7.62x39 Stripper Clip Speed Loading Tool: Is It Faster?

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scott mouse: tip.. tear off a tab on the ammo box, fold it twice, and in certain it into the back of the stripper clip to hold the part of the clip making it easier to load. you won't have to fight getting each bullet into the clip. when it's loaded pull the tab out.

Kito: u got gd healthy brains. dats fast

doc363: where is the link?

Jose ACUNA: Where can I buy? Thanks

Nick P: would an sks speed loader work for an Wasr mag?

45CaliberCure: Great work. Now, if you can come up with a stripper clip that doesn't cut the living crap out of my thumb webbing when loading the gun I'll pay you whether you ask or not:) It may just be that my magazines need some break-in, and it's .308 vs. 7.62x39. For now, I'll use the Lula, but free sure is a great "selling" point. Thanks for sharing, as usual.

Nuttin Much: heh I just loaded up a stripper clip yesterday for fun...your tool would have been handy, there's no faster way to do it than you did in this video! thumbs up!

MWterritory: Thanks for the video and awesome idea I think I will give this a try.

WhiteMountainMan: Great idea. In a combat situation, loading your stripper clips is something you do in your down time, just to have something to do, as loading 10 rounds into your rifle takes the same amount of time, if not less, than loading your strippers. But as someone who tends to go through a whole lot of ammo when I make it to the range, this is something I am certainly going to adopt. Thank you.

whiskeymike80: That's some thinking right there! I like it!

TheSkater1233: if you reloaded your own ammo you could put them in that and you would be ready to go :)

scanpacker: Great idea, and video.......thanks. To me easier with the same ultimate result is always better for tedious tasks such as this; not to mention wear and tear on the thumbs...Lol

eltenda fabrizio: ok tnxs :)

TheLincolnWorld: @eltenda You dont. you make one :D

eltenda fabrizio: where i can buy one..?

ThreadToForget: This is genious <3

dkeasterly: So why haven't you slapped a patent on this bad boy yet? Where oh where to find the mystical 'cassette tape' you used ;)

Maximus M: its just a little piece of timber with some holes in it WOWOWOW

Jumping Squid: thats such a clever idea! good work!

Zombie Power Drink: @devster65 How much are they going for now?
7.62x39 Stripper Clip Speed Loading Tool: Is it faster? 5 out of 5

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7.62x39 Stripper Clip Speed Loading Tool:   Is it faster?