Easy-C's Overview Of The HUGE Sony LBT-SH2000 DJ Sound System! 2000W Of Power!

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Riccardo Conway: Where did you buy these there not on amazon 

Thunderspeed10000: One thing they did not mention is the price! Yo, yo, yo it's freakin' 1499 dollars...

Shadi Gunit: what a maggot

Billy Sastard: 0:18 LOL

OneAndyOnly: too much focus on high tecn features, not enough focus on sound, sony you suck

ProHacker AAB: Hey man!! I have Sony Shake-6D all most the same as your, but only the power is different mine is 2400W but my problem is how to watch movie via bluetooth.. Do you know how to do it??

MultiTeebag: lol I got a 2000 watt amp that will kick this thing ass wait it did mawhahahaha

brad gannon: Its tte

Michael Ashton: I've had mine 2 yrs now it's the bomb the z-groove and kicks ass 

AmesDrew: Do the dancing girlies on top come with it ?

Kongen342: Fake!!!!!!!!!!! this is too good to be true! i don't believe this thing to exist . 2000watts and chrome!!!!!! Sony! take my money!!! please!

Juan Carlos Hernandez: I just bough mine LBT-GPX77 this is amazing i fall in love again lol se los recomindo.so Sony keep Doing things like this. 

SHAWTYZOOM: I really like this unit I want one for party's ......

Miwiz1: 2000 what? Tttzzzz!!? Dayum! Is that the actual size? Next to the guy rright there?

morelia bolanos: I have mine 4 sale I am asking for 450 dollar I just didn't like it 2000 watts Sony shake sistem

Darrell Willmore: cant u knock thu 1 on the left of she cant dance

Darrell Willmore: 10999

perico: Piece of crap,never compare this piece of crap whit my qsc 5050 and my b52 lx1515 lol

Djay Bookie: this guy thought it would be a good idea to talk like that?

vwestlife: Was this guy trying to be funny, or just to sound stupid? For a $1000 system, I'd expect a salesman that takes himself and his customers seriously.

ImUnicornxo: Aux is old school now? :'(

les yeuxnoirs: I dont know what was worse the product or the review. the guy had know idea what he was talking about and the fact that he mentions the size of the volume knob like that plays any kind of relevance and as mentioned by another on here his review of the effects well that speaks for itself and why would anyone want that kind of effect. and another thing he said "this thing Evan has a CD player. that bloke = tosser that product = pile of crap

Matt Dontoya: 2000 watts

TheTimeChild4Ever: LOL this guy is awesome

siteiconch1: compare these three all at 10 volume: Type these titles on Youtube search: 1. Sony 7000PMPO- MHC-RV8 - VDO 01 2. Sony 11000PMPO -LBT-ZUX9 - VDO 02 3. Sony 22000PMPO -LBT-SH2000 -VDO 03

MuristekTV: Rather try an NAD Electronics amplifier and some PSB speakers and subwoofers. After that, you will smash and trash that Sony piece of crap.

tuyen le thanh tuyen: hàng khủng của sony rồi .ok good

My Babe: samsung has already made a really bad copy of this. the samsung one stops the music every time you use an effect or change any settings. it really sucks.

Raymond Leggs: Finaly somebody decided to make a BIG stereo instead of this Bose lifestyle crap.

jorgb13: Funny video

JOHNNY BAGWASH: more sony plastic crap as normal

MrV1C7OR: This is ridiculous... Not joking, video and product are just awful

Donovan Norris: Are the mini female dancers included?

BYEBYE: no way, i was just there a 3 days ago (from vancouver) and i had no idea that existed, we don't see that kind of stuff in vancouver sony stores. i guess the old folks don't want us blaring music all the time hahaha

squezey1: "I don't know what any of this stuff is!" - great review lol but hey it looks cool as freak and has all these shiny things and colors on it so it must be good!

medzkid: I got one but eveytime I try to put my ipod on it...it says not supported any help?

sarahajazi3ds: My dad just bought one yesterday but we didn't unboxed it yet

MuristekTV: Try a pair of PSB speakers and an NAD amplifier and then compare them with your plastic Sony. Please delete this video. It's a bad influence for toddlers.

prizmapex: All I got from this is that it has chrome on the speakers and it has a big volume knob, now that's what I call a good reason to buy a stereo, chrome and a big knob...

Evelyn Gonzalez: I have this radio

Davie_Doobie: Seriously!! Emphasizing on all the crap that really doesn't matter. "Look at all the chrome!! Look at the size of the volume knob!!" I don't give a freak about that!! Lol. I wanna hear about its RMS and features. Lol. Oh, apparently it has 2000 RMS though....pretty good. I heard this thing is Vegas at the Forum shops. Intense as freak.

Brett Didyk: how many watts is this? Also, I would like to know if this is literally more than 3x louder than a beats by dre beat box, because my hockey team says we need something louder! please respond!!!!!

nilson445: o lg xbom veio para acbaba com o sony sh2000

Abt Electronics: The link to the product from our site is in the description above. If you have any questions on the item, feel free to call us at 888-228-5800!

twistedmadlard: your review sucks

siteiconch1: Just hope they did't ship you a defective unit. I order one two months ago, the volume is very low. It does not compare to the old less powerful (7000 & 11000) Sony systems I have. It's been two months and they wont respond to me. See these comparison videos and judge the sound for your self: Type these titles on Youtube search: 1. Sony 7000PMPO- MHC-RV8 - VDO 01 2. Sony 11000PMPO -LBT-ZUX9 - VDO 02 3. Sony 22000PMPO -LBT-SH2000 -VDO 03

SuperKrakoukass: ILMFAO ! This is so ridiculous. Is this ad for rednecks or what ? But I believe, this must be good to list some overproduced "boom boom". But it will never have a chance against a entry level, quality hifi system (or just for boom boom).

Matt Dontoya: my speakers surround sound technics(old school speakers) hooked up to a new school rcs/technics/sony to a usb cable to my Imac computer(for saround sound 5.1.1)system total power of 1420Watts i never turn it up past half volume and thats blasting it... i cant even comprehend what 2000 watts sounds like

F Stanz: If you bought this overpriced piece of plastic junk, you're a poor consumer.

Jose H.: Ok cool, I will my friend...lol!!
Easy-C's overview of the HUGE Sony LBT-SH2000 DJ Sound System! 2000W of Power! 3.9 out of 5

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Easy-C's overview of the HUGE Sony LBT-SH2000 DJ Sound System! 2000W of Power!