Yugoslavian Mauser 24/47

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waynerd23: @2damaxmr2 fine a new g..... sorry.... only joking.... on a serious note - put together an automatic Ruger 10/22 for her then

pector55: @halo1mastr The Yugo Mausers are heavier than the German K98s. I also prefer the sights on the Yugo because they are "block" than the K98's "V" shape. It may just be luck of the draw but my Yugo is more accurate. I have no problem hitting 12" metal plates at 250 yds with iron sights. With the K98 I can't hit a thing. For the price, the Yugo (at least mine) is one great gun.

2damaxmr2: I am impressed. My gf can't even handle .223.

Targetpopper: most of the parts on these rifles are not interchangeable with the normal long action 98s. So if you have a k98 dont buy any m24/47 parts for it, odds are they wont fit. pretty cool video, get em started young!

Jim R: Whack that bolt, lol

JRhoney: The country that built it. German mausers have a longer action than yugo ones but the difference is not really noticeable. Also, yugo ones tend to be cheaper at the moment.

Немања Вгд: Yugoslavian is shorter for 10 centimeters then Mauser K98.

Raljr15: i angree with icemelongreen
Yugoslavian Mauser 24/47 5 out of 5

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Yugoslavian Mauser 24/47