Inside A Double Action OTF Automatic Knife

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Vucari: i have one just like this, is there a way to adjust the opening and closing tension on these ?

danny2m12: You went right to the point. (no pun intended). That was very concise, precise and down to the subject of the video. Thanks for really making sense. and believe me I have watched so many other clips and for some reason I got more confused.
once again thanks, and cheers !!!!

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Ruger 40: who wants a pretty knife when it's time to use it the victim is not going to be like oh wow that was a pretty knife I can make a number 2 pencil work

Eric jones: But are these quality long lasting knives or just gimmicks?


Liam Nordin: This video helped me so much in fixing my Rumble OTF knife. I could not for the life of me figure out how to hook everything up, but you explained it well. Thanks so much!

blipblip88: neat. do you thnk they could make the case thinner?

Travis Nash: Я 1 русский?

Christopher Sharp: so is the retraction only gravity?

reincarnatedGypsy: Could you add a link to this blade in the description or something? It'd be greatly appreciated!

cactar6556: That was so simple.

Kastkings FishNFreak: Lmao your so funny I just got mine today from blade play and right when I opened it I took it out turned it up side down and looked at the spike glass breaker and notice my blade just came out? Huh?, I thought I don't even switch the blade yet? I faced it back upright and the blade went back in lol

Whitevaliantwarrior: Thanks, I always wanted to disassemble my knife, I'm not sure why, nor do I care, but it sounds good>$#@&*__00--

zeke323bellsouthnet: thanks helped alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Johnny Machuga: where did you buy this otf knife?

WilhelmAQ: Sorry. I just find it strange to hear youtube videos start out with someone asking what's going on. Can't answer. I find it funny.

TotallyL337: LMAO what a weird comment

XIUXIU1313: I do care.

WilhelmAQ: Why do you ask what's going on when you really don't care?
Inside a Double Action OTF Automatic Knife 5 out of 5

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Inside a Double Action OTF Automatic Knife