Taurus 24/7 G2 Review

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gabriel godoy: Thanks for taking the time to do this vid i found it really helpful. already have a taurus pt 92 n considering gettin myself one of these. thanks again n keep posting. From Buenos Aires, argentina.

Man 2321: how reliable is this gun I might buy a compact one as a back up gun

Jeffrey Adams: Dude your ready to rock and roll! Those mags are full

Chris Brown: what ammo works best for this gun that you've used so far

bvscfanatic: I have the original 24/7 in .40 S&W and 9mm. I also have the original Millenium PT140. When Taurus went about designing the G2 versions of the 24/7 and Millenium series they made MAJOR changes, improving everything. The takedown is easier. The rear sights are improved, and the trigger is improved over the original.

Mark Scott: Great review! I'm sold! I just can't decide if I want the compact or full size version.

MOLON LABE: I own this exact gun. Easiest teardown in the west. two steps and the gun comes apart in 3 to 4 pieces.

Daniel Powell: Would consider the G2 a good gun for a beginner?

Gabriel Gomez: K have the crosman p10

Robert Murphy: Liked the video, I have the 24/7G2C in .40cal love the gun. After zeroing the back sight its like I can't miss. I use it for my CCW EDC.

Kyle B: Enjoyed the video; I love my Taurus 24/7 G2 as well, in the .45 and 9mm calibers. I agree they are "quality" firearms and since they came down so much in price, I couldn't resist and I'm glad of it. Thanks for your review.

Sean Chang: Where do you get the 13 round mags?

Billy G.: I just bought one for my brother and myself can't wait to get it.

timothy thomas: If I get one I will see about geting the front site panted with glow paint.'or red

Marlon Lumpkin: I like,the taurus it is a very nice gun , I have the 45

Eric “PoorManPrepper” K: He says the trigger is very crapty,...LOL  The second strike capability is really not too realistic in my opinion,..it never happens enough to warrant it being designed into the gun and if it does,.. Buy different ammo !! That said I like Taurus firearms myself , but then I like all firearms ...

Richard Ducksworth Sr,: Thanks for your video!!!!  You answered ALL questions!!!!

Marion Hart: Good video very informative. I have a question for you. What if the trigger fails to reset. Could it be faulty on my part. Or could it be a faulty trigger. The trigger did flawlessly on first 300 rds.

Dennis Madison: I have that gun, put a couple rounds in it yesterday, it does have a kick but not to much, i need more practice with it, also need to adjust my back sight. Over all good video an really informative, thanks 

Taurus/Hipoint Enthusiast: I have the compact mod.  I do enjoy it I prefer the black/black.. But hey I`ll cut ya $350 on if you wanna sell it
Taurus 24/7 G2 review 5 out of 5

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Taurus 24/7 G2 review