Marlin Model 60 Disassembly

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marlin model 60 disassembly
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Nate Ngzcaz: This is the kind of video 90 percent of owners can readily understand and are capable of doing. Its amazing how many other videos are so confusing. Break it down to where you have it and with the stock off, spray everything else liberally with Breakleen and then blow it with an air hose. A very small amount of synthetic motor oil ( I use clock oil ) in selected areas and you're good to go. Many owners could go years w/out any further breakdown and cleaning than this. 

Shane Bruce: Thanks for the video. Showed me what I needed to know.

Frank J. Figerle: stop clearing your throat it will drive a person nuts watching the video. Dont you listen to yourself before posting.

John Hattabaugh: just picked up an older marlin m-60 (made in '83 or '84, can we say normal magazine capacity?) from a buddy at work. i finally know how to get the charging handle out...never owned a marlin before...sorry for my ignorance on that. i'll be replacing the handle soon, as i think it's worn out, very sloppy tollerance. plus the stock looks like garbage. but once i'm done, i'll have a marlin to be happy with. but i digress...thanks for the info, and good video. and as always: semper fi, carry on!

HUNTFISHTRAPOHIO: Those screws are cheap look up they have basically everything for a marlin model 60 all the screws triggers guards everything 

charles huckabee: Thanks!

Joseph Zepeda: My charging bolt is stuck open any tips?

bigjohn22: I bent the spring but fixed it with some needle nose pliers and got to have lots of finger strength to get it back in with bending it

Bryan Volkers: My step dad inherited his from a family member that was used in a war and when I took it apart everything was in good condition just need to get the rust off

Austin Allgire: thank you so much. my dad bought one a long time ago and it has been shooting worse than a 70 year old .22 so i took it apart to this vid and its caked in dirt.. thanks so much man

resin807: when i reasembled it the bolt wouldnt close? what am i doing wrong?

Anthony Wayne Walker: Good video. I've got a dozen Marlin 60's. Collected them over the years. I see one at a pawn shop and if 'clean' enough I pick them up for $80-$100. A bit cheaper than new. I've bought my sons a few. 550 round boxes of ammo at around $15 per box. Good Prepper inventory.

ixVENGEFULxi: ohhhh damn! i would try and bend it back then order a new one from numrich. ive purchased replacement parts from them before cheap prices. gunpartscorp . com is the website. hope ya get it taken care of.

ixVENGEFULxi: it's called a function check my man. it's ok.

James Verret: dude thanks for this video. my rifle is extremely dirty and i for got how to disassemble it and i need to clean it for alligator season.

mrhhj: Thanks for the knowledge. Good video.

The iBookGuy: Thanks for this. I was trying to clean up one of my dad's old guns and wasn't sure how it came apart.. this was great.

Tim Rogers: @ixVENGEFULxi Alright cool. I will post a video of me shooting crows soon :D

ixVENGEFULxi: i don't understand what you mean by the slide? if you are referring to the bolt carrier oil would be fine. if you are referring to the magazine plunger/magazine rod that should be left dry in my opinion. hope this helps.

Arlen Leffmann: Thank you I just fixed mine by watchin your video. Its been broke for 6 months.

Survivor Gluke: pretty helpful

Brandon Cracker: Yea seems they really went up in price. I looked for a replacement for mine a few years ago, and was roughly $15. But yea, your price point is the average it seems now. That sucks.

ZMonster06: My Grandpa bought me this gun for Christmas when I was 16, brand new right out of the box. I have probably shot it a dozen times total, never cleaning it once like a complete idiot. The REAL tragedy is that I havent been 16, twenty four years now boys. I cleaned that beautiful rifle out tonight after watching this video to pass it along to my 14 year old. I taught him "treasure Great Grandpas rifle better than I ever did. Good lord I have never seen carbon build up like that before.

willwood487: had one yrs ago was pretty beat up and held together with a paperclip. But it ran great. lol

RTArmory: thanks dude im ordering a couple springs just in case, one thing though can you show a vid on putting the spring in close up because for me it doesn't look possible to put it back with how big the spring and how little the gap

RTArmory: dude I cant get the spring for the charging handle back in now it bent what should I do

caleb4387: has anyone fount a ceartain brand of ammo that theres doesnt like? my gun is filthy but still fire everything from remington thunderbolts up to cci

vertebaby: Sounds like you dry fired that thing....poor Marlin :(

ScottHammond: Great video, i was wondering how to clean the model of firearm.

Jiffypistol: What ammo brand(s) work best in these rifles? I just bought one from a pawn shop myself.

ixVENGEFULxi: did you hit the bolt release down by the trigger guard?

taylortrash313: apparently ive never properly cleaned my mdl 60 untill i saw this video. ive had it about 10 yrs? when i got it apart it was the most disgustingly filthy gun i have ever seen! there was sand and grit and all kinds of powder residue, to the point that it came out in chunks. using quality ammo, it still functioned perfectly! ive put 1000s of rounds thru this gun over the years even shotshell! im sure it will now give me another 10+ yrs of enjoyment thanks for the helpfull video.

Jack T: TY for the wonderful how-to video. I've had this rifle for going on 30 years and never dismantled it. LOL! I REALLY needed this vid. :)

jordanaug81: I would highly recommend it, hope you have bought .22LR ahead of time though because finding it right now is next to impossible.

datguy781: Thanks for making this video. I bought a used Glenfield 60 took it directly to the range and had a less then enjoyable time with a jam every other shot. While watching your vid I took mine apart and discovered this thing is horribly dirty plus the inner metal parts are all pitted. Looks like I might replace parts or replace rifle. Thanks again for making this vid.

soorokie: i wana put in a new extractor, wish ur vid had that in there for me

PcTechGuys: I was looking online on the some store and the outer tube costs around $25 can u send me the link to the $15 one?

ixVENGEFULxi: I have replaced them I can make a vid for ya if ya want bro

g0lbez81: For some reason my action wouldn't go back on my bolt unless I had the bolt locked in the rear position, not sure why but that's how I put mine back together. If I put the action on the bolt all the way forward it would hard lock where I couldn't pull back on the charging handle at all. Maybe because mines newer? Mine is brand new Marlin 60 that uses the 9/64 hex wrench, not the flat head screws.

ixVENGEFULxi: @john48329020 right on i have a brand new one now!!

James Cockerham: clear your throat enough? damn. ruined the video.

Mightylite94: good vid thanks

Outdoorsman351: @jrelee1 Maybe a hammer spring.

RB5566: Great video, thank you for sharing. I have a quick one of the little "clip things" (sorry, don't know what they're actually called) at the end of the bolt carrier supposed to be longer than the other? To be more specific, it's one of the two black hinged "hooks" that hold the rim of the shell in place so the firing pin can hit it. I noticed while cleaning it today that there was a definite difference in how far they stuck out of the end of the bolt. Just want to make sure! Thanks!!

ixVENGEFULxi: right on i love the model 60.

ixVENGEFULxi: @realisticcritic i have this problem when i shoot cheaper ammo. what kind of ammo are you using?

RTArmory: bought the gun for real cheap and it looked in decent shape but then the bolt stayed stuck back so I took it apart and all I can say is it looks like someone took a liter of gun powder sprayed it with lube and poured the sludge on the gun

ixVENGEFULxi: @treasuredroperX yeah this one belongs to a friends step dad and when i cleaned it it hadent been cleaned in about 18 years. it was so damn nasty man. this one is an old rifle but it still has the original stickers :). i just recently purchased a new one for my self it is stainless and walnut looks great ill do a vid on it soon.

rocky954: great video this helped me alot with my marlin 60 disassembly. very good detailed video!

edhunted777: I use oil or a lube on the slide?
marlin model 60 disassembly 4.8 out of 5

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marlin model 60 disassembly