Intake Manifold For VW And Audi 2.0T TSI DIY (How To) Replacement

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Intake Manifold for VW and Audi 2.0T TSI DIY (How to) Replacement
Intake Manifold for VW and Audi 2.0T TSI DIY (How to) Replacement
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mcimac38: Great video. Thank you. My 2009 cc showing error code P0122. Does the whole throttle body have to be replaced if cleaning does not fix the problem? Or can the TPS simply be replaced ? (217k/Km)

Jeff Stone: I had to remove the intake to replace the water pump on my Tiguan. The video was very helpful and like others the hardest part was removing the bracket that holsd the TB to the engine block. I suppose that this is needed to help support the TB in order to not put all the weight on the intake bolts and stress them due to vibration. I found that getting the bolt back in was the hardest part. I completely removed the boost pipe as I was able to get under the car since it is a Tiguan. Also, removing bracket nut on the TB was easier to get underneath the car. I could not find a 1/4" drive 10mm triple square anywhere, only a 3/8". It is probably easier to get to the lower bracket bolt with a 1/4 drive and extension. The problem is the solid coolant pipes that run right in front of the triple square bolt which basically gives you no room to work. When I have to remove the intake again to do the carbon cleaning I might try and remove the solid coolant pipe to give me more room. I did clean the intake partitions since they were easy to remove and it seems that these were worse than the valves themselves at 78K miles. It really is a stupid design engineering wise as the could have accomplished supporting the TB much more easily.

Benjamin Dauer: Thanks. This video helped me out a lot

Ronnie Shih: First mistake is buying a German car with plastic parts.

Adam Jones: I'm ashamed to admit I gave up on putting the support back. Simply too much of a pain in the ass. Maybe next time.

Reno Balkanac: Hey thanks for the video, its great, very well explained.. I wanted to know, If it's easier to replace the water pump by removing the air intake manifold or go from underneath. Its for a 09 tiguan 2.0L... Planning on doing the job myself, doing research on it first, it would be my first time doing this I job.. Any help/knowledge is appreciated... Thanks everyone....

Adam Jones: HELP! My fuel rail does not fit the new intake manifold! The holes do not line up.

Adam Jones: I could not get the triple square bolt without taking out the boost pipe from below.

Gregory Madsen: So (thanks to this video) I got this job completed for changing my fuel injectors. The car was running like new again for the first week but now it is having the same issue. Check engine light on and running rougher everyday. The check engine light was blinking when I started it today. I'm dreading bringing it in... Any advice please? 2009 cc sport

Angel Galindo: Thank you for the video!!!! It is perfect and you can do it yourself!!!! Of course you have to had some knowledge before you get into this!!!! But your explanation is awesome

David Duma: 55 seconds in and I was already laughing... you need torx, allen, and triple square all to do ONE JOB. Love that German Engineering.

Chiefin Mina: I wouldn't mind all the maintenance and the time consuming cleaning of the carbon build up if they just made it simple to get the intake manifold out. Sucks because I really want a Tiguan.

Suliman Almehmadi: This video help me thanks

Carlos De Souza: Took me 7 hours but this video helped me a bunch, even did my own carbon cleaning! thanks you!!

Manuel Huerta: i had to replace replace a fuel injector and said heck lets just change them all got them at shopdap and the price was one of the best thabk you guys while i was there i decided to clean the intakes (really time comsuming) a challenging diy all and all thanks for the tutorial it help me a lot

Ed Jackson: Hello Humble One. Just replaced, intake manifold, Water pump, injector seals, all bought from Deutsche Auto, yesterday.  Car runs great now, but the check engine light came back on, per the OBDeleven also purchased from DA the engine fault is P2008 Runner Bank 1 Control Circuit / Open.  Any ideas? Oh and by the way you Intake manifold video was invaluable, thanks again.Eddie Carrollton TX

Mark Ryan: Do you know how different is removing the intake manifold on a diesel VM B6?

Steven Bradley: I can't thank you enough for this tutorial, my CC has been in so many garages & cost me so much money chasing diagnosis & all along it was the dreaded carbon buildup.
Cleaned it all today & now she's running like a new car.
Thank you!!!!!!

Jonny Palafox: Take it to your local VW dealer, they will replace the intake manifold and injector o-rings for free! The recall covers this defect up until 120K miles. You're welcome VW fam.

Underground Sound: Well done, video is very well shot. The work really conveyed the proper method needed to tackle the project. This mechanic is a very skilled individual! I removed an intake on a 2012 Tiguan in order to find a huge coolant leak around the water pump. Seemed like the best way to get a solid look at it. It was. Water pump housing had a huge crack.
If you like to listen to cool stuff whilst wrenching on rides. Check my channel out. You guys have my subscription.
Intake Manifold for VW and Audi 2.0T TSI DIY (How to) Replacement 5 out of 5

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Intake Manifold for VW and Audi 2.0T TSI DIY (How to) Replacement