How To Replace Mazda 5/3 Blown/Leaky Rear Shocks

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How to Replace Mazda 5/3 Blown/Leaky Rear Shocks
How to Replace Mazda 5/3 Blown/Leaky Rear Shocks
rx8 blown rear shock
rx8 blown rear shock
Blown rear shocks on 15 Civic si!!
Blown rear shocks on 15 Civic si!!

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gustavogarza1: Mine fishtails a bit after going over bumps or manholes. I did the bounce test and it failed. Is that another common symptom of bad shocks?

Agartha Asamoah: sledge hammer my favorite tool always works

Adam Brown: not sure if your're still making videos, but you could put links to buy the tools and products and make a commission.

Blacc Sugar: Thanks man!

Joshua Roberg: good job bud

Mirza Haroon mughal: Good job!! Well done

Dane Belden: Well done video - thanks for the help!

Simon Blake: Thanks for the helpful video dude. You probably save me about €100. And I managed to get a socket set instead of paying a garage. I also was trying to remove the weld nut like an idiot.

Niamh Fitzpatrick: Great video. Quick question. My shock is in the same condition on a mazda5 and there is a clunking noise. Does this sound like the right symptom of a leaky shock?

fleet tech: When you taking the wheel off you do not need the extension on the breaker bar as it will be harder to remove the nuts

Peter Diaz: thanks bro, great video

kelvin glen: thanks much bro

Brian Leung: You done a great job making this video and it's very useful. I encountered a problem as the old shock absorber wouldn't compress when taking it out so I just cut it to make more room.

Rick Waller: Skip the first half of the video to get to the part where he is actually changing the shock.

brent56and1: This looks so easy. Why do shops charge so much? Firestone quoted me $600 to replace my rear shocks.

Ola Rex: I'm about to go do this for the first time! I think your video made things quite easy and straight forward. Thank you!

D Meag: Great video Garrett... cheers buddy

Nobody Special: Thanks man......sweet video....helped take the mystery out of it for a lot of peeps.... };^)

Dan Nork: I broke an upper shock mount last night. I'm totally fixing it myself now thanks to your video. THANK YOU!

Syed Ahmed: 2012 Mazda5 1.6d, guess what? Rear shocks leaking like a mofo at 32,000 miles! Sale at Eurocarparts both rear shocks Sach's £92.00, will try to get a video done :) Hope it is simple as this video or i'm screwed!
How to Replace Mazda 5/3 Blown/Leaky Rear Shocks 5 out of 5

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How to Replace Mazda 5/3 Blown/Leaky Rear Shocks