SHTF Antibiotics Get Them Now, Im Showing You How!!

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SHTF antibiotics get them now. im showing you how!!
SHTF antibiotics get them now. im showing you how!!
A Must Have.For Preppers You Will  Need Antibiotics! Amoxicillin without a doctor. if shtf
A Must Have.For Preppers You Will Need Antibiotics! Amoxicillin without a doctor. if shtf
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Fish Mox 250 mg Amoxicillin Fish Antibiotic 100 count bottle

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Noah Corpus: Might I suggest "scoring" some valium before recording yourself?


AnnBearForFreedom: eBay is also a good source for animal antibiotics. No prescription required. I can't take amoxicillin, but I can take Keflex...and both are made for fish.

Nicolas Jimenez: Ive asked 2 pharmacists the difference between them and everytime I ask they say "yeah same exact stuff" 


FortyAcre Prep: Thomas Labs Fix Mox, Fish Mox Forte, Fish Flex, Fish Flex Forte, ect ect.

RANDOUGH SURVIVOR: You an get it on E-bay all day.

combatjm89: In addition to Amoxicillin, get Cipro, Ampicillin and Doxycycline, and of course the drug guide. If you can, get a microscope and get familiar with IDing different bugs by shape and staining them. The better your skillset is the less meds you'll waste. Also be prepared for allergic reactions and find out now if anyone in your family/group is allergic!!! It could mean their life. You can also get IV antibiotics with some research if you know how to start/run an IV drip and have the proper stuff!

bisonhawk1: @katiebug18371 i know but like mr biology there not everyone knows what we know so im gettin the word out . You seem to know quite a bit about this you should post a vid

wbmstr8028: Yeah several states have now changed thier rules for pet stores and fed stores, they can no longer carry these drugs and you have to go to a Vetrinarian to get it. So now if you needed it to treat yoru five dollar fish instead of the $40. for medication it now coasts you $140. for the Dr Visit and all that

Blackwolfrt: There is no separate manufacturer for fish medication. They do not contain fillers or other impurities because fish are extremely sensitive to it. The fish meds are probably MORE pure than the stuff given to humans. I've done hours upon hours of research on this and have spoken with an acquaintance who is a biologist. Fish cannot handle the impurities. Aside from that I have been using fish meds for years with great success.

Grace: Also amoxicillin and other drugs like that are not always appropriate for every large wound and infection. Do you know the difference? Do you know what antibiotics interact with what? What if your wife is killed? then what? These are things to think about. I'm not saying you shouldnt have these things on hand because you absolutely should, but dont just think "oh my wife is a nurse, we got that crap covered" because it isnt that simple.

katiebug18371: dude you can buy it at any tractor supply or Its no secret.

shirleymae30: Never ever use expired antibiotics !!!. They will destroy your liver and kidneys !!!. Expired antibiotics become deadly poison !!!. This is not a joke, warn everyone you know, it may just save their life !!!.

deni pop: Thank you for having the courage to post this! Excellent info!!

bisonhawk1: @combatjim89 jim your a very smart man , its a good thing my wife is studying medicine . the only antibiotics that have any real shelf life are in pill form. you are very right about allergenic reactions to antibiotics .

CaptainBerz: There watching you.... ;)

bisonhawk1: @howzerman1 no crap what did you ask for in particular

bisonhawk1: @helidodge i couldent agree with you more, using anibiotics without proper guidance can have disastorous concequences. Im lucky my wife is in nursing school right now, so we will have the knowlage. Thanks for the post tsp is a great show im always learning something from jack.

ganjrastaroor420: "I talked to the pet store lady" hahaha hell yeah bro you go ahead and get your crap!! Keep your family safe bro

bangmeister: how long?

helidodge: I'm an RN of 20+ years in the ICU ED and flight nurse. I also listen to The Survival Podcast which is awesome. While i agree about getting antibiotics in case of SHTF I caution everyone w/o med knowledge to get a PDR & Nursing drug book before medicating yourself

j du: thanks

monkeyboy8me: "independent pet shop " = black market

TheGorillatavern: Its so much easier, to just get or give yourself the sniffles go to your doctor and say you have been coughing up flem for a week and they will through zpacks or other strong antibiotics at you.

kamc004: thanks for posting this. I live in Hawaii and its hard to prep. for shtf in an island. everything is shipped to us and when that stops we will be up the creak with out a paddle. i cant stock lots of things in my apartment but fishmox will be good for barter items pure gold man! Thanks and Aloha

cortez3jlb: Good info to have, but dude you're sniffling, and dark sunk eyes plus paranoia (OK its not paranoia if its real) are giving me the feeling u just mute b hacked u know spun? If not, well u might want to work on your presentation just a teeny tiny Tad! Lol

mad hatter: rudebra.. go watch some more Dr oz,and get your flu shots.I.can't stand idiots like you..

PrepareForDisasters: dont lie

Blackwolfrt: He's not a loon. He knows what he is talking about, and when SHTF your ass will be crying for help because you decided to be a little troll, rather than grow up and LISTEN to the information that could save your life. But hey man, let natural selection take your ass. The few trolls, the better.

themavericks: @amazingaustin13 I have the same worry. I have a kidney transplant so im worried bout those drugs

Tracey Terrill: Raise cattle. Have several Lg bottles of penacillan in the fridge. purchased at TSC farm store WITHOUT any precription from a vet or MD.

sunshineonadogsass: simple go to amazon order you some fish mox, fish penn, and fish as hell no prescription required, same as human grade

bisonhawk1: @bandanamaniac neither do i but they may prove useful wshtf glad your back bro

Pașca Alexandru: Heh... here where I live there is an antibiotic sold for vet use which is very potent. In both humans and animals. I won't name it as it's one of the very few and possibly last products made locally. But pet stores and vets are a good source. Just don't abuse meds and especially antibiotics. They are useful only for those who don't abuse them.

tarboy69: thanks for the hears brother

bisonhawk1: @nwois666 from a veteranarian but no rx is needed for fish mox which can be purchased online it is amoxacillin for fish in 250mg tablets, which is the avarage adult dose.

daz Storch: Dude, very smart..!

bisonhawk1: @mrGweld i dont know man ive not only done quite abit of research on this subject but i also have plenty of people in the medical feild who agree with me

Blackwolfrt: Good video. I suggest getting a variety of different antibiotics because you can develop a tolerance to them. Amox might kill one thing, but you use it later and it might not work as efficiently. Never take the same antibiotic for everything, and have a few different broad spectrums on hand. I highly suggest getting some wild oil of oregano. It WILL kill strep throat very quickly. I have been using it for years. It can knock the flu out of you as well. It is as powerful as vancomycin. Good luck

preppgal: Didn't realize that I needed to get it so ugently...thanks for the heads up! will pull everything to the side...check out patriot nurse she had good recomdations for this topic

AnnBearForFreedom: I'm sorry, friend...I was on board with everything you were saying...until you made the comment ending with "...maggot". I wish you the best, but I cannot and will not support that casual conversational hared. Wish you the best.

dustydaisies: actually rudebra it is actual antibiotics that they give us.. You can purchase cephalexin for 8-10 dollars, penicillin, and several others for those prices, but when you go to a doctor, and the pharmacy charges outrageous prices..

mad hatter: The only difference would be filler agents.. pet antibiotics are made exactly the same and do the exact same thing.

Digital Anarchist: FISH MOX = IS AMOXICILLIN. EXACT SAME crap! Google it. AND STOCK UP!

amazingaustin13: crap, need antibiotics to keep me alive, literally. I have a double lung transplant and they keep my lungs from rejecting.

Grace: You know, I liked your video until you started in with this "a bunch of freaking maggots out there" first of all, it makes you look simple. Second, its unnecessary, you know just as well as I do that these people have whats required of them at their place of business just like you and I. I dont see the need for the disrespect. It's reulated because people can hurt themselves with it. I'm a nurse. Ive seen people get crazy with the self treatment stuff and kill themselves.

valstar1000: Absinthe, Schnapps and other spirits can be used both for water treatment and treating wounds.

katiebug18371: @MrGewld mr biology background check your facts antibiotic shelf life is 5-10 years + the stated expiration date. SLEP Shelf Life Exstension Program proved that a while back. Wrong again binding agents are the same as it is made exactly the same in the exact same drug lab. The only difference is the label they stick on the outside of the bottle. So try again. No antibiotic can become toxic NONE> Try again wiz kid. Let me say it again No antibiotic can become toxic after expiration.

bisonhawk1: @nwo666 a vetrinarian but no rx needed for fishmox which can be obtained online
SHTF antibiotics get them now, im showing you how!! 4.4 out of 5

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SHTF antibiotics get them now, im showing you how!!