GTA IV Graphics Mod 2013 Edition (The Best Graphics Yet)

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HIP-HOP Beats: running on I3 4GB of RAM ?

James Crayton: OK, is it me or would this song be amazing in a trailer for the next season of The Walking Dead, after Negan's introduction. Knowing what's happened, this song would be beautiful for it. Especially the second half of the music, maybe remembering who has died like in the past season or two and the hopelessness of the seventh season coming. Maybe not the third part of the music, with the remix.

Just an idea.

zZIrish_GamerZz: Does it lag?

Asriel “Rei” Dreemurr: 3 words: Holy. freaking. crap!

Haider Mahdi: شكرا
انك رجل طيب وكريم


Mfgcasa: 4:10 I think your car's exhaust is broken

CornerrecordZ: Imagine games 10 years from now... Plus oculus rift...

yossef mohamed: PlayStation 6 ... well may be

SkullRipper: can some one give me a link to this mod there are so many graphics improvement mods out there I don't know what one this guy is using. :)

Alena Klepšová: holy freaking crap it looks like watch_dogs.

Derpancakes: The problem with graphics like this is that the motion that before seemed fine is suddenly jerky and erratic. If they make mods like this for GTA V, it may seem even more lifelike.

Maxstreet_Ltu: wow like in real life :O

francisco coronado: Is real... woow. The pc is powerfull.

NINedStark: Epic!!!! I need to Donwgrade my Version to

Ramiro Panfilo: I remember watching this video 3 years ago and I was speachless. towards the end of the video I literally had tears in my eyes not because of sadness but for tears of joy. I saw the beauty of gta4 for the first time and I saw the future of the GTA series in a way that was imaginable. I saw the countless time and effort people put into videos and games and for once appreciated the beauty behind the power of the mind and the capabilities and limitless imagination that we posses. I know most people will think this is kinda weird in a way but I don't care, most people won't read this but its ok, as I'm typing as of right now I'm currently wasting my mind and time on many useless obstacles in life, but thanks to this video which i finally found again after so many years, and many others, I now know what I want to do in life. Thank you, whoever made this video I can't thank you enough, hopefully u r having a great life and for those of u who read this thank u as well. Don't waste time like me, a19 yr. old hispanic young man\ kid who is currently lagging in life and spends more time thinking and planning my future instead of taking action or control of MY life, not anybody elses, MY LIFE to be exact. Hopefully I inspired u and yeah find what u want in life and love every last second of it and stay positive, don't worry about everything that can, will, could have, couldn't have, should haves in life or I cant do this or that. Literally if u set ur mind to something u can and u will accomplish what u want to do. I have proven to my self and others that I can and I will do anything that I want to do. There will be many haters and life is going to push you down, but its up to you to stand up and keep moving forward. Remember life is not perfect, peple are not perfect, but that does not mean we can not be damn near perfect. Idk what I'm saying but u get the point. Well that's it, the end. Jk, I can't remember whose quote this is, but the mind is a terrible thing to waste time flies so glide along side, not the slacker kind, let everything take its toll not everything in life comes easy oh yeah and actions speak louder than words this is for people like me who don't try to make a change in life who r afraid of what lies ahead or who feel that they r not happy in their current situation whatever the case may be. If u read this thank u for taking ur time and consideration well enough said hopefully u read now I have to go to bed... Jk peace out 

carlo fabiano: good job but its sill just a mod and no matter how good your pc you want run it smothly and you will forget some details so its better to stick with orignal game when it comes to graphics .but on the other stuff like( cars, guns, sounds...ect) mods could be fun

Sahil Tamboli: NICE DRIVING!

Jay: I did it but it looks so crap...ill stick to CryENB

mike hollyoake: lots of people have problems with the standard game because the game can't detect multicored processors or something.  the common fix is to add a text file called something like cammandfile. does this mod fix that issue or would I still need to fix the issue.
GTA IV Graphics Mod 2013 Edition (The Best Graphics Yet) 5 out of 5

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GTA IV Graphics Mod 2013 Edition (The Best Graphics Yet)