How To Identify A Broken Timing Chain - GM 2.2 (part 1)

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Alex Messina: Hey Paul, tell me if i'm thinking right re cam, crank, ig trigger/firing line correlation tests: If you are dealing with a wasted spark system, all of these (or almost all) would rely on CKP position only to fire plug pairs? If that's the case, you can't ever rely on a Rel Compression test and ignition correlation to ID a skipped tooth or stretched chain. There will always be a correct correlation between the TDC and Ig firing (assuming the CKP sensor and trigger are intact)?? Maybe for a wasted spark system, we should use an Inj pulse alignment?? But then how accurately can we rely on the position of the Inj pulse to confirm a skipped tooth? Just thinking ..... If you have access to a known good of course, you can revert to looking at CMP-CKP correlation only.

Allen Musser: I can tell If a timing chain is broke by the sound. You get the ear for it as a good technician. you can tell there is no compression and the motor cranks faster. I have never used a scope but the video had good tips

pancudowny: Adding to what I've stated before-as I can--I'd like to mention about something I found while readying to buy a replacement chain-set for my LN2: Cloyes part# C3019MS. This company is the most-respected engine cam-timing parts maker, and they devised & created a precision replacement chain-set for the LN2 that ELIMINATES the need for the tensioner/guide assembly. I just ordered one through Rock-Auto, and will be installing it--replacement plug & all--as soon as a decent workspace becomes available.

Joe Simonton: you talk too much in circles

Moggie20170000: Paul i'm working non a 2001 Chevy S10 4.3L v6. Does this truck have a shunt wire that needs to be unplugged to set the base timing?

Armando J Sanchez: Excellent info. Thanks!!!

TheProfessor936: I'm having kinda the same issues. Compression is coming out of my intake, lean intake backfire, have 53 psi fuel pressure, I have spark, no start, sounds to be struggling to crank with new battery. Could my timing chain jumped time? '99 Chevy V8 Vortec

Ed Smith: HI and thank you for getting back to me I have no power at the module

Ed Smith: HI I have a 98 s10 2.2 when the temperature outside get around 30 degrees the truck cranks but won't start it has no spark changed the module ,coils and the crank sensor any help or thoughts would be great pls help as I'm lost

Ivan Hernandez: when i first heard it i was like that sounds like a broken t-belt lol ive heard so many i can hear it right away

pancudowny: I've seen the chain-set on pre-'98 LN2's (OHV 2.2L) fail around 80k-100k miles, and many non-GM replacement sets fail within 30K-miles on all years of the LN2. The '98-later versions got a orificed lifter-galley plug, which extended the chain-set's life considerably... But they still failed. The most tell-tale sign of one failing is noise--either a ticking sound to a sound like metal nuts in a coffee grinder--coming from the timing-cover area. Also, odd hesitation upon throttle opening is a good sign, as I've found on other engine setups.

Fred Schwartz: Eric, it's a little-known fact that back in the 70's NEIL ARMSTRONG jumped off his farm truck and left his wedding ring and finger on the truck. I used to work with a contractor who, while framing a house, jumped down off a wall and left ring and finger up high on a nail that was sticking out of a stud.
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Rick Chapman: Going to have to watch this one a few times to let it sink in great video Paul !

Christopher: My 2001 gmc vortec 5.0 starts but stalls. It sometimes stalls after a few minutes and always after hot (and seemingly always in a busy intersection) and now I won't drive it because after last test drive I had to be towed back. Before this started I had a random misfire code so a mechanic installed a new distributor. No more code but now have the stalling problem. Changed plugs, wires. Scanner shows TPS % drifting, spiking, settling down, and all while idling for a few minutes. Coolant temperature started at ambient and climbed as I'd expect until engine stalled. I'm thinking I'll clean the throttle body and test the TPS voltages. Any other ideas? Thank you.

johna wrzosek: 2002 chevrolet 4 cylinder. My truck won't start sometimes. I turn the key and nothing happens. I go and disconnect the battery and reconnect it and then it will start. Could there be a short somewhere?

170324341a: Notes: No start S10. Fuel and spark checks. Compression problem due to bad chain or gear.Visual on cam with sensor removed confirms. Relative compression test also used but mistakes made lining up sync probe on wire 1 -- high kv from unplugged sparkwire 2 spiking up signal.

bbaaspencer1: How about do a video on the 1998-2003 2.2l S10 for the hard restart issue that has plagued 1,000's of us. I changed everything, but the cam sensor and fuel pump and still have the problem. Others have changed the fuel pump, fuel regulator and injectors with no successful results.

aleon1018: If the timing chain is broken, wouldn't you lose all oil pump pressure? So, then there's also the oil pump drive where the distributor used to be to check for movement. I have a 1999 I'm buying and the engine runs poorly and there is what sounds like valve popping under load. One cylinder compression was 150, while other were lower and the lowest @ 90. So, it still runs but not well enough to drive very far. If this chain broke could it ruin the valves and pistons? Do these cams wear out enough to also cause this..

SilverbulletRB26: Need help truck won't start no spark, no fuel, my dash doesn't light up a can't hear pump come on and I hook up OBDII for codes it said no link help
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How to identify a broken timing chain - GM 2.2 (part 1)