7.62x39 Stripper Clip Speed Loading Tool: Is It Faster?

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DIY:  SKS stripper clip Speed loader Tool 7.62x39
DIY: SKS stripper clip Speed loader Tool 7.62x39
Speed loading ammo From SKS stripper clips to AK mag (NEW)
Speed loading ammo From SKS stripper clips to AK mag (NEW)
SKS Stripper Clip Combat Loading
SKS Stripper Clip Combat Loading
Speed loading ammo From SKS stripper clips to AK mag
Speed loading ammo From SKS stripper clips to AK mag
7.62x39mm AK-47 / SKS Magazine Speed Loader
7.62x39mm AK-47 / SKS Magazine Speed Loader
How to load an SKS with a stripper clip.
How to load an SKS with a stripper clip.
Speed-loaders: StripLULA vs NC Star
Speed-loaders: StripLULA vs NC Star
7.62x39 Ammo Bandoleers for SKS & AK47
7.62x39 Ammo Bandoleers for SKS & AK47
How to load a SKS with a stripper clip EASY
How to load a SKS with a stripper clip EASY
Sks Stripper Clip Preps
Sks Stripper Clip Preps
M-16 / AR- 15 NATO 5.56 StripLULA magazine loader
M-16 / AR- 15 NATO 5.56 StripLULA magazine loader
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M1A M14 Stripper Clip Guide Removal
Stripper Clip
Stripper Clip

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doc363: where is the link?

Jose ACUNA: Where can I buy? Thanks

haoever: smart =)

tonebank2000: im just commentig cuz i liked the video

eltenda fabrizio: where i can buy one..?

Wehrmacht3GD: you sir, are a genius!

vstoprohva: I like it. Only problem is that you need to have a good surface to need that, but I guess it would be easy to improvise one if not having one. Amd could thing is that nothing stops you laoding your strippers manually if you don't have a surface.

devster65: i remember paying .50¢ for a stripper clip....times are a changin'

dkeasterly: So why haven't you slapped a patent on this bad boy yet? Where oh where to find the mystical 'cassette tape' you used ;)

aderonn: lol. well it looks like a pretty handy little tool.

Nick Moore: That's pretty cool, you could sell those for a buck at gun shops and make a killing (you know, as in profit not people)

daviddpb75: OUTSTANDING!

Browning252: they should make a tool that would make loading those faster

aderonn: wow thats cheap. how much do they cost now?

Nuttin Much: heh I just loaded up a stripper clip yesterday for fun...your tool would have been handy, there's no faster way to do it than you did in this video! thumbs up!

HamsterPants522: airsoft bbs...? really? There's a reason why men don't run into combat with red ryder bb guns you know....

annielwhite: NIIIICE XD

KeNNeYg77: Is there a speed loader to load my speed loader?

Odin885588: Nice vid. I liked the time comparison.

aderonn: wow. yeah thats quite a bit more. yay for airsoft bbs. 5000 high grade bb's for $10

pchillin: i just load my sks by hand no stripper clip

45CaliberCure: Great work. Now, if you can come up with a stripper clip that doesn't cut the living crap out of my thumb webbing when loading the gun I'll pay you whether you ask or not:) It may just be that my magazines need some break-in, and it's .308 vs. 7.62x39. For now, I'll use the Lula, but free sure is a great "selling" point. Thanks for sharing, as usual.

TheLincolnWorld: @eltenda You dont. you make one :D

ThaSkaine: I would get one of these here fancy watcha micallits but I just too darn poor!

sithlordben227: when you think about it it is a brilliant idea and it is nearly impossible to handload that fast. but possibly for a straight stripper clip such as a Mosin Nagant or Kar98 K it wouldnt be as practical but for a curved clip i would pay money or spend the short time to make one it is very awesome.

ThreadToForget: This is genious <3

tsngear: I have a prototype speed loader for stripper clips that I plan to bring to market soon. Each unit will hold 100 rounds of 5.56/.223 and be able to "speed load" ten 10rd stripper clips. Look for a video soon. tsngear

BikerTrashWolf: Slick tool! now I just need some stripper clips :)

DeadStawker: At that rate you could load 4 clips per minute, making it 2400 rounds per hour, maybe 2000 counting slowdowns Still better altho it seems you loaded the manual rounds slower on purpose

ZombiePowerDrink: @devster65 How much are they going for now?

whiskeymike80: That's some thinking right there! I like it!

scanpacker: Great idea, and video.......thanks. To me easier with the same ultimate result is always better for tedious tasks such as this; not to mention wear and tear on the thumbs...Lol

OpsGunandGear: Now make a Speed loader for the speed loader for the speed loader.

TAOFLEDERMAUS: Thanks. Yes, it's only practical if you are loading up 100+ rounds. in my opinion. I think people must think I sell these and are skeptical that I am trying to con them. I probably got the idea from watching collating machines at work, where 10 bags of potato chips would be lined up, and a person would grap the stack of 10 bags and plop them into the box.

JumpingSquid: thats such a clever idea! good work!

TAOFLEDERMAUS: On Cabella's website, 1000 rounds is $250. I thought it was selling for more than that but still quite a price hike.

TAOFLEDERMAUS: The ammo for these rifles were VERY cheap in the 1990s. You could get a case of 1440 rounds for about $90 or so. It was nothing to go out and shoot 200 rounds or more in one day.

RabbitusMaximus: Very clever. Nice job

TAOFLEDERMAUS: I'm sure there are those who will say I 1) sped up the video showing the tool being used or 2)deliberately tried to load the single rounds slowly. I think they must think I am selling these so I am trying to bamboozle and bs them!

TAOFLEDERMAUS: I probably could, as far as I know people have taken my idea and are doing that! I think it's kind of nice to offer free ideas to people where the normal expectation is they have to pay for something to get it. I'm just funny that way. Maybe it will catch on. lol

MWterritory: Thanks for the video and awesome idea I think I will give this a try.

Antonio001z: its just a little piece of timber with some holes in it WOWOWOW

TAOFLEDERMAUS: @tonebank2000 Well, thank you!

eltenda fabrizio: ok tnxs :)

BigBosley: Great gadget. However, I might add that I always grab 3 rounds in my hand at a time when loading clips the "hard" way. Just push them on in groups and save time. Kind of like when I load a revolver by putting 2 rounds between by thumb, index finger and middle finger so I make 3 passes instead of six and keep the shell loops or box close for economy of movement.

TAOFLEDERMAUS: @DeadStawker I can see how you'd think I manually loaded the rounds slower to make a point but I really was trying to do it as fast as I could. I hope that if someone watching this has doubts, that they would see how fast they can manually load and see if they can do it quicker. Maybe holding all the rounds in one hand so there is less reaching back and forth would make it more efficient.

TheSkater1233: if you reloaded your own ammo you could put them in that and you would be ready to go :)

aderonn: this is purely speculation but it looks to me like the speed loader thing is a little quicker. lol

shazdee: Stripper clips for stripper clips? Getting redundant?

modsavant: I guess I'm just spoiled. I buy my ammo in 1200-round boxes, pre-loaded onto individual stripper clips. In your original video showing how to make the tool, you should really explain this little important detail: this tool is meant to load the actual stripper clips, not the weapon. Now that I understand it, yes, it is faster than manually reloading.
7.62x39 Stripper Clip Speed Loading Tool: Is it faster? 5 out of 5

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7.62x39 Stripper Clip Speed Loading Tool:   Is it faster?