6m/2m/70cm Yagi Antenna (Part 9/9) Built From Old TV Antenna

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6m/2m/70cm Yagi Antenna (Part 9/9) Built from Old TV Antenna
6m/2m/70cm Yagi Antenna (Part 9/9) Built from Old TV Antenna
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jose Milton: Very good! can you please post the numbers and write it so anyone can do the same. regards tks.

W0QGS Richard: Hey Dave! W0QGS here from Denison, Kansas. Not all that far from you. I may be thinking of building this antenna to put on my tower.

Can you tell me if this is "directional" or not? I don't want to have to deal with a rotor or anything. Something I can build myself and just throw up on the tower and work well. Mind you, my closest towers are Hoyt, Holton, and Effingham. Looking for something that may get me into Topeka and even maybe Lawrence, Leavenworth Repeaters.

I do well with the 2 meter J-pole, so I have thought about the dual band J-pole. But since "your" build here also covers 6 meters, I may be leaning to build one of those if a rotor isn't needed.

Thanks in advance!



Steve Wright: Hah! They fell all over themselves when you said youtube.. :p Cool antenna!

Jeff Wimmer: Great looking antenna....so 2M/70cm are vertically polarized and 6M is horizontally polarized...I don't believe you mentioned that.  I probably would have added a beam extension so I could add another 6M director onto the antenna...not sure how much gain a 3 element 6M had...but you know it's the magic band and one I like. 

Well made, and well done Dave!!

Jeff - W5JGW

Paul Linnell: Thanks for the videos! I watched all 9! Great looking and working antenna!! The guy who went to simplex didn't wait for the repeater to drop before he transmitted, I think and that's why it sounded like the two hams were doubling. Maybe?? I'm going to put out a call to the local folks in the area and see if I can pickup some usable TV antennas as I want to build this antenna. I've been hamming for 50 years come this fall and now that I'm retired I want to experiment with some home brew antennas. Best 73! DE NØPL in Montana.

Darren Hoey: Looks like a quality antenna m8 . Well done

Ronaldus van Uden: clear and no noise on low power... fantastic!

InTheNameOfJustice: Great job. Can I ask a question? Does it matter how big the elements are? For example, could they be made much wider, say four inches wide by a couple of millimetres thick or would that have an adverse effect?

StarCruiser Cj: Great Work Dave! First I heard of using old TV antenna, Now I want to try this, I enjoy 220 Band here in my QTH , as it covers an Earthquake watch Link of Repeators for Califonia!...... 73sssss Chris

Fabio Negreiros: Good evening, I'm from Brazil, living in a rural area, I would build a 25dbi antenna for mobile and modem, and could help? Eugenio Negreiros ef_guerran@hotmail.com

Dave Tadlock: I meant to make the elements longer. The lengths on the website are slightly longer than shown in the video. If you'd like to add more elements on 2m & 70cm you can also use most any other dipole driven yagi antenna design. The antenna still needs some tuning but is a worthwhile project. Thanks for watching and 73! :)

bootlegger123: Dave, you said to make the driven longer, dio you mean the element or the feed wire between the 2 driven elements (2m and 70cm)? also would the measurements on your website be the corrected length of the 2m driven element? Thanks, love your videos by the way, thank GOD for ppl like you!

Dave Tadlock: The basic yagi formulas used to be in the General class study guide. Also the ARRL Antenna Handbook is an excellent source of information. Many hams use yagi antenna modeling software. Using the software you'll find that the lengths and spacing of elements can be varied. It's up to the builder as to how much forward gain versus front-to-back ratio an antenna has as we can't have the best of both. I'll try to add some links to some free antenna modeling software on my web site. Thanks & 73! :)

DouglaskaT: Hi.. great videos. I am new to this.. I don't even have a radio yet.. zero funds... well, almost. I do have a couple of questions. Where can I find more info on how to make the calculations? Isn't there somewhere that can tell me exactly what I need to do? It seems all a bit confusing ( I know.. it won't always be that way ). thanks! KD0QAW ..

Dave Tadlock: @dbindner 2 Meters and 70 cm together is fine and so is the spacing of 12-3/8". You may use any equal spacing of .15 to .25 of a wavelength for either band. 6-3/16" should be very close to a 1/4 wave on 70 cm. This vid is an example of how to build three separate beams and mount them on the same boom with a common feed-point. Try using the element lengths from the 2 m gamma match beam as these in this vid came out just slightly short. 73 and have fun! :)

N2RRAny: Nice project! Love DIY projects! Tnx!

Dave Tadlock: @HanceCYoung It works great. Please see my web site for additional notes. Thanks for watching and 73. :)

Dave Tadlock: @MrGekko82 Sizes for this antenna have been posted on my web site at amateurradio.bz but are in english. You will need to convert the measurements to centimeters. Also be sure to notice, in this video, how the coax cable is brought down from the rear near the reflector. You may also customize the antenna anyway you like by adding more elements. Formulas for yagi antennas can be found in the (US) General class amateur radio licensing study guide.

Dave Tadlock: @jichus1 I built the antenna just before cold weather arrived and it will be spring before I can give it a good field test. I imagine that will do very well on 6 meters if band conditions are good. Thanks and glad you enjoyed the videos. :)

Dave Tadlock: @n0mjs The repeater did sound great. Thanks! :)
6m/2m/70cm Yagi Antenna (Part 9/9) Built from Old TV Antenna 5 out of 5

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6m/2m/70cm Yagi Antenna (Part 9/9) Built from Old TV Antenna