How To Tell If An Air Jordan IV Is Authentic Or Fake

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How to tell a fake Air Jordan V or a simple way to judge if Fusion V's are legit.
How to tell a fake Air Jordan V or a simple way to judge if Fusion V's are legit.
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Sebi Santiago: My 4's don't have that white up part where the blue is, are they fake

Lucas Lopez: I got fake ones 😿😿

Kameron Koch: Lol look on flight club on the military 4s the air bubble is blue know your facts 


ICECOOL: Do of 4s

JK zeroeight: yo jstar please answer this question coz im really confused about this.. does the triangle thing on the side matter? i mean i see some legit 4s with a wider space inside the triangle and some are narrow.. like in your mist the triangle is thicker compared to your military..

Rob Jr: Anybody here think they can help me with a legit check on cool grey 4s.

micheal jordangamo: Good advice don't hav ur music playing its hard to hear

dijon: Yo Jstar did the black cat 4s on the kid sizes have the writing on the tab or just adult sizes?

Sammy Fallen: It's just a year mistake get over it captain douche.

juan diaz: What about the stitching?

bboykenex: Wait when you say on the black/cements the lace hole area and the lower part of the shoe should match, you made a distinction between that and with the blues that you were holding. So with the black/cements that gray lace area should match the gray at the bottom right? and on your blue ones the blue on the lace area should match the little piece above the bottom (where you pointed, the little triangle part). So they match in different areas right? cuz thats how it is on my black/cements

ColtonPowers: Jstar do you think it would be worth it to do an update of this fake vs real "series" or are the flaws usually the same to this day?

Luis Funds: you said the laces blue thing has to match wit the bottom but the lighting 4s dont have that does that matter?

Catherine Yu: thanks for your share.. ,it is helps a lot and very useful. but I don't mind if it is real or fake. If I can get one pair of Air Jordanshoes at 30$, I'll never cost 300$+ on the "real" one. They feel the same when walking.Here is the website I normally buy from China:…Have a try, I suppose most of you will like it.

Louis Achins: Need help. Did they ever make this shoe with black suede and altitude green? Also there is a nike swoosh on bottom sole instead of jumpman symbol

sarsz23: What do you think about the og Oreo 4s ?

areichert1: jstar I need your help, can I send you some pictures of a pair of doernbecher 4s I recently purchased. Im questioning there authenticity.

Jake DeCoste: you said the og military came out in 1988 they came out in 1989

Martilack: Got the military's from a great seller on eBay who's gets good ratings and reviews--just watched this video ---mine have the nice tall tongue, colors match up, heel bump is there, look good overall-- only thing is that inside the bubble appears to be blue ---what do u think
How to tell if an Air Jordan IV is Authentic or Fake 5 out of 5

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How to tell if an Air Jordan IV is Authentic or Fake