Senegalese Twists | HOW TO - Prep And Installation

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Yazmin Goodrich: Do you know how many twist you has??

Jeanette Johnson: I don't like Sally Beauty Supply hair.

Chelsie Ward: First time 😲

glory Previlus: I've been practicing twisting all night watching a bunch of videos online. I was just about to give up. I said let me try one last video. Your technique worked for me. Thank you so much.

ah: how does she only have 13k subscribers?? i thought she had MANY more.

Dinesty Butler: Anybody know what side twist it is

nvrnakednails1: Wow I love these! How were you able to part the back straight?

Sis Mary Vil: you the best thank you it look easy but im going to try it <3 <3 it

donnie shallerhorn: Did you soak your hair with apple cider vinegar are the braiding hair i wanna try this on my daughter and i hair

Queen Zari'Yah Yahsharala: How do you twist the back.

Kimberjames Kurls: I love it! gonna try it. I also saw other videos on how-two; but you tutorial (especially on the roots) has really helped me. thank you!

afenismama: love how THOROUGH this was..might attempt these solo😅

I-Dream Ofjeannie: they are beautiful !!!

ReeRee Marie: She have some bomb hair😍

Monique Falu: Absolutely beautiful

Radiant Ronda: Beautiful outcome.😊

Naomie: Can I use this hair to do box braids?

M Spinks: Love this technique

Ambience Cain: How did you grow your hair so long if I may ask? And how long did it take? I Couldn't help noticing the length. It's stunning.

latijera moody: Good job
Senegalese Twists | HOW TO - Prep and Installation 5 out of 5

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Senegalese Twists | HOW TO - Prep and Installation