting up a small business to sell Moringa powder in tea bags so that a person can spread the benefits of Moringa more widely, as well as make a decent business out of it. My company makes and sells bench top herbs drying, grinding and packaging equipment and materials. We have as customers, over a thousand small businesses all over the world (around 100 countries). I would like to share with your viewers a video of small business equipment being used by our customers.

Rod Menoza: So annoying man.. lot of bla..bla...bla...bla.. nonsense talk. Show us how to make it to powder. Thats it.. freak.... 

ZOMBIE: In the Philippines we cook as vegetables we called it malunggay .

Louis David: Veillez prendre votre temps pour visualiser ce vidéo.

e.i mccool: man you talk too much.

synthagonzales: Well I think the blender probably killed the enzymes high speed friction and static. Mortar and pestle would work but take forever.

Su chi sen jo: Thank you for your lovely videos..learnt so much from them.

Out Of Place Ninja: That blender.. scares me a little lol. I thought my blender could rev up pretty good. I may need to get me one of these as I like to powder rolled oatmeal.

Aaron Jensen: This is good info for me to know.. My future wife is a Srilankan and she has a Moringa tree in her backyard. I've tried both cooked beans and the leaves and it tastes delicious. 

Evelise Gomes: Very nice video, I am just learning about Moringa and I will make an effort to plant on in my back yard in Cabo Verde Island and use it as often as I can. Good job. thanks. Any advice on how to make the tea? 

The4directions: To sterilize it I would give it a soak in mms solution or give it a spray down with colloidal silver. Won't using a powerful blender kill the enzymes ,as it does when making juice in a blender ? I would just pound it with a fat wooden stick like they do in the 3rd world and then pass it though a sieve. 

Quang Doan: People in Quang Nam province, Vietnam want to grow Moringa, please contact Mr. Quang at 0912.278.827 for seedlings. Khách hàng ở Quảng Nam có nhu cầu trồng cây Chùm Ngây xin liên hệ số đt: 0912.278.827, gặp Quang. Giá Rẻ!

Henry PH: "Tinolang manok" with moringa looks and tastes very delicious. My mother always cook it for us. However, I'm concerned about the cooking process. The moringa along with the chicken are left to boil for a few minutes. Will there still be nutrients left?

banoya: where to buy that dehydrator, im from philippines,

gilbert mancao: How to Dry Moringa and Make Green Powder - A New …:

Hemant Trivedi: You are a stupid man. Never cut down a tree. No one should kill a hen laying golden eggs. First learn proper harvesting technique.

Holee Kun: Never knew maringa tree has that much nutrients and benefits, I grew up and eat it all my life

GoingNatural: Never heard of moringa powder - John whats the best way to get in touch with you ..? your facebook is not active as of March ..?

Remedios Haskell: thank you so much for sharing this video, god bless you

Craigson Burg: Fresh leaves are absolutely full of un-touched goodness and holds 4 times the amount of chlorophyll than wheat-grass.

Robin Conkel-hAnnan: Where can we get seeds or cuttings of the Moringa.?

Lejla Kasumacic: thank you JOhn for this very informative video on moringa, exactly what I needed. I start to grow it now and hopefully will be making my own soon.

Arif Kaser: Moringa is used in Indian Subcontinent and Ayuverda Medicine for along time. We also eat its fruit stalk in curries, real tasty.

Linda January: So, would washing the leaves then laying them out to dry before processing be a good idea? or is it not necessary to wash the leaves?

teezycole: TMI.. You talk too much crap.

Dead Sea Moringa: Moringa's health properties make it one of the most nutritionally valuable plants in the world!

Florence Figueroa Belenario: I love moringa leaves, young long fruits and flowers. When Im young my father used the leaves juice for my wound to stop the bleeding. But what I really miss about it, is that the TINOLANG MANOK 

Nizar Ahmad: We have this tree a lot near our home. the leaves are cooked and eaten as a side with rice. in facf one is growing outside my house now. chopping it is ok as this tree will shoot out new branches very quickly. it is very hardy and quick growing. unlime other trees. new shoots co e out within just a week of chopping.

Mika Lee: They always tasted like a vegetable to me, Filipino's cook it like a vegetable mostly in soups. I actually eat it all the time as my wife is Filipino..

loveisnow2: Ok I looked it up, for anyone else that wants to know, these are the benefits.~ The leaves of the Moringa oleifera tree have no parallel in the plant kingdom. The Moringa tree is the most nutritious in the world, with most of its benefits stored in the small green leaves of this unassuming plant. Known as the Tree of Life, it contains more than 90 nutrients including 40 powerful antioxidants. In fact, practically every part of the plant contains important minerals and are a good source of protein, vitamins, beta-carotene, amino acids, and various phenolics. Moringa leaves are small, thick, and tear-drop shaped and grow rapidly as the plant matures. The leaves are strong and firm and can be easily picked from the tree’s branches. It's leaf powder contains all eight essential amino acids required for proper protein synthesis. It is rich in flavonoids, including Quercetin, Kaempferol, Beta-Sitosterol, Caffeoylquinic acid, and Zeatin. Stacked full of nutrients, anti-oxidants, and vital proteins, it is quite possibly the most amazing botanical ever studied. Here are just a few benefits to consuming Moringa: Increases the body’s immune system Provides nourishment to the brain and body Promotes energy Decreases anxiety, depression, and sleep related disorders Promotes cell structure of the body Calms, moisturizes, and nourishes the skin Promotes the normal functioning of the liver and kidney Contains antioxidants Promotes a healthy circulatory system Supports normal sugar levels Aids in stabilizing diabetes Aids in reducing inflammation and related conditions like arthritis

Nicole Palmer: Great informative video. New subscriber here just wanting to know of any difference's in overall health after taking Moringa . Please make a video if possible really like that your so knowledgeable . Bless You and thanks for sharing with the world.

Dara Dy: i don't have the hydrant machine, can i just dry it under the sun? 

iviewutoob: I found some Moringa leaves at my local 99 Ranch Market. It's labeled Malangai as this is what the phillipines call them. I'm going to use these in a salad.

Lynn Blume: should dehydrate at 110 115 and up kills some of the good things in it thanks for the video

HealingMoringaTree: Thanks John great video!

loveisnow2: Hi John, You said a lot about the dehydration process but not much about the plants properties and benefits. I have never heard of it before and am interested in its raw values. Thanks~ ha guess I can just google it.

remigz: Hi John, great video and info about the Moringa. I just started growing this plant in Merida (Mexico) and invested in the UV light system to sanitize it without heat. Thanks a lot for your help.

Earth Soul Heart Art: Thank you very much. Can we do the same with green tea leaves? Can we dehydrate under the sun or in the shade? If yes, what is the difference please? Thanks again.

Michelle Castillo: Ive got about 10 trees in my backyard, so good for you!

M BN: I guess we don't have to ask, "will it blend?".

blacken whiten: haha,,,big mouth.

Monch Estrella: some studies done on using the moringa bark, for alternative energy.. nothing has concrete has surfaced though 

Aldrich Lipata: Been growing moringa for more than 20 yrs now. All the techniques you see here are relevant. So just absorb it folks! You're here to learn. You can always ask but irrelevant speculations will never give you any of the vitamins this wonder tree provides. Chill!

Terry Floyd: "Uploaded on Nov 2, 2010 John from shows you how to harvest and dry moringa powder so it could be considered a raw food. Learn about the processing techniques that the industry uses to process morniga. You will also learn about interesting facts about moringa along the way."

Ahialey Justice: Any one here willing to join me make it BIG here in Africa I mean real business...interested person should call me on +233265272326
How to Dry Moringa and Make Green Powder - A New Raw Super Food 4.7 out of 5

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