Use K Cups In The New Keurig Vue Machine

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Keurig Vue: how to use keurig k-cups in the new keurig vue
Keurig Vue: how to use keurig k-cups in the new keurig vue
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Use K cups in the new Keurig Vue machine
Use K cups in the new Keurig Vue machine
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Solofill V2 Review + How to use Keurig K-Cups in the Keurig VUE Coffee Maker
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Paulette H: Where did you get the plastic reusable cup?

Kalyn Ferrini: the adapter is really good with the free fill cups that close. Ive had my vue for a year and so far no issues with my kcup adapter (knock on wood). I just tear a coffee filter, fold it over and lay it over the top of the original cup, so that the needle hits that rather than straight into grinds. Maybe that'll help some of you having issues?

Kamesh Chittella: Pooyou

Mario Gomez: Thanks just bought a vue not realizing there are bra sizes on this darn thing so I unbeknownst bought k cups and can't return the damn thing but I knew someone on youtube would have the answer so cool man o-ring definitely helps

A C Moore: Thank you...received K-cups for Christmas, but have a Vue machine.  This helps a lot...

Roberto Tejada: I don't think you should be using this method. I been reading that the needle in the Vue becomes clog. You can use a Solofill K-converter since it keeps the grounds from coming into contact with the needle. You can also use the  Solofill V1 if you want to use your own grounds. The V1 works similar to the K-converter in that the needle does not come into contact with the grounds. I have been using it for over a year and had no problems with clogs. 

John Cohen: Take the lid from an approved 2.0 #singleCupCoffee  pod and stick it on top of the non-approved pod? Got it. Wait, that's not what you did. 
John C. 

Sylvia Morrison: I was wondering if this would work if you use the k-cup adapter. Kinda like an adapter in an adapter. Have you ever tried that?

greenscarab2: I love my vue.. The cups are recyclable and the adapter for it works great. I put loose tea and herbs in the adapter, So I guess I can open the kcups and just put the whole filter inside the adapter?

Adrian Casados: Will it mess up the vue machine.

Jeremy Meixner: Solofill has a new model adapter called the K-onverter that keeps the needle from contacting the grounds and won't clog your Vue.

Mister K-rad: i assumed that this was not possible because of rfid in the vue cups, i guess i am wrong?

ceomomwi: I purchased and used the K2V adapter in my Vue maker and after 3 weeks I can  no longer use my Keurig because it won't push water.  It's a totally dead machine.  Calling Keurig only resulted in an offer for $60 off a new Vue and a warning not to use any adapter.  Call to the maker of the adapter has offered for me to ship my machine to them to review and verify if their device caused Vue to stop working.   Their position is the Vue just stops working on its own, unrelated to the adapter.   I too wish I had done more research.  I could have easily ran a "cleansing brew" through after every cup of coffee... but had no reason to believe there would be a problem.  Consumer beware, I guess.

Nina Henderson: Genius. Thank you.

Maria Davis: Has anybody utilizing this method have issues with it clogging the lines of their machines? I know the V2 has had problems, but this sounds like a better idea than the adapter. 

Tom Williams: josh id put the hole in the bottom foil the top of the used vue packs

Breanna Brigman: videos like this is why I get calls nonstop that their brewer just quit for "no reason" and have to replace them. when the reason is it's trying to be cheated and messes up.

Reality Thumper: I bought this machine and I CAN'T GET COFFEE FOR IT WTF!!!!!! and when I do find it, it's TWICE as much AND has little to know choices in variety!!!! WTF!!!??

Raymond Lyons: 
LOVE LOVE LOVE MY VUE..... Especially once I found the K2V cup... Lets you use K-Cups in the machine... Sooooooo many more flavors available in the K-Cups. Huge savings compared to the Solofill v2.. Seen the V2 for as much as 104 bucks on E-bay due to a supply and demand issue. These things are sold out everywhere.. The K2V cup, from what I can tell, does exactly the same thing for alot less.. Here's a link.. Happy Brewing To All.. And To All A Good Morning!!!   

Tricia Zawislak: I found this and thought it was a great idea until I thought of the grinds. I use San Francisco Fog Chaser from BJ's and they have the little filter pouch and don't leak grinds. They do fit perfect into the regular Vue cups, but have the same problem with getting jammed, you have to pen the machine VERY slow or close it and open it again. I will try the rubberband or O-ring but my fear is that it will get tossed in the morning rush...LOL It's worth the try, thanks for the video!!
Use K cups in the new Keurig Vue machine 5 out of 5

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Use K cups in the new Keurig Vue machine