Autoflower Big Bang Final Few Days

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pitbullman1995: was the bud good tho?

Talonclawz1: you cunts should leave him alone geez its like his first grow u all would if been crap and if u havent ever grown one keep ur dirty traps shut


ungah420: let the freaking thing groo wtf whats up with krimp caramell lmfas the red and orange hairs are telling u let me groo till all my hairs are dead

Rocky Starr: Pathetic attempt at growing weed You sound like you should be growing Pansies instead

Milo Miller: OI PAEDO leeeave those kid's alone!

thetwocrazed: Lol, u sound like a pedo ^^

uju juj: loled my ass off at the 2nd one its so pathetic

mafiahitmen100: 2-3 weeks more m8

BigNathaz: Yer dude looks ready may that extra week ur cc looks stretched... My fast bud 2, cream caramel and himalaya blue diesel is ready in bout 11 days cc smells like a candy cane factory can't wait to roll up fb2 abit unstable and I topped the hbd at day 36 Doin good but guna give her an extra week. Happy smokin

James Green: Yeah lol i uploaded the wrong video

kash croft: i clicked this earlier and got a vid if a dog? lol. hard to tell, you say you've smoked a bit off of it. If it got you wasted then go for it.

James Green: I stripped the fan leaves off thats why it looks different i got the seed off pick and mix seeds

CropMarley: Youre Big Bang looks difrent than mine,and i think i see 7 finger leaves,mine got til 5.
Autoflower big bang final few days 5 out of 5

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Autoflower big bang final few days