235 Inline 6 Fuel Injected

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235 inline 6 fuel injected
235 inline 6 fuel injected
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1984 Jeep CJ 4.2l Engine with Howell Fuel Injection Kit
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how to DIY 250 chevy inline turbo dyno part 1
Fuel Injection Conversion
Fuel Injection Conversion
250 chevy inline 6 in 65 Chevelle wagon lump port head
250 chevy inline 6 in 65 Chevelle wagon lump port head
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Shayne carpenter: I have a 69 C-10 I've been wanting to do this to. I have a 250 in mine wanted to know should I use the same set up as yours? And if so what TBI and computer combo did you end up using together? I'm also curious about How much MPG and Performance did you gain? I'd really like an update on this! 

John R: That's awesome man, runs just like I'd hoped an injected 250 would run. Definitely the route I'm taking. Does it have a warm up period when cold started? I love how it sounds. Love a good Inline 6!

alekstolstoi: where can I get this kit whit the harness anthe computer....

drummin52: @jmadd9000 Yes it uses the tach signal to know when to fire the injectors. It also uses a temp sensor and a knock sensor (optional).

FPUGUY: hmm pretty kool was it much work or farely simple?

monwilles: Hi i have a Mexican 1998 1500 chevy with the 250 CI L6 engine fuel injected. It's a factory set up. i have a question i want to put headers to my truck i bougth a flowtech long headers but i don't know where to put the oxigen sensor, can you help me.

Mikal Moore: can you pm me some info about this build or post it on here?

drummin52: An update for those who care, I ended up swapping out the 4.3L computer for a 3.1L computer, seems to work better but its not time tested yet.

CarCrazyMike82: what kinda tranny is that hooked too?

dbenny1000: I see the HEI distributor, good job!

JohnnyDesaint: @mattdudley13 thanx

Peter Warren: Any plans too incorporate that with a supercharger like Dads truck?

Joshua Lyle: @wallbanger1968 very true. Didn't think about that

Ooberpoonage: all the aftermarket intakes I looked at for the 235 recommend adding a way to heat up the manifold to help break up fuel droplets.supposed to help warmup periods and cold weather driving.i wouldnt think so, but does this injector set up need that too?

grfximage: Do you have a detailed write up for this? I have an inline 250, I would like to convert.

55dude: I always enjoy this video,great job and is their any updates?


Peter Warren: Man you and your Father are great at that stuff.Want to build a truck for me?

wallbanger1968: @snowman4839 Not with siamesed intake ports

Joshua Lyle: yucky. TBFI? MPFI is the way to go if ur gonna go EFI at all. Sounds nice as hell though

thegreatkingdaniel: Oh, this is awesome. I'm definitely converting my '66 Biscayne 250ci (as soon as I scrounge up enough money for an intake!). Sounds great, too!

jmz365: thats very interesting. i always wondered about that** i have a 40' Master Deluxe and a 235 Donor.. hmmm now how bout TWO TBI's hahaa but is that a 4 barrel size equivilent??

dmeckle: do you have a how to on this or know where a guy can find one? I have a 61 chevy biscayne w/ a 235

adrian marco: i have a 65 chevy II that i used as my daily driver i would like to do what you did ,can you give me some tips? how much will be the total cost of the convesion?where to get the parts,or info? will this conversion save me fuel, more mpg?as is rigth now im getting 18 mpg on my 3.8 6 inline engine thanks for your time.....

TheEnragedHawk: Very cool. I'll keep this in mind if I ever work with a 235 again.

RedeemerbassesScott: @drummin52 I'm very interested in doing this to my 250 six that's for my 53 chevy coupe project. Please keep us updated on what changes you have to make for final tuning.

chevfj40: Exellent job ,nice engine

Zach Davis: Sweet mod!

hosscaddy: i have a 1964 chevy van with a 250 straight 6 what all parts did you have to get??? please tell me!!! this damn single bbl carb sucks

JohnnyDesaint: i just got a 58 edsel wagon.and it has a huge engine.i always liked inline 6 for cruisers.do you think its safe to get one out of a junk yard?

cartoonist1975: Can you make a nice long drive video before the removal of the saginsaw ? A 3.lL out of a z24 Cavi ?

Jason Dreckmann: i see a vacuum leak where the egr is supposed to be, unless you plugged the hole inside.

EJ Oslund: I noticed you're running a single plane intake, does the fuel injection behave well with this setup? Also, did you do any other mods to the engine such as cam changes or head work?

cartoonist1975: Nice [idea] Man ! Alot of consumers would of been all over that back then ! It's Flawless rev's nice no skipping. I was curious on what bottom housing u used for the Thermostat Sending Unhit for the Ecu. Please make a video after it's all done of it driving and shifting . I just have to see this in action.

1impalaman: you can hear the typical tick tick tick of the TBI unit. They are great. Reliable as hell. The only thing I don't like about em is the ticking sound that you hear with an open faced breather like that. I suppose if the exhaust is loud enough it doesn't matter though. Great work.

catlikewhisper: Jmz I have a 40 master deluxe too. Lets compare notes. You still got your running boards? source any?

bobbydog65: what distributor did you use?

Jake C: how is it on fuel? MPG?

Dale Pangakis: man thats amazing ,i've been thinking about the same mod .glad someone did it first ,so i know it works!!

mattdudley13: @JohnnyDesaint Ford 300 I6 out of a mid 90's Ford truck will give you a solid EFI setup if you want it ( carb manifolds bolt up also ), and there are tons out there. std SBF bellhousing pattern and all. late 60's .early 70's, they used the 240 I6 in the big cars which is the same block as the 300. you may have trouble finding the front sump pan, but you could end up with a bolt in factory EFI engine

grfximage: Could you please give me some info on how you did this swap? I have an I6 250 i would like to add efi to.

itsmacintosh: @drummin52 Awsome. I take it its TBI?

Alexandre Souza: Mate, I saw you have a power streering pump from dakota, what about power streering box ? Thanks

drummin52: it currently has a saginaw 3 speed, but it will eventually get a T-5

jmadd9000: does throttlebody injection need any info from the engine to run??? like temp or a signal from the dist? very cool!!

peterk5679: this is sick . . . i need to kno who u did all this please email me
235 inline 6 fuel injected 4.6 out of 5

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235 inline 6 fuel injected