How To Make A Homemade Analog TV Antenna

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How to Make a Homemade Analog TV Antenna
How to Make a Homemade Analog TV Antenna
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asep suherman: Nice Video.

Itimna Anghel: Nice video :D

Violinistworrior: 10 feet so far, but yah the Analog days never went anywhere. I just want to sit out in the shade during the Summer stead of being indoors all the time, we have the "My Three Sons."COLLECTION, a very old TV Episode in Black and White.

TheCarWashChannel: Keep this video! Pirates are now using Analog for their own TV stations! This is great!

SEIgeMoDE: It did in 2007, this is analog which got disabled in 2009. In otherwords you need a converter box first.

SEIgeMoDE: ...

Dang4328: Stop saying get cable, it is a simple demonstration. And people that do use antennas, as do I, use them to receive better quality picture and it is free. And you call antenna users fools...

Matthew Hasman: Well of course, this is Analog TV, this was made before the digital switch over.

Christopher Davis: get cable, fool.

J Liverpool: Nice kid but this does not work. Actually tried this and just wasted all my foil.

Jason Smith: This crap dont work i tryed it!

alexei green: lol.. You read while you explain......haha

Barry Villacarillo: can i have more than hundreds of channels when i use this? pls tell me.

Nathan Kayle: @daiatlus79 Digital TV uses the same channels (and thus the same wavelength) that was used by analog TV.

Nathan Kayle: @ChempediaTV Read my comments to @daiatlus79. I make my living maintaining transmitters that deliver that signal you are receiving so I do know something about it.

Nathan Kayle: @daiatlus79 Yes of course it depends on the wavelength- but we weren't talking about wavelength- We are talking about form of modulation- and for any given frequency the antenna doesn't care crap if its NTSC analog or ATSC digital- its just RF to an antenna. And to clarify things further- while it's RF it IS an analog signal- modulated in 8-steps of amplitude. It doesn't become a digital signal until it is demodulated by the TV set.

daiatlus79: @nakayle antennas are dependant upon the wavelength of the signal you are trying to pick up. length, spacing etc are all important!

HolographicCMS: woo familyguys on!

MrElectroman3: On a satellite dish the whole thing isn't the antenna just the little grey things on the end of the rod That points towards the dish. What happens is the signal reflects off of the dish into the little grey thing. ( I don't know what to call it,) u r pretty close tho

TimmyD853: @shartne he forgot it was to hold the think down.
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How to Make a Homemade Analog TV Antenna