Samsung SSD - A Guide To Using The Samsung Data Migration Tool

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Jared Aleman: samsung magivian does not read my evo 850 whats going on?

James Parker: Does this software only work with Samsung SSD's?

Captain Chaos: The Data Migration worked the first time for me.
I transferred the data from a Western Digital Velociraptor 500gb hdd to a Samsung 850 Evo 500gb.
128gb data transfer took 10 minutes.
Thank you Samsung.

jonnie scott: When migrating windows 10 how does that effect the windows activation? Will the migration have my windows already activated from Microsoft? or will I still be able to activate my windows if not?  Also how can I use my old drive as a data drive after the migration?

Pow Getrekt: So, I had windows 10 pre-installed on my hhd. I bought a Samsung 850 ssd and I want my windows 10 and Mcfee and stuff to stay on my new ssd. Will the cloning clone my windows 10, and mcfee? And will I need to install any extra drivers? Also one more question. Can I still use my old hhd? All it had on it was windows 10, nothing else really.

Brandon Ion: Can you connect the new ssd to the pc internally and migrate that way?

György Varga: i get always a message when i start migration: SSD is is wrong?

Rangga Kurnia Trianggoman: thanks for tutorial

squibb: stupid program. i just bought an 850 evo, and put my noteboob hdd and the samsung 850 evo on my pc, thinking would be easy to make the migration... than i just discover i can't change the source disk. it's only useful to copy a c drive.

Ulugbek Musinov: how can i tranfer specific data?

์NemDannys: do you have to make your HDD partition remain only 1 drive (c:) to be able to migrate to ssd ?
my HDD Laptop has drive C and D. will it work ?

Madrid Gevara: Does anyone know the name of this mujsic. and by the way I have 2 850 EVOs, 500 gb. each, and the data migration software worked perfect. Thanks Samsung for making it easy.

Tim Miller: used data migration tool. cloned a 256gb ssd to a 1tb ssd cloning went fine However neither ssd source original or new target will boot. I'm f'd.

R.O.T.C SEEM: what if your using a desktop do i leave it in or do i have to still do the usb idk if the usb option on the video was because a laptop doesn't have room for both ssd and hhd or if it was because you have to do it by usb

Alessandro M.: what can i do if the program can't see my origin disk? (C:) Obviously my pc laptop is ok.

RvI2106: Samsung Migration software = POS! You Koreans don't know what is POS, GOOGLE IT!

Håkan Gustafsson: So.... migrate a SDD to another SDD is a no no

gimmieurBRAIN: I always get a message saying "Cannot locate a Disk with a Windows OS installation."

TheRealSpiritus: after trying about 50 times to migrate everything to my 500GB 850 EVO , i decided to do a clean install instead, this software is an absolute piece of garbage.

poolwizard11: so this program basically copies everything i have on my hdd to my sdd, and will then leave my hdd completely empty afterwards?
Samsung SSD - A Guide to using the Samsung Data Migration Tool 5 out of 5

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Samsung SSD - A Guide to using the Samsung Data Migration Tool