Dragon's Dogma - Gold Idol In-Depth Walkthrough [Escort Duty Quest]

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Magnus Nilsson: There's a bug for me where she instead of falling in the beginning starts running after me and then acts as if I bumped in to her. I can't get the golden idol because of this.

David Rockery: please help meeeee....i am on New game plus...in the first run Fourniva gave me that mission but Now not....i don't know why....i alread done the chasing shadows and land of opportunity but he don't ask me for the quest?can anyone help me....i want gold idol

Sir DeVinci: this video was posted on my bday =)

Itami Uragiri: i kinda got golden egg .. what to do to get Golden Idol? :/

Jacken Jessee: She got pushed and fell so i went to pick her up(grab) and the fkn guard put me in chains!

Mike Schaffert: I got a fckin golden egg -_- how im i supposed to get a idol then?

Jordan Hull: Little bitch, looks and acts like Honey Boo Boo. Can I please let the rogues and or the wyrm kill her?

Tyler McAlister: You have to leave Gran Soren first and come back after doing The Land of Opportunity. Then the quest will pop up FYI.

Vlad Tepes Dracul: Thank you! I am glad I looked it up! Got the gold idol!

shane1511: I got the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Cursed Idol :D I'm going to get a Forgery of all four of them. Sadly the cursed idol is useless but still nice to have. You can get it by the Abbey. I personally think the Abbey aren't who they say they are. They act like defenseless, innocent Priestess's but I think they're evil witches and this is why. One: The Abbey is in the middle of a dead forest and better yet at night time the whole area is swarmed with hordes of zombies. A lot more than usual. Two: Quina, the girl in the beginning of the game that looks for Selena to try and aid you with your scar goes to the Abbey and she creeps the hell out of me when I found her there. When you walk in the small house right beside the church she'll be in there but when I walked in she had aa creepy giggle and when I talked to her she talked about me like I was a rumor even though we grew up in the same village. The evil witches are getting to her D: Also the Graveyard behind the church will be swarmed at night time which is strange due to supernatural tradition Blessed Land should have prevented that. You know with the church and all. Also for the people who have read this far, if you do the Escort Duty Quest with the Bratty little girl be EXTREMELY careful! One: DON'T touch her. Keep a distance at all times but stay close or else she'll get mad. Two: When you play Hide-And-Seek she's behind the Bar place. Find her fast. Three: Quickly get her water. Four: Let her win the race. If you do all correctly you'll get the Golden Idol. Talk to her after talking to her father. If you don't get it you probably bumped in to her, were to slow, were to far or won the race.

Viktor Kjellström: Lol raven i posted that comment over a year ago

Calvin W: This one is stupid.... my animation showed the girl run outside the castle walls... so i go outside "quest failed...." fcccccccck!

RavenEX: no never speak to the duke unless you are ready as you will lose some quests when you do..

Leroy Kavinsky: Just a little question: Do you have a Dragons Dogma standar digital delivery or a retail copy?

IceNine: so i failed land of oppertunity cause i made the wrong choice i think, does that mean i cant do this quest?

Jim R: i did the quest, got 15k ld, and some but no egg or idol...the only thing i MIGHT have done wrong was take too long for hide n seek...whats the deal? is it because im not 35?

TheMrburgerz: Gold egg, why did i get a gold egg?

TheIvoryFalcon: I don't think it is...

Jesse Deslauriers: fournival was found guilty... is this quest still available cuz i don't see it

WookDaDuke: I wonder..........what would happen if i casted High Bolide in the middil of market of Grand Soren?
Dragon's Dogma - Gold Idol In-Depth Walkthrough [Escort Duty Quest] 5 out of 5

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Dragon's Dogma - Gold Idol In-Depth Walkthrough [Escort Duty Quest]