How To Install Forge For Minecraft 1.6.2 (Mac OSX 10.7.3+)

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How to Install Forge for Minecraft 1.5.2 (Mac OSX 10.6+)
How to Install Forge for Minecraft 1.5.2 (Mac OSX 10.6+)

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MaddogTheRobot: +Jack Struthers You are very welcome! Thank you for subscribing!

Right_Click_Gaming: OMG THANKS

Brandon Kelley: This was simple and perfect, thanks man. 

Necron Smash: hi i need help the code didn't work and when i try to dowlad it says sorry can't open by unidentified user can u please help me thanks i love the vid it was great

Cuddles_Gaming: My user name isn't up there? 

Wafflical: You could just press alt.

Nawfal 'Aqasha: thx dood ur the best!!!btw 1 question.can u use a folder for any mods instead of .jar files?

Thomas VH: You should do a tutorial on setting up the forge source code. Nice vid by the way :)

CoolStory Brah: All this did was NOT allow me to access my MC folder any more!!

Teh Blackhole: Thank you for the easy tutorial. Tip: add a little block of text when you go to Application support saying "If minecraft does not show up on Application Support, then: mouse over Go >(hold the alt key to show library) click library > Minecraft should show up now." I had to google that cause MC didn't show up for me.

JJgaming: please help whenever I try to install client it says Error You need to run the version 1.6.4 manually at least once. PLEASE HELP. How do I do that?

Mario Cortez: is your last name rodgers


Rachel Pate: Ok i followed all the steps and it still wont work everytime i try to install the Forge it gets an error and quits..... I have a school computer but the allowed minecraft so im not sure what going on

Ruby Brown: Could you help me? When I go to the file downloads website, it only shows me 1.7.2 and 1.6.4. Help?

Lps Bella: And how would I fix it if it says i can't opnen because OSX is not supported it!

CoruptionCannon ZETA: Most efficient!

Evan Cain: what do u do if the mod is a .zip?

narwhalsag: Mine is not working 

JacobVSGaming: Luv ur channel maddog! I subscribed! :D

MysticalGaligon: Ty but can u take a look at my channel pls!!!

Aubrey Gould: How did u get terminal 

Sammy Owolabi: not work

Jason lin: How do you find the user folder?

Andres rodriguez: dude when i open forge it told me this: These libraries failed to download. org.scala-lang:scala-library:2.10.2,org.scala-lang-compiler:2.10.2. what should i do? Forge wont open for me it keeps saying check the console for possible error messages

Max Petersson: I Will sub if you answer this do I have to use terminal

The4andfollowers: Can you please show me how to instal single player commands with world edit through forge. If you could that would be great! Thanks 

djs1999: can you make a manual version i can't use the launcher since its unidentified developer

Carlos Yo: Thanks ! The first tutorial that can explain well how to install ! 

PartyHerobrine: ok I'm having problems again got the library folder back, now its gone after i put a mod in, and it keeps crashing my minecraft and i can't even use chflags nohidden ~/Library/ because i can't get library back from that. PLZ HELP!!! I'm still subscribed :D

Bridgette Mingers: i dont have a minecraft folder and there is no library folder there for me

Benjamin Simon: When I tried this it crashed my game,any help?

Troy Harvey: dose the mod have to be .zip file?


Boomer Production Studios: Thank you + 1 subscriber

Archon Redstone: btw, is it bad that once i put the Gulliver's mod in the "mods" folder and run minecraft, it instantly crashes? Im quite confused and have no idea how to install a mod, Please Help

joe smart: MADDOG PLEASE HELP!!:( im not too good with computers and this one was a good tutorial but my mac says that i need to run 1.6.4 manually at least once what does this mean???

Ridiculous Retards: Thank you, finally an understandable explanation of instructions on how to install 'Forge' Liked & Subbed 

Mario Cortez: hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii poeple :D

Archon Redstone: umm... what if i installed a 1.7.2 forge for a 1.6.2 mod? I dis-installed it [forge] and i still have the [forge] profile did i permanently screw up my Minecraft modding experience forever?

barley290: +MaddogTheRobot Why does it have to be 1.6.4? I'm trying to install 1.6.2 mods and wondering why the link has to be to 1.6.4 and not 1.6.2?

Lps Bella: For this I pressed my finders and I can't find the Library File If i do have and i don't low would it still run the mod

The4andfollowers: Thank you so much! this worked perfectly!

MysticalGaligon: is this safe to do

david davis: so i can't open it

Sam Davis: What if my dad put parental controls on my mac and i can't open terminal? I will sub if you answer

MrBIGFOOT104: when i do chflags nohidden ~/Library/ it still does not show my name folder thing

david davis: i have mac os x 10.5.8

TheNerdy Panda: how can you put a mod thats a folder in it? thanks !! this helped me install forge and shaders :D
How to Install Forge for Minecraft 1.6.2 (Mac OSX 10.7.3+) 4.9 out of 5

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How to Install Forge for Minecraft 1.6.2 (Mac OSX 10.7.3+)