FaceMaster Platinum-Amazing At Home Skin Tightening/Wound Healing With Before And After Pictures

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Putting the FaceMaster to the test
FaceMaster Platinum-Amazing at home Skin Tightening/Wound Healing With Before And After Pictures
FaceMaster Platinum-Amazing at home Skin Tightening/Wound Healing With Before And After Pictures
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rowdyraven2003: HOW OLD IS SHE..56...57..?

Heather Fraire: would it work for bells palsy??

FastChevy Z28: Back to the 60s

Edgardo Carino: Many thanks, I been tryin to find out about "facial equipment repair" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across - Fiairoto Flexing Groundbreaker - (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my friend got amazing results with it.

Reg Plate: In jail? Her hair is a crime! So many American ladies have long hair, it’s so ‘picket fence, homsey’ , so they think. No one in Europe would be seen dead with this style over the age of 15.

Katie Hutton: I thought you were going to show how to use it for injuries/urns etc.

Barbara Mowrey: Here's a big secret girls! I use the face master at the highest setting after three months and felt stinging but I didn't care. Well you're not supposed to feel it that heavy and my face actually started going backwards and the collagen started going backwards I was draining it. My face was resisting it. Set the setting back down to low and if you feel anything put more conductive fluid on and you won't believe the results. Everything that was going south on me suddenly started lifting! I'm a cosmetologist and I did not know that microcurrent is supposed to be at a low setting or that it's not supposed to sting. When you've used it for years like Suzanne has then turn it up but you actually get more puffiness by relaxing the muscle than by tensing it. So turn it down girls and the lips will come out in the wrinkles will go away and Walla you've got your machine back! But the booties won't stop falling off and I can't afford to lose them. Now I love my machine again I almost thought it was impossible to get rid of those wrinkles around my mouth with anything, and they were just about gone in one use tonight when I turned it down. I can't believe I had to research the entire internet to get that information! All about microcurrent. And this is the strongest unit you'll find other than professional so it will last year's because when you need to turn it up it will be there as no other unit is. Other units have one setting and that's it. But yes the lower the setting the more results you are going to get for the first year I believe. I'm not a doctor just a retired cosmetologist for 40 years and I can't believe I didn't know this but I'm not an esthetician. I was nearly ready to send it back but thought I should do the research. When Suzanne says turn it down around the eye area she means it! But turn it down everywhere else until you've used it at least 6 months to a year. Then gradually increase. Hope I've helped. I can't believe my lips are all plumped and my wrinkles are gone! I've been trying for a month on the high setting to do this!

Barbara Mowrey: Scalp? We have scalp sores. I'm diabetic but others have them as well who are not diabetic. Doctor says fungus? Mold exposure? Can we use them for the scalp? Do we need lower current for feathering?

Barbara Mowrey: What about mouth wrinkles?! I love Facemaster but my lips and mouth wrinkles are tough! Help.

Susan Lounsbury: Hi, Thanks so much for your video - easier to follow than some of the others. I'm on my 4th day and wow. Immediate results, especially for my jawline and jowls.

Christina Staley: I love your video! I myself have terrible arthritis, fibromylsia and have been in 2 very bad car accidents. One of them resulted in an aneurysm rupturing on my brain and I suffered a stroke. I had to relearn to do everything I was left an invalid. That was when I was 19 years old I am 46 now and in a lot of pain. I am very poor so I was going to try to get one of these machines used but I cant seem to find the platinum machine. I was wondering if you were still giving gifts for your birthday, I would really appreciate it. I wont be able to own this machine any other way. Thank you & God bless you. Happy birthday!

Patrick2.0: how long does this last?

Stevie Wilson: Are you still using FaceMaster? If so, how are things going? Are there changes/improvements in the device since your review?

shilpa chadha: It ships to India and I am going to save up for this:).. they also have easy installment plans ,that's added benefit..fingers crossed! Thanks so much 💗

Linda Vee Sado: Never again. I had some frightening side effects after using a similar RF machine for a while. My eyes began flickering like the lights were going off and on and that went on for months

R Cyr: I appreciated all the information you gave about the technology. I just started using the machine and was concerned about some of the sensations I was getting and about how safe the machine really is. I get migraines easily, but I find if I stay off my forehead area, I'm ok.

Electrology Now: You can do this with two simple batteries you buy at the hardware store ... Use two: one negative and one positive ... same results as these machines (none). Micro-current is DC current ... battery current ... that's all!

Glitz Rue: I want one tooo!! But could never afford one, please thank you

Lisa Shields: I'm waiting for my Face Master to arrive. Can't wait till I can go along with your video! :)

Princess Ginwood: Thank you So very much! !! You are the Best and so knowable, and interesting at the same time ! I will be rewatching this as I am waiting for my face master to arrive. I like how youthful and glowing your skin looks.I can't wait to follow along with you ! You taught me so much!
FaceMaster Platinum-Amazing at home Skin Tightening/Wound Healing With Before And After Pictures 5 out of 5

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FaceMaster Platinum-Amazing at home Skin Tightening/Wound Healing With Before And After Pictures