Linux Bitcoin Mining Rig Radeon 5850

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Linux bitcoin mining rig Radeon 5850 |
Linux bitcoin mining rig Radeon 5850 |
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Bitcoin Mining Rig 5x ATI HD 5850
GPU bitcoin mining rig ATI Radeon 5850 x 4 bitcoin miner
GPU bitcoin mining rig ATI Radeon 5850 x 4 bitcoin miner
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How to Install Ubuntu and Optimize CGMiner for Litecoin Mining Rig!
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Jon H: Are there any advantages of mining in linux?

Will Hutchins: The link on your blog is broken.

AmpEdition: lol your a freaking idiot, keep slaving for your money while the market keeps crashing...other will be millionaires or even billionaires, im sorry you cant grasp the concept :P

AmpEdition: everything will be cooler in a case my friend...the case keeps a lot more (dust) from cloging cards in the future and also creates a wind tunnel effect...also down clocking mem is also going to dumb down your oc...believe it or not but your mem is at least half of a good oc...other then that nice vid man!

Shakaama: can you put that in mineral oil?

Betcha Sorrie: To me, bitcoins are the pefect thing for drug dealers

Tender & Boys: please help me. need bitcoins for setup! 1EAxrhkvahxMUbk8LCWpxcMFRYqZ84fARq

databaseexpert: Bitcoin mining is fascinating. Your video was very interesting. Best wishes to you from MedellĂ­n, Colombia!

fwddodge22: it seems like you havent even attempted to keep pace with the financial world have you? the US is printing dollars like its going out of style, the Euro is pretty close to collapsing. at the present rate both the US dollar and the Euro will become worthless. Bitcoins are immune to currency manipulation by banks and governments. if the USD and Euro tank Bitcoins will become even more valuable. he actually IS creating real money. by the time you understand it, it will be too late for you to play.

Stormaes: @philipthrasher Thanks for clearing this up. This has been frustrating me for a while, I couldn't seem to work out why the card closest to the cpu runs so hot. I'd been thinking that it was some kind of overhead, needing to process a display that doesn't exist.

leanlifter1: @philipthrasher Thanx for the upload mate.

Philip Thrasher: @BelgianLife It's interesting to me that you're willing to judge someone you don't know. I own my own house, I have a great job, and this is a side hobby that makes enough money to cover the power bill. There are people who have made 6 figures with this. You seem like the kind of person with lots of anger, a miserable life, and likely (different from me) not much money. Why don't you spend some time improving yourself instead of tearing others down. You're not very good at it.

0zfer: Plus the card farthest away doesn't have another card after it to block airflow.

Brandi Yates: We have set up a new free pool bithasher com please join us!

Steve Harvey: How often do you mine 50 bitcoins on average? Have you made back your initial start up cost for graphics cards yet?

ariuszarim: @thedevo01 You would be surprised to learn it, but the Tesla under performs. nVidia cards use a different architecture that makes vector math require more flops. ATI uses a totally different style of GPU, effectively several dozen math co-processors, that excels at doing many billions of small calculations. A Tesla only gets about 50MH/s. Compare that to the 5850's 350MH/s. Yet, the Tesla costs more than a grand, go fig.

Oskar: @philipthrasher Really? That's impressive. I have to try that like right now.

Philip Thrasher: @thedevo01 The gap between the two has never been much as far as gaming is concerned. One brand always has a latest card that's better than the competition. It's a game of cat and mouse. If you're gaming, rebuilding your system just because something is out that's better is somewhat ludicrous. You'd be rebuilding your box monthly if you followed that philosophy. I can only tell you that OpenCL is a much faster math language than Cuda. Especially for mining. SHA-256 is around 8x faster on OpenCL

Devo Castler: @philipthrasher I see. And what does this mean? Does this mean AMD cards are better than nVidias? Or is this a coincidence, meaning that this is the only scenario where the AMD beats the nVidia cards? Because if for more complex calculations (like real-time particle simulation) nVidia is better, then I guess I won't switch. But if the tables turned ever since AMD bought ATi, then damn it, I might have to rebuild my PC.

Philip Thrasher: @cclark852 Not the CPU... it's cool as a cucumber. It's just hot cuz there is no airflow across the back like with the others. Even with the top card being so hot... It's still a relatively low temperature.
Linux bitcoin mining rig Radeon 5850 5 out of 5

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Linux bitcoin mining rig Radeon 5850