Taurus 24/7 G2 Review

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Ranger Technology Solutions Security in Lewisville

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Dark Charlotte Mike God: Can I get a 32 round mag

Dom sugar: U should of kept it.. its discontinued its a beautiful gun I kept mine...

David Gorton: Please don't fail to note that TAURUS has the" best" FACTORY adjustable rear sights on all side arms to date no body come close, sorry does not mean that TAURUS is the best side arm, but they do have the BEST adjustable rear sights on all side arms today ...My opinion...The Phoenatic !

1911jt: Good review. I don't own one of these but just started looking at them since the 111G2 is in short supply. My 709 Slim has the same trigger setup. I like the second strike capability and I love the super short reset. I don't hate Glocks but I like having an external manual safety.

Corporal Ryan: Hey guys any problem with pt92? I'm planning to buy one. Thanks

Dom sugar: Should of kept your they don't make them no more they were the best Taurus out out now there hard to find

Mr Lewis: I have the 24/7 g2 and the Pt111 g2 Taurus got awesome guns great video

Matthew Rollheiser: Great Review, Thank You. Happy Shooting

Play2Win1958: Got a G2C and bought it for 427.00 back in Feb 14 shot 650 rounds so far no problems I need to take the firing pin out at 1000 rds and clean it

Yachclub Lee’s Garage: I currently have the PT 111 Gen 2 and definitely thinking about adding another Taurus so this helps watching and deciding between the 24/7 and the 809 9mm.

Brian Michaels: Do you still have it? or is it still for sale?

Richard Mccain: How is the trigger ?

biggdaddy blade works: well its made for brazillian military and police they may have a different doctorin on immediate action

Ромашка 1941: Good gun, but 500 for it is about 200 too much :D

RATED: i have the .45 version of this gun and i hate it. Love my walther ppq though :)

Kernel Spice: all good


Cesar Flores: good video. do you still have the stainless 24/7 40. whats the round count any problems, would you recomend it ?

gabriel godoy: Thanks for taking the time to do this vid i found it really helpful. already have a taurus pt 92 n considering gettin myself one of these. thanks again n keep posting. From Buenos Aires, argentina.

Tone 95: how reliable is this gun I might buy a compact one as a back up gun
Taurus 24/7 G2 review 5 out of 5

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Taurus 24/7 G2 review