Marlin Model 60 Disassembly

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How to disassemble and reassemble a Marlin Model 60 trigger group, by Isaac (age 10).
How to disassemble and reassemble a Marlin Model 60 trigger group, by Isaac (age 10).
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Simple mistake == WRONG solvent trap adapter!
Simple mistake == WRONG solvent trap adapter!

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David Gillespie: Thank you helped a lot

Matti Koski: safety is off at the beginning of the video

Doom Smythe: u gotta pull the bolt back before u put the action part on, u gonna bend the extraction spring and it jams up, read the directions

Craig Smith: Thanks for the video!

Payoloskov Norris: thanks now my 60 is clean i removed like a 1kg of dirt Lol :)

cruiser1947: Thank you for this video ! It helped me a lot.

wm17959: There are a number of videos showing how to do this but I like yours the best. I have a Marlin Papoose takedown rifle but I'm sure it's the same.

Larry Evans: This video helped me clean my new/used mod60 I just picked up. It was so dirty, I run it under kitchen sink, with a plastic brush, because there was no other way to get the nasty out. It was the dirtiest gun ever. Never cleaned. Anyways thanks. And my plastic bushing discinigrated, and fell out in 3 pieces when I lifted the bottom receiver. Any ideas on how important that is??

joesbarandgrill100: I swear that recoil spring is impossible

brentfoto: Is it really necessary lift out bolt, charging handle and recoil spring and guide rod to effectuate a decent cleaning, or can one just spray in that area with aerosol solvent and later oil, thus avoiding the bent recoil spring problem some apparently encounter in reassembly? BTW, good video!

Richard Fabbri: Cool video!1

Jeff K: Before your next video, blow your nose.  And be aware you clear your throat nearly every time you start talking again.

Cliff Yablonski: Great video, you make replacing the recoil spring look so easy, it's still a pain in the %$#@ for me. Other than that it's a great rifle.

Darren Ridings: Thanks so much for the video. I have had my model 60 for about 8 years and have never field stripped it. I just ran a bore snake through and called it good. I have always been afraid to take it down. The only other firearm I have had was a HR topper model 12gu. Not much work to that one. I followed the video, paused it to spray, clean, brush and wipe clean; up paused it and put it back together. I am a firearm enthusiast, but am afraid of tearing it down and never getting it back together. This video was dummy friendly. Thanks again.

Nate Ngzcaz:  This is the kind of video 90 percent of owners can readily understand and are capable of doing. Its amazing how many other videos are so confusing. Break it down to where you have it and with the stock off, spray everything else liberally with Breakleen and then blow it with an air hose. A very small amount of synthetic motor oil ( I use clock oil ) in selected areas and you're good to go. Many owners could go years w/out any further breakdown and cleaning  than this. 

The Bruce: Thanks for the video. Showed me what I needed to know.

charles huckabee: Thanks!

Frank J. Figerle: stop clearing your throat it will drive a person nuts watching the video. Dont you listen to yourself before posting.

Bryan: My step dad inherited his from a family member that was used in a war and when I took it apart everything was in good condition just need to get the rust off

Joseph Zepeda: My charging bolt is stuck open any tips?
marlin model 60 disassembly 5 out of 5

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marlin model 60 disassembly