Taurus 24/7 G2 Review

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clima: I have this gun gun in compact version and really like the features this gun offers. However, both of my magazines all of the sudden stopped working properly: the bullets were not ejecting properly and noticed the magazine follower was getting stuck . Bullets were just dangling inside magazine and i had to bump it to make the follower/spring to apply proper pressure on bullets.Anyone with this magazine issue? Perhaps I left the magazines loaded for too long and damaged the springs?

Fleetwood Mack: Great video I learned a lot

hegiratc: Just bought one have not fired it yet.

El Eastwood: Last Taurus firearms I had were the revolvers. Eight shooter .357 Magnum and a 7 shooter 3 inch barrel .357 magnum. Of course 6 inch barrel was more fun to shoot than the snub. I want another Taurus firearm! Gonna try the pt 840. So far I like the safety features of Taurus! And you are right....Glocks rock!

Keliohesten: It's kinda sad that people are so quick to demonize Taurus. Sure some of their stuff is crap, but just because it says "Taurus" on it, doesn't immediately make it so. I can guarantee you if it said "Colt" or "Smith and Wesson" on the side, everybody would love it, and if it did something wrong they'd still stand by it, saying "well, it's just not broken in" or "you're using crapty ammo".

Jason Short: I like it! I'm planning to get one.

Al Bartron: Great video! Have been looking at the 24/7 .40 and S&W or Glock and based on this I am leaning toward the Taurus. Don't worry about how many times you said "Quality", you were trying to emphasis this is a great gun, especially for the money!

Derreck Caldwell: I Like the taurus pt 24/ 7 9 mm
I like the 17 Glock 9 mm 

Mr Lego Lego: Shot mine no hiccups eats up any ammo but the sights are terrible my only complaint

Delano Johnson: Good job straight to the point

Cisco Ojeda: gettin my 9mm soon, based on this vid, i think i made a good decision. thanks man, good review.

Mr Lego Lego: Got a 9mm stainless love it

Loren Smith: I like how you showed about this gun, i just got that with the 9mm ver. i wonder if it will still spit shells in your face, nice work! thx... 

Jonathan Veres: Wait, so this is the .40? Doesn't this pistol come in a .45? I personally carry .380 but I am looking for a good, .45 caliber, conceal pistol. If anyone has any recommendations, especially the OP, I would greatly appreciate it.

June Lewis: The price on these guns have dropped like a brick falling out of a seventh story building! I considered either the 9mm or .40 caliber in this model. Since I have the Glock 23 ( 40 Caliber) and the M&P 40, I have decided to pass. Thanks for your honesty on such a fine, "Quality" firearm. I had to get in that little dig on you. I like a guy or gal who can laugh at themselves. I live right on the border with North Carolina. In fact, I was over in Reidsville, N.C., earlier this afternoon.  I live in Sutherlin, VA. Our accents are very similar. So, I thought I'd help a fellow Southerner out by subbing: besides, you are a funny guy! Take care, and good shooting!


Thad Oglesby: I wish people would stop comparing Taurus to glock

Frank Napolitano: I think it's a darn good gun. Don't know if it can compete with the Ruger SR guns but who knows ?

Dennis A Connelly: TaurusPistol pt24 is one of the best best pistols ever had as gun owner fired his gun 50000times never jammed

Joseph Talley: Well done, I have the black version in .40 and I love the feel and ease of shooting. Even female family would rather shoot it than my M&P Shield .40...
Taurus 24/7 G2 review 5 out of 5

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Taurus 24/7 G2 review