Intake Manifold For VW And Audi 2.0T TSI DIY (How To) Replacement

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Intake Manifold for VW and Audi 2.0T TSI DIY (How to) Replacement
Intake Manifold for VW and Audi 2.0T TSI DIY (How to) Replacement
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How VW 2.0t TSI Intake Manifolds Fail
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Steven Avila: Would this work on 2008 2.0 fsi?

T.C. Avirett: Help! I can't find the 10th bolt on the intake manifold, I have watched your video 4x and still have not found it. Also struggling with reaching the bracket bolts. can't seem to get any tools to them. But thank you for this tutorial, never would of been able to get as far as I have with out....

Daniel Garcia: Thank you for posting this video but a bigger thank you to the humble mechanic for making the video and letting you post his video

Javier Gomez: How did you guys relieve pressure? Disconnect at the fuel pump module? Or take out the fuel pump relay?

Ronan R: Thank you for this video! Huge help on my 12' CC.

Gurkan Gozukan: Şunu yapan yer yokmu türkiyede ...

BMW Grease Chango: What’s the best way to clean the build up? Do you have a video?

soonerlon: I was on 3rd, yes 3rd intake manifold (yeah, tell me about that GREAT German engineering) when I decided to save myself 800 bucks and do it myself. I started doing some preplanning for the work when I decided to look a look at that dreaded lower bracket. Apparently my VW dealer felt it was unnecessary and left it off during the last installation. I studied this vid carefully and was able to do the job in about 3 hours. Even though I have a spare lower bracket laying around , I didn't install it either. Its not that bad of a job if you just take your time and VERY carefully tighten the manifold bolts (first tighten to 3 NM and then tighten to 9NM - per VW Factory repair manual) Good luck all!

Grant Wilson: Buy Japanese : vastly superior build quality, longevity and much, much, much lower maintenance. Have a look at a 10 year old car built in Japan compared to a German one. Have a look at the mechanical invoices. You will see that the Germans design cars not with longevity in mind at all - or ease of servicing. I would go as far as to say- they intentionally make them difficult to service and introduce technology far too early that has not had longevity testing to proper consumer standards.

Nick H: how do you get to that triple square on the support bracket? the most difficult part gets skipped over in the video! do i need to remove more parts to get access?

Jason Paine: How long is that T30 torx bit you are using?

Marco Fonseca: Thank you a lot for the instruction!!! This video is awesome!! I just replaced my manifold and water pump using it!! Also watched the fuel injector seal video and the work was really straightforward!!! It is not an easy task but with the details here it was totally error free!!! My biggest challenge was to put back the triple square 10mm bolt in the aluminum arm since the access with all the hoses in place is really tight and the Tiguan front grille is taller than the GTI ones!!! Keep up with the great work!!! Thank you again!!

Nik Stankovic: Great video. Thanks for teaching people how to do this , this is very important for VW owners. i have one question:
When we are replacing intake manifold, do we need to replace something more like Injector Seals?

Kostas Nikiforou: Great video, thank you for your time and effort showing us how it's done! 👍

Hady Riad: Just wondering if the entire manifold has to come off to replace the flap position sensor? Or can the senor be accessed with just removing a few parts?

wbvike: This is an old video, but i'll ask the question anyway, what size is the oil filter wrench?  Thanks

Tyler Montgomery: Would this be a relatively similar process to removing the manifold for a mk6 golf 2.5?

Juanda Pagnan: Hi, I replace the intake, but i still have a P2004..any help??

TTB: Hello,
I have a question. maybe you can help me?
I was working on my VW MK6 GTI to Clean the Intake Valves
to my surprise the separation plate was not in the cylinder head in front of the valves? Are these separation plates needed?
I hope you can help.
many thanks!
 Tom ter Beek

Ricky Bobby: I had to take off the manifold in order to reach the water pump. I found that it's a lot easier if you remove the throttle body. Taking off the throttle body allows easy access to that brace, which requires the triple square to remove. In the video, he doesn't remove it due to his experience, but it helps a lot.
Intake Manifold for VW and Audi 2.0T TSI DIY (How to) Replacement 5 out of 5

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Intake Manifold for VW and Audi 2.0T TSI DIY (How to) Replacement