Harlem Globetrotters Pinball Machine Video

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Harlem Globetrotters Pinball Machine Video
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redstewpea: I mastered this game in the 80's..my favourite pinball game´╗┐

Fabrice Di Meglio: One of my favorite pinballs: Bally 'Harlem Globetrotters On Tour' Harlem Globetrotters Pinball Machine Video http://www.ipdb.org/machine.cgi?gid=1125´╗┐

Logan Bratton: Yours sounds different from mine. All the noises are higher pictched.

goodwilj: I'm not a basketball fan but this is the greatest pinball machine of all time. I used to play this in college back in the '80s. Where are all of the floor lights? The lights and sound effects were awesome. I loved the drop targets and shoot hoop. Amazing game.

MrSilverballmania: @dj6927 if f4 blows you need to replace bridge rectifier br3 is shorting or you have a short somewhere else you can check the br3 with a multi meter check vr1 red varistor see if it is melted looking or damaged you can find how to check bridge rectifiers on youtube by typing it in are any of the plugs brown on j1 j2 j3 looks like they got hot this can be a problem to

dj6927: @MrSilverballmania Yah, I'm at a standstill wondering what's wrong and what to look at next. I wish we hadn't taken it apart when we moved it.

MrSilverballmania: @dj6927 you have 12volts if the led is lite but check for 5 volts on mpu board tp1 should have 4.9 to 5.2 volts if no voltage the mpu wont start to boot if you have about 5 vols on mpu this is hard to fix it can be anything let me know

dj6927: I got a tiny bit closer. Lights come on when I power up, but it blows F4 right away now. Still have to check voltage on the MPU. The light that used to flash 7 times does not flash at all.

dj6927: The lights on the back are all lit and some on the playfield. I turned it off, pulled the 3 plugs off, pushed them back on, powered it up and now no lights. I wiggled the wires and the lights came back on, but there's a crackling noise on the back of the fuse board and F4 blows. Another thing I noticed is the LED on the top left board (MPU?) doesn't flash at all since I put it back together. I wish I hadn't taken it apart when we moved. I fear I've harmed it when I put it back together.

MrSilverballmania: @dj6927 still having problems with yours not working?

Michael Barnett: Sorry to say I was addicted to this game, I often got it to 30 game credits. I used to love the cracking sound of a credit, even sweeter the sound of 3 credits over about 5 seconds. This could be done by knocking down the right hand set of 4 targets and 'dunking' the 5th, passing a half million mark or some other bonus. He hasn't banged the machine once , useful if the ball is going miss the flippers. There is also a trick of banging the machine just the right time, gets a lost ball back.

Plywood King: Memmmmmmories!

goodwilj: I used to be able to make a shot that would light up all of the touch sensors on the left side "at once". It was so cool. I am dying for some software company to make a digital virtual version of this game for the Xbox360. Say a Pinball Classics Collection for Bally similar to the one they have for Williams. I think I could die and go to heaven if they'd make that.

MrSilverballmania: @dj6927 did you take off the back box? if so check your power supply 3 plugs make sure there in all the way do you have any lites does the machine do any thing except to look good? also check your main plug this might sound silly but i seen bad plugs that got damage on a move next is there any led lite on the mpu or see any flashes? thanx robert

MrSilverballmania: @dj6927 f4 is the fuse for flippers and coils 43 volt about 5 amp fuse recheck your plugs onpower supply also triple check all plugs on all boards are the plugs burnt on power supply? check j3 on driver board this supply 5 volts to mpu .you have 12 v if the led is lite j2 on power supply pin 6 and 7 is 110v ac to power supply make sure thats plugged in wright to does your led when turned stays lite or flash 5 or 6 times and stay lite you wont get the last flash until you get 43 v to mpu

dj6927: Beautiful machine. I have one too. The only problem is I moved mine for the second time and now it doesn't work. I tried writing a letter on a repair site, but it won't accept it. Do you know of a site to write to that could help?

MrSilverballmania: @dj6927 sorry on the last post it is test point 5 for 5 volts did you get it working yet?

dj6927: The crackling was a wire on the power supply board. As I wiggled it, the lights went on and off. The voltages are all correct on the supply board now, but the light on the MPU still does not flash at all.

MrSilverballmania: @dj6927 let me know after you check this out where do you live dont have to exact i live south east of columbus ohio i will have my majic jack going here shortly i can call you and help this is better than play key board tag thanks robert

trex70: loved that pinball...loooong time agooooo

Patrick Mersinger: I loved this machine when i was growing up. First machine i ever got over 1,000,000 points on. Thats alot in those days, now you get a million practically when you put the quarter in. Bought one on Ebay and fixed it up played it for a few years. Great memories indeed!!!

Patrick Mersinger: Aw go sit on your ass all day shooting people on the tv. I hate today's games, great graphics but too damn violent.

thegreendragon193: It should be called "CLICK HERE TO WASTE 5 MINUTES OF YOUR LIFE!!"!
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Harlem Globetrotters Pinball Machine Video