Threshing Wheat With A Treadle Thresher

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dijasom: You guys should acquire a mesh screen, that can be gyrated to separate the Seed from the Stems, as you seem to be losing a lot of the seed in your particular process.

It could also work along the same lines as that machines lower shaker, if you were to build one your own via a pedal.

AKmamma: That's awesome that they are working so fast. We need more people like this in our society. Love the work ethic. Keep more videos like this coming.

cristian pommersheim: Amazing Job!Sweet!

REV 21V5: team work, strong legs exercise...towards a great meal..

Stud_moofin: We are in a Amish Paradise !!!

jksatte: They definitely have a good rythm going there. That machine cost almost $900 though.  I guess if you grow enough grains it could be useful but wow. Much better for a group or large family working together.   Janice

arbonac: Very impressive.  I'm building a treadle lathe right now, and have extra flywheels for other projects.  I do not grow wheat, but this machine is a great example of the possibilities.

Paul Mathews: I want one.

I want to grow an acre of wheat and other stuff on my land, this would be great to have :)

Might have to make one though.

Corin Gatwood - The Urban Redneck: They are pros!

kevin d: Thanks for sharing. What is the guy in the back doing?

RockCrushing777: Now that is what i call well done.

gonedeepseafishing: I saw one of these hooked to a windmill, the kind of windmill that pumps water has the same action. Wait for a windy day thresh and let the wind blow the scrap pieces away. OR stick with the reliable kid power, either way works for me:)

Hugh Cameron: It would be good to have a video of how it works and the different parts within the machine, also what are the 2 people at the back a doing? Please.

Michael Bunker: This thresher was puchased at backtotheland period com for all of you who have been asking.

RelaxingHomestead: Do you have a link of where you purchased your treadle? Thanks

RelaxingHomestead: What brand thresher is that? Do you have a link to where you purchased it? Thanks
Threshing Wheat with a Treadle Thresher 5 out of 5

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Threshing Wheat with a Treadle Thresher