How To Desulfate A Lead Acid Battery.

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Inside view of lead acid battery before and after desulfator
Inside view of lead acid battery before and after desulfator
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How to Desulfate a Lead Acid Battery
How to Desulfate a Lead Acid Battery

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The Do It Yourself World: Read full details here:

Fee Nicks: I’ve also been told all the eBay “pulse desulfators” are useless?

Fee Nicks: I had read that the best way to desulfate a battery is to simply charge and discharge it repeatedly with a manual charger that you can set the voltage and amperage of. Usually they say use high voltage and very low amperage. Do you know what voltage/amperage is ideal if attempting to do this with just a charger?

wenrongyuan: Thinking back to the principle of how brush DC motor work. When the circuit is in closed loop. The DC current passing through BAttery+ terminal>>brush >>Commutator>> Armature coil>>commutator>> brush.>>BAterry - terminal. The magnetic field is develop and store energy during a part of rotating angle let say 178 degree of rotation.
Then the brush is leaving it contact from commutator. The decupling high voltage will be developed becasue flowing current through magnetic coil try to maintain the current (Pushing by the shrink of magnetic field) across high impedance gap. If you everseen the spark at brush motor, That is.
The highvolt is feed back to sulfate... That is his reason why.. Anyway The motor is better tooking out the decoupling voltage absorber (Such as revers diode, Capacitor or any resister cross the motor terminal).

This kind of desulfator is producing the reverse high voltage pulse to batterry.

Link Smith: Also, if you ever go to like autozone and they test your car battery with that little hand held tester thing, I don't care if they say it is good or bad, don't believe it. Those things plug a few variables like internal resistance and Open Circuit Voltage into an equation, but really they are about as accurate as flipping a coin. You want it out on a full load tester which puts a load on using coils that realistically simulates a car engine starting. Industry standard is holding its CCA rating for 15-30 seconds while staying above about 9 volts at room temperature.

Link Smith: I worked at a Batteries+Bulbs store. The best de-sulfating device I ever came across was from a company called Granite. It would bring batteries that put out 0 volts, had been left unattended over an entire winter, and were clearly near death. The best ones pulse voltage, amperage, and the frequency of the pulses all at the same time. This, along with a Schumacher (or as we called it, a dumb charger) charger was the best combination. We use the Schumacher to get the batteries voltage up to about 10 volts (it puts out power no matter what it's plugged into, warning, don't cross the leads though, it'll scare you), then the granite finishes it off. Often times it would bring them back better then factory specs.

Blackcavallino: I am using Auto Pulse Desulfator and I took the battery out of the car, charged the battery to 12 V, but the desulfator runs only until it discharges the battery to 11 V or less, so I have to charge the battery again. Is there a way I can connect both the desulfator and the charger to the battery so that desulfator can run all the time and recondition (charge/desulfate) the battery? Is it safe desulfator runs along with the charger, and can the desulfator damage the charger connected together with it to the battery? Thanks.

TheL337trance: The light that you are adjusting (not the neon light)....can you explain where you are hooking that up to? I'm confident enough to build this, but not sure how to wire that light up. Thank you.

valveman12: I think it would be easier and faster to build a pulser circuit.

The Do It Yourself World: Enough people have asked. I will do it soon. I am gathering some parts. I will make one with scrap parts to show it can easily be done. And I dont have the materials to make a new one either.

The Do It Yourself World: Yes, it is normal. The voltage under charge will be higher. But be sure to cycle it with a charge, the rest a bit, then discharge some, rest a bit, then repeat until the battery is restored. It will take a few cycles at least, to get it in shape again. But if it was new, it should recover.

The Do It Yourself World: over charging will warp and damage the plates. And just plain normal use without a Bedini charger will cause tiny bits to fall off with time.

rg10969: I am trying to restore my motorcycle battery. It was basically new last year but I let it run down and sit for a year. I charged it up using my 2 amp charger. It will read 12.8 volts. But after resting it goes back to 10.5 volts. I built a bedini from ideas I got from you and others. It is charging with the bedini but it shows 16 volts while being charged by the bedini. Is this normal for a heavily sulfated battery. Also do you think plates are shorted because it rest at 10.5 volts

Motty Ruttner: what will cause the plates to brake?

The Do It Yourself World: It takes a while, depending on the size of the Bedini motor you build. A bigger one will restore batteries faster. You can connect all the batteries together in parallel to restore them on the Bedini all at one time tho. The will also need to be cycled a few times on the Bedini. Charge, drain slowly, charge, drain slowly again and again until they are fully restored. Takes a few days, but well worth it.

The Do It Yourself World: Yeah, I hear they work to some extent. But the Bedini ones can be made from scrap parts for free. And they work very well.

p0weraid: I find this amazing will have to try this, looked in to the "pro" chargers but there very pricey

The Do It Yourself World: Well, I have messed up with my batteries a couple times through the years. As long as the plates are not physically damaged or broken, warped, then the batteries can normally be restored.

p0weraid: How many time's can you "restore" a battery?

The Do It Yourself World: Hold your mouse over them and they pop up larger. Then right click and save as, to your computer.
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How to desulfate a lead acid battery.