Farming Simulator 15 - How To Feed Your Cows

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Memphis Cole: I wish I could join but I have Xbox

gulfmedic1: so Im doing good with my cows but as you know you need straw and hay then bale it is there a place where you can just store straw and hay thats not baled?

gulfmedic1: great video got me some cows 150 of them and doing great with the feeding, I was wondering, im on ps3 is there a limit to how many tractors/implements you can own it told me to sell some stuff so i had room

gulfmedic1: great video you stated this is your test farm how did you get the money that high

Joseph Hernandez: Thanks man lol you saved me a headache

The Anonymous: The bale fork is used for round bales as well cause at the farm I go to we use a bail fork to put bales in the straw chopper all the time

Rick Svendsen: Honestly, I just farmed wheat until I could afford a scorpion and the buffalo, then I planted Fur trees by the lumber yard. You make 50k a tree on average and once you get good at using the scorpion, cut logs 8m long. Then I purchased the big Field and saved up for windmills. Then while you log increase time to ×120. You make 4k every windmill you have every 30 seconds. With more windmills you make more money. I don't even waste time farming fields or cows. Lol I may get into it for something to do but I have a fat bank account now. Can do whatever.

Tear Racer: Do u need to use mixed ration to produce milk and sell it cus I've done everything else

Mark Mclellan: Hi

Josh Gerding: Are you sure you live in Ohio you know nothing about farming and you think that all farmers are poor have you ever left the Columbus or were ever your from

Bass King: Where îs the water located în westbirdge hills?

9ine3hree9ine: Arthur Chapman your videos are awesome and it helped me get money faster and build a bigger farm ! also what i do to buy things i use math caculator and subtract the amount i have and with the money that you need to buy and see much how you get.

KTM 65: Thx bro this helped so much thx bro

Daniel Beam: I died when you got the bails stuck on your tractor lmao

Some random dude: Also,do you have to have a windrower?

Some random dude: Thank you so much! Definitely subscribing.

killer cam: Hay is not what you get from mowing the lawn IRL you have to seed your field then swath then rake then bail it takes 2 months per cycle

Drake Payne: @ArthurChapman How do you open the round bale handler on PC?

Sam Picken: I learned so much from this video 👍

Richard Barbee: You have to remember about those “30 year old tractors”, there easier to work on, last a lot longer, no payment, and parts are cheap for them. Just sayin comin from a real farmer
Farming Simulator 15 - How to feed your cows 5 out of 5

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Farming Simulator 15 - How to feed your cows